'Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic': Epidemiologist on COVID-19 measures in Saskatchewan 1

‘Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic’: Epidemiologist on COVID-19 measures in Saskatchewan


Epidemiologist Nazeem Muhajarine reacted to Scott Moe's latest COVID-19 update, saying it was like 'rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.'

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    1. @Jon Jon were you? Even so what does that mean? Are nurses and doctors not expected to do the job they signed up for? Can they not handle more than a few cases at a time? I thought they were heroes but apparently they can’t handle 2% of 2%

    2. Titanic deaths ~1500, COVID deaths in Canada 28000+. The captain didn’t see it coming but now it seems some are determined to crash right into the iceberg. You level of empathy is psychopathic and your math skills are absolutely pathetic.

  1. Too bad there wasnt an iceberg in front of Dildeaus surf board.he/she woulda just thrown Sophie in front of him/her.and then appologised.frootloop goof.

  2. It’s clear that Saskatchewan Chief Medical Officer Saqib Shahab is not able to do his job without interference by the government.

    1. ok you’re not joking…how tf is “Saqib Shahab” the chief medical officer in Saskatchewan? this is what’s called diversity hires. Much, much better qualified physicians exist, he only got this job because he was the brownest applying for it. you know it, I know it.

  3. Hmmm…
    As an old injn, i say;
    I see your comparison of the fruitlessness of the chairs.
    The “Titanic” would then be represented by the government systems in place.
    Why rearrange the furniture, when the entire ship is sinking?
    (though they were told..

  4. “Epidemiologist Nazeem Muhajarine” there’s no Canadians doctors? Doctor Joe Smith? Doctor Jim Jones? yeah maybe

    1. @In Their Own Words Did you fill out the PBF? The pre born form…. You must have circled the right choices on the form. You were so smart, even in the womb!!! What happened?

  5. Pop quiz:
    — In the past 20 months: How many field hospital beds have been deployed & used for covid patients? How many medics have been trained to assist in this “emergency”?
    — Hint: Less than 1.

  6. I don’t understand it they have done so much to improve the state of the health care system in the last two years.

  7. Spanish health ministry failed to provide a record of isolation/putrification of the sars-cov-2 from any sample?

  8. I’m really fond of the plethora of accents we get to hear from “Canadian” experts. Nothing strange about it at all, racist for questioning.

    1. that’s crazy cause we just talked about that. I volunteered to be the one, if that’s the only way to eat. Wont let my Dad take the Mark, thats for sure.

  9. Catering to their base is costing lives. And next election the Sask Party will get a pass. Embarrassing.

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