Lev Parnas Describes How Trump Struggled To Fire Amb. Yovanovitch | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Lev Parnas, an associate of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, talks with Rachel Maddow in an exclusive interview about the difficulty Donald Trump had getting someone in his administration to fire the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, ultimately adopting a smear campaign to help cover her dismissal. Aired on 01/16/20.
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Lev Parnas Describes How Trump Struggled To Fire Amb. Yovanovitch | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Thank God in heaven that Marie Yovanovitch is safe. To think that they were thinking of hurting her makes me have so many feelings that I can’t even deal with them all. We absolutely have to realize that we need to work to save our Democracy.

    1. @Don Johnson *”You made that up”*
      No, I don’t have that much imagination. I took from several interview transcripts most notably Yuriy Lutsenko. He explained how Yovanovich came to his office and told him not to investigate the companies w/ open cases. Lutsenko told her they were breaking the law and refused to comply. Soon after he got a call from Poroshenko saying to “slow down'” the inquiries and that “Joe Biden was mad.” (Direct quote) Lutsenko stood his ground and was fired shortly after. Victor Shokin had a very similar story to Lutsenko’s. But in his case $400Mil was on the line and Poroshenko asked Shokin, “quit as a patriotic duty for Ukraine.” So Shokin quit. I’ve been researching this awhile and there’s much more…

  2. The reason she needs to be smeared is to show her lack of credibility. However she comes across as a very credible witness and life long hardworking ambassador

    1. @MrSmokelife I am sorry, but Rudy Giuliani is almost the last person that I find credible. He is able to cpntradict himself within two sentence. There is a video of an interview of him. Question: Did you talk to…..? Then the interview went along. He answered on a question: when I talked to….; Interviewer totally confused replied: but you just said you didn’t talk to him. Rudy: No I didn’t Interviewer: Yes, you did. It was an interview by Chris Cuomo on CNN. It was not pro- or con- Trump if he talked to this person or not. He was just not consistent. His answers were totally unreliable.
      I have heard several interviews of Rudy, where he is just rambling along and not making sense at all.

    2. @Okkie Trooy Yeah he needs to be very careful what he says, ESPECIALLY to Coumo, from whom which EVERYTHING he reports is anti-Trump. Meanwhile Giuliani is a legal superhero. You don’t find him credible because “2 sentences”? You would discount his entire honorable career because Jeff Zucker’s ADMITTEDLY 24/7 Anti-Trump network tells you he is not credible? Don’t be their fool bro/sis; He was the last good thing to happen to NY. Now we have this Coumo/Coumo monopoly on your mind by the state and the media, Sons of another governor Coumo, and you wanna tell me “nothing to see here”. Dude… repeat that back to yourself then wake up.

  3. the truth keeps rolling out and providing shocks when i didn’t think it was possible to be shocked anymore. this explains why trumputin was willing to have a hit put on our ambassador. he can’t take being refused his slightest whim. he was showing his sociopathy and his tinge of psychopathy here.

    1. The hail Mary’s keep rolling out you mean. Maddow is a lame, conspiracy pixie that has lost all credibility.

    2. @Bill Blaskey hey, if that childish ‘belief’/wish is all that helps you sleep at night, go for it. i pity you.

    3. Tristan Bennett : Do tell?! Just now figuring that out are you? Some not have TDS is probably not paying attention and are blissfully ignorant of all. Some just have souls made of steel, while others have discovered the mute button on their remote.

      What exactly is your point? You think your comment is pithy and on trend? Got anything else? Anything?

  4. So, the reality star who is famous for saying, “You’re Fired!” is too incompetent to fire people in real life? 🤔
    I’ll just file this under: And Water Is Wet. 😆😅

    1. @Annie and man you talked about a coward oh, do you remember that time he took out solemani the terrorist leader? That coward did that without ever worrying about the Optics and what his political enemies would do to him about it. Man, talk about a giant Sissy.

    2. Gosh, golly, gee, what a terrible alpha male he is. What is it now with his bankruptices? Like 9, huh? What terrible business acumen. With 512 businesses that gives him only 98% success. Ugh! That’s absolutely gross.
      Man, that orange guy is really something.

    3. Meanwhile, liberals are too incompetent to understand the concept of delegating responsibility. No wonder they want socialism; they fail to understand business practices.

  5. Pompeo has basically thrown the people within the State Department to the wolves. As the Secretary of State, they are suppose to be able to look to him for leadership, and guidance, but instead, he has betrayed them for his own selfish ambitions, and for the sake of an undeserving con-man and traitor. Pompeo should have his West Point graduation voided and stripped away from him.

    1. @antonio camarena no. Why? Because that would be stupid. They have nothing to do with the things Trump* was impeached for.
      You want them as witnesses? Get an investigation or trial that involves them. Still waiting for that investigation to start from the DOJ.

    1. M VGA “ I don’t have to attack America. America will implode from within”

      Nikita Khrushchev, former dictator, USSR/ Russia.

  6. When Trump finally leaves office i hope I don’t hear another word from that ball of slime, don’t want see him on TV don’t want to hear him on a mic just vanish back to the hole you came from

    1. @ocumstweezers Why, the first 3 in line get free crayons and comic books.
      Thats the only thing in there and there are only
      2 in line!

    1. Hmm… “Human Management” is the same term I think Bernie wants to use to coin his newly fashioned communist Soviety-style gulags.

  7. This guy is no angel he’s corrupt but strangely enough I believe him over Trump. This is where we are.

    1. That may be true but we

    2. Trump orders attack… Handziuk, an outspoken critic of graft and political corruption in Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine near Russia-occupied Crimea, was among dozens of activists who human rights groups say have been attacked in the former Soviet republic now at the center of impeachment proceedings. Five men were convicted of carrying out the attack. But Ms. Yovanovitch said on Friday that “those who ordered this have not yet been apprehended

    1. And yet he has the guts to face the Clintons in an election, against a corrupt liberal owned media, against an FBI and CIA who uses illegal spying and investigations to frame and remove him from office, stands up against China regarding trade deals, stands up to North Korea for nuclear weapons… yup, he sure is gutless.

  8. Wait… so basically, he wanted to fire her… but no body would do this because they feared the backlash … so they smeared her in public…. giving Trump an argument to latch on to and fire her. Wow. Just wow. What a bunch of freaking rascals.

    1. Giving Trump an argument to latch onto and fire her? He doesn’t need an argument to fire her, he can fire whoever he wants. And if anything, her own due diligence is what smeared her. She was terrible at her job and was involved in the Ukrainian corruption.

    2. Yes basically this pathological liar was too weak to do anything himself, so he went to his goons to do the nasty for him. Then he says he does not know them but the pictures say otherwise. They all over his hotel like cockroaches and the pictures show them together. The best impeachment for trump is to vote him out aling with moscow mitch. Elections do have consequences. Why are the crooks so scared to call witnesses?

    1. @Carla Thomas Yeah, they do that so people won’t do malicious things with passwords, files and information. Pretty brutal in practice, though.

    2. Deanna… McConnell said “I’m not an impartial juror”, and “I am not impartial about this at all”

      You’re right, we all know how McConnell will “decide”

    3. Sounds about right. He is still scared to death of strong women. Marie Y, would have told him, I’m not leaving on my own, you want me gone? Fire me and I’ll see you in court.
      You’re a rockstar Marie!
      Standing strong against a loser bully.

    1. Just like he tried to get Sessions to fire Comey and get McGhan to fire Mueller and when the refused to do what he wanted he fired them. Trump is a coward and a user.

  9. This is Exactly how Trump runs his businesses, Don the Con, “Yer the one Fired,! “. And on a global stage, you will go down as the worse President ever in all of US history.. There will be a lot of lectures in ethics classes all over the country about how unethical you are. The world is watching Don the Con, you’re making my country look despicable and world leaders are laughing at us, how embarrassing this is!

    1. @science wins Oh look, a bunch of moron demoshits who think unelected bureaucrats should be the ones deciding policy over elected presidents.

      They really liked those unelected bureaucrats in the USSR too. lol

    2. Trump doesn’t know the job, it’s not like the apprentice he has to tell Pompeo who should know how to replace her through channels, he’s acting like it was the apprentice. It probably wouldn’t have happened without Rudy, but Trump was the one in charge of all the key events of the scheme like the firing and pressure campaign on the Ukraine President.

    3. Testifying? You mean crying about getting fired from a job, and given an equal job at another place, because she was terrible at doing her job? She is smeared by her own doing.

  10. Talk about “Deep Throat” this guy Is 20,000 leagues of information on those Criminals. Witness stand this guy NOW. 💣

    1. Sure, he can join the other thousand useless Democrat witnesses. He can tell us about everything he heard from the pizza delivery guy.

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