Legal analyst explains why Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction was overturned 1

Legal analyst explains why Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction was overturned


Legal analyst Boris Bytensky breaks down the latest on Bill Cosby, whose conviction was overturned by a court in Pennsylvania.

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    1. @Peter Mercado Bill Cosby’s guilt has already been established by 12 jurors in a court of law. Immunity is not innocence! Even to accept immunity strongly infers guilt.

  1. “Some kind of a deal.”

    THE deal. Not some mysterious deal with the prosecution.

    1. @Young-Soon Kim what’s your point my friend ? Ted Buddy was educated as well. Did that make any difference ?

    2. @Klaus you do not have any evidence of that and the “grab em” video is not one of them.

    3. @Warrior Soul read the judgement it’s quite informative. The DA’s purpose in doing the “deal” was to benefit the Claimant in her civil suit by removing C’s ability to avoid answering by claiming 5th A. She succeeded. The DA’s opinion on the probability of proving BaRD looks correct.

    1. You do realize they changed the statue of limitations just to charge this dude. In the 70s and 80s in hollywood parties consisted of the exact same behavior he exhibited.

  2. Did all those ladies just experience this differently? That’s a great sexual assault defense in Canada anyway.

  3. He obviously pissed someone off and they took him down the lawsuit from this is going to be unbelievable

  4. Cops are ONLY that nice when cameras are around. I was falsely arrested, it took 5 years to clear my name. I’m crippled & was dealing with cancer at the time. When cleared, the Detective that made life hell did not even apologize.

    1. Most cops are not bad. You’re hurt but you need to get over it or at least learn to be more open minded. You’re too old for this.

    1. Donald chump admitted to sexaull assaulting women on camera and y’all Cheer for him you devil’s never ceases to amaze me

    2. @shun gun41 you are 10000% correct. All them Trump supporters need to hush about Mr. Cosby’s possible guilt. Mr. Cosby never told his fans GRAB EM BY THE PU*SS*Y or as far as we know – cheat on his wife with a porn actress. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    3. @shun gun41 you talking about the grab em by the P thing? THat’s your smoking gun to support your alleged sexual assault claim?

    1. Two facts, the prosecution screwed up in handling the case
      And Bill Cosby was a sexual predator
      America, or at least Pennsylvania lost two times.

    2. Not really. He incriminated himself with the assurance that he wouldn’t be prosecuted. You have the right to plead the 5th.

  5. It was well known during the trial stage that the tape he had recorded years before could not be legally used against him, so this judicial decision should not come as a surprise from a legal standpoint

  6. So they are saying that the government had committed a crime, and thus reversed it and release Mr, Crosby.
    So, how much time will the government spend in jail for committing this crime ?

    1. @Ray Ray This case set such a dangerous precedent that was clearly wrong that it makes you wonder what the judge’s motivation was to allow the evidence. It also makes you wonder what the prosecutorial team was thinking. It was a landmark case and in cases like this when such a significant, intentional, and public disregard for the law occurs, heads usually role.

  7. Those women have gone from victims to now alleged victims. I wonder what they’re saying about this.

    1. @Aye Webbie tbh I don’t know what’s true and what’s not. I wasn’t there. I’m only speaking facts. They have really gone from victims to alleged victims whether they lied or not.

    1. @Your Name exactly, most vaccines are safe (don’t know about the covid ones) and we don’t know if Cosby’s innocent

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