1. an abundance of picatinny rails, mags over and including 30rnds which is obviously excessive for hunting. 10 round mags at MOST. not sure who needs a 45rnd mag on an AR-15 to go hunting.

    2. @BubberGroves As the other commenter noted mags are already limited to 5.
      In addition, what is so special about picatinny rails? …they can be found even on pellet guns.

  1. Long guns , assault rifles ,military style firearms arent even in the gun crime statistics .
    Illegal pistols from America is the gun violence issue .
    Government bans of means of self defense makes one wonder what the government is seeing in the future.

  2. I don’t know why Canadians still believe in voting. If it was real they wouldn’t let you do it.

  3. We don’t get anywhere without stats and reps who never answer a simple question. Another waste of taxes to want to create more useless gov’t. jobs.

  4. Lol what is that ndp guy talking about “Gutted crime prevention” this explosion of violence started around the time the libs got their majority in 2015. The Toronto police and others have been politicized, so don’t expect them to be able to their job properly any time soon.

  5. I’m thinking the police don’t need any extra monies…don’t we have a surplus now from not policing Cannabis?

  6. Oh look! Another piece of Lie beral legislation bringing a country together.. brilliant! There is no level stupidity that these boneheads can’t beat top.. wow! 👀

  7. This only holds the average person who is following the laws. What a crock. We went through this already in the 80s

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