1. One thing I have learned from doctors is its not a science. Opinions are based on who gives them the most money. 100s of studies have said masks to about as much as lockdown did.

    1. “We analyzed conversations on public Facebook groups, a platform known to be susceptible to automated misinformation, concerning the publication of the Danish Study to Assess Face Masks for the Protection Against COVID-19 Infection (DANMASK-19) to explore automated misinformation. We selected DANMASK-19 because it was widely discussed (it was the fifth most shared research article of all time as of March 2021 according to Altmetric5) and demonstrated that masks are an important public health measure to control the pandemic.” JAMA

  2. If you are immunocompromised wouldn’t you still be that way a month from now a year from now, a decade from now?

  3. simple solution If you are concerned about not wearing a mask. It is your choice to wear one so put one on.

  4. Then they should wear it!!! But you can’t force everyone to live in a mask to protect 1.0 percent all the time!🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Life needs to move forward… if they where compromised before the pandemic. They are still compromised now.. why do the rest of have to suffer????

  6. Surround the vulnerable with an iron ring of safety while the mental and physically strong keep this ship afloat by living freely to work and earn at full potential.

  7. In my Walmart nobody wears masks and they stopped checking their employees temperatures

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