66 Comments on "Lemon to Democrat: Are you going to impeach Trump or not?"

  1. PhilHurwith Dickson | September 12, 2019 at 4:21 AM | Reply

    That Congress man is totally bluffing

  2. Oh my God this guy is out of his realm

  3. They can do an inquiry but need a 2/3 Senate vote to get it approved.

  4. 1:50 ok, now can they impeach, or are they just going to keep talking? Never mind. I know the answer.

    • Crooked Hillary Runs the show . POOR socialist Sanders will be cheated again 🤣🤣🤣

    • Dannynorw
      17 Investigations not counting all that are coming, like the obstruction cases …
      But your willful ignorance and childish insults are duly noted.

  5. 3 years blablabla

  6. Yeah what you going to do? NOTHING.

  7. Scupa Dilly Dilly | September 12, 2019 at 5:40 AM | Reply

    Lame. Get nothing done. This is why Dems are losing..

    • @thebillis1 America is witnessing the ending of the Democratic Party. What we are seeing are their last throes. They are in jeopardy of losing their livelihood and in many cases facing justice. Stay tuned.

    • republicans are losing too….our constitution has failed us for years now

    • Them retards just dont learn which is why Trump will win again!!!

    • @WrizzleDVM Has done nothing wrong?

      He’d be in jail for obstruction of justice if a sitting president could be indicted.

      If you’re going to make an argument, please base it in fact instead of alternative fact.

    • @Pokarot So when I cite conservative judges who disagree that he would be convicted on obstruction of justice… and you cite liberal judges who say he would be… where does that leave us? Go one by one… firing Comey for example… they list that as a POSSIBLE obstruction of justice… but A) he was within his right to do so and he doesnt EVEN HAVE TO GIVE A REASON WHY… he could fire him because he smelled funny and that is HIS RIGHT TO DO SO. But, we all know Comey is on tape lying, and admitting he LEAKED CLASSIFIED INFO TO HIS FRIEND IN THE PRESS, so… he actually has good reason. Mueller then cited Trumps compaign joke “hey Russia, if you’re listening, where are Hillary’s 30k emails!!!” Even a lot of liberals admit that’s obviously a joke… but the fact that Mueller listed it should tell you all you need to know about his intentions. So please, please tell me WHAT SPECIFICALLY would get him convicted of obstruction if he weren’t president. I’d love to hear it please????

  8. What happened with the Russian Collusion that you promoted for 3 years Mr. Raskin?

  9. He’s gonna squeeze your lemon till the juice runs down your leg.

  10. Smell my finger it smells like fake news and I like it

  11. lemon thinks impeachment is some sort of schnapps

  12. This guy is embarrassing to the state of Maryland what a waste of time he should stay on CNN and stay out of Congress


  14. Dominik StSilva | September 12, 2019 at 7:20 AM | Reply

    They are not impeaching, because they don’t have anything on the president. I don’t understand why this something American’s are cheering for. Definitely a bunch of misinformed and unpatriotic people on this message board.

  15. When are they going to disapprove of all the foreign donations to the Clinton foundation and demand they turn those over to the treasury ?

  16. *Lemon to Democrat: “Are you going to smell my finger or not?”*

  17. Well its old nut scratcher… How is that lawsuit coming pervert??? I think the big question form America is . When is the government going to shut down this tabloid network??? I mean one lie after another, CIA having to call them out, NOAA having to make a statement, even though a snowflake in their administration has been throwing a piss fit because of it. Misinformation once in a while to be soon corrected is one thing , but these clowns are really causing trouble and there are some people in this country still stupid enough to take them seriously.

  18. This is the most fake thing ive seen thats called news. Disgusting to brainwash americans through the bias rhetoric of russia. Id vote twice for trump if i could!!!!

  19. Dawn Lemon is the dumbest person on television. Very low IQ

  20. I don’t come here for the news I come here for a laugh..

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