Liability Protection, State Funding Holding Up Latest Relief Bill | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Liability Protection, State Funding Holding Up Latest Relief Bill | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1


    1. @Tech ti lol republicans are ruining this country and that’s what lost them
      The presidency and the senate

  1. Trump has two parts of a brain “left & right”

    In the “Left” there’s nothing right and
    In the “right” there’s nothing left

    1. @troy gomez Trumpet boy was the one who called out the fraud in 2016 for not getting any popular votes. But Trumpies never took it seriously because he won. Now that he lost, all of em now care about fraud. But like in 2016 like you say, there is no proof of that. All these baseless claims yet no proof to back it up.

    2. @Frszt I didn’t vote for trump I just think it’s funny how both sides think they are right but both sides look absolutely insane

  2. As long as the politicians are not poor, homeless and suffering themselves, they’ll drag it out as long as it suits them

  3. Until the Grim Reaper McConnell decides what he wants to do nothing is going to change. Come on Georgia you can do this time to flip the Senate graveyard where Bills go to die unless it’s for the 1 %. The Heroes Act passed by the House in May.

  4. Toss out all the corporate crap and help the people. The corporates got the money last time. This time the people should come first for a change.

    1. The corporates never got anything. The money went to special interests groups. And campaigns. The government is screwing the people. Always have been

  5. Typical Republican shenanigans. Their priority is protecting corporations from lawsuits over not providing sufficient protection for workers. I thought Republicans were “pro-life”.

  6. The liability immunity for corporations and businesses is an obscene idea and Democrats must not cave on this.

  7. So why not create a competitive congress? Competition is fundamental to capitalism. Congress is failing badly. It’s a perfect time to re-invent a new kind of representative.

  8. Why don’t any of the media speak of what the Canadians did today and what they have been doing for their people that puts America to absolute shame you would think that America is Haiti

    1. You hear occasionally that other countries including Canada have done more, they just don’t give details. I’m Canadian and our economy hasn’t crashed. Our government isn’t worried about debt right now when this is a once in a 100 years pandemic and people need help!! The debt will be dealt with after this is over. It’s more important that businesses stay open and people have jobs so taxes can be paid to pay towards that debt. If the economy crashes there’s not much of a chance of recovering the government’s debt anytime soon, it’s all linked. The American government has completely screwed things up in every way possible and it’s really sad to watch, it’s going to take a long time to recover.

  9. Wow, so NP does everything she can to get a stimulus out there… the Republican’s and Trump do everything they can to block her and make it look like she is being difficult… and you believe the Republican’s and Trump… The obstruction here is on the Republican’s side, not NP or any of the Democrats… Stop listening to the Republican’s…

  10. The Republican Senate want a guarantee the American people won’t sue them for the incompetence of the covid task force

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