1. People need to stop humoring these outrage stories. We’ve got plenty of real problems. Worrying about the ethnicity of the little mermaid? Lololol

  2. Hey, I support the people who were *outraged* at the Little Mermaid being the “wrong” ethnicity. Just like I supported them all the times they were outraged when White British guys played Jesus- oh, wait.

    1. @Ain’t no Slice i don’t think he can see the irony and hypocrisy on his statement!. Or the fact that many people didn’t care, besides other religious people!.

    2. @Game Over
      The hypocrisy is on the side of the people who are actually whining about the black mermaid and walked past White Jesus for years without ever seeing a problem.

    3. @XVI I don’t know exactly what point you’re trying to make but many people have said their disapproval about that particular issue you stated about Jesus!. That even in the Bible description it says Jesus wasn’t white!. But that’s neither here or there!. My point is, so what!?. About who plays a fictional character!. As long as it’s good and entertaining for the kids, is all that matters!. Like I said before I’m 100% sure that no child had a issue with Ariel being black, white, green, or blue!. People just want to stress irrelevant things with these cultural wars and being distracted from what’s really important for them and their future!. And I know many Republicans makes this a issue because they have no policies, that helps the average American person!. Simply it’s a cheap and poor tactic and unfortunately some people fall for garbage issues!. I see it like this what helps people and what harms people!. And anyone playing a fictional character doesn’t fall under harming! and all it does it includes others to be happy about being included and thought of!.

    4. @Game Over
      I’ve never met anyone who unironically went mad about White Jesus, it’s usually just a meme.
      Anyway my point is that most people getting mad at the Black mermaid walked all their lives past White Jesuses and never saw any problem with it.
      But in the end, I absolutely agree with you. I don’t care about both …
      Let people do what they want with their art. There are things far more problematic than this.

    5. @Ain’t no Slice It seems your mind and agenda are made up but I’ll respond with this, at least: I do not support Disney whatsoever. I think Disney is a banal, corporate propaganda machine largely consumed by nostalgic, entitled yuppies. Again, you are missing my very simple point by going off in all these other different branches and tangents- all I said was that being outraged over a fictional character’s race is ironic and hypocritical and the timing says everything. If you ever want to have a sensible discussion about it, I’m game, and unlike you, I don’t hide behind a screen name. More disingenuous hypocrisy!

  3. Lol none of this bullshit matters, jesus christ is this what we are going to focus on? A fucking mermaid? 😑

  4. Here are my two arguments against those “critics” of a black Ariel in the form of questions: 1. If they are into originalism: Hans Christian Andersen wrote the little Mermaid as a metaphor about his being gay and in love with another man whom he could not tell. I’m sure you would just love that version because original intend and everything? And 2. Where was your outrage when people like Jake Gyllenhall played persians or scotsmen played a brown jew refugee (Jesus Christ)?

    1. It’s also supposed to take place in the Danish Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean, where folks don’t have lily-white skin.

    2. @Cat Bee the Dragon-Sidhe let the racism shine….lily white….wow just wow…oh well who really cares what a jogger has to say anyway.

  5. The movie “Black Panther 2” paved the way for a Latino(Tenoch Huerta)…who despised the roles he was given as a Latino male/minority…to have a role(in B.P.2) to be proud of…so for a Latino to pave the way for a Black Ariel/a different view from the norm(White wash in movies) is perfecto.👌 Black Ariel is “BEAUTIFUL”, and she has a lovely voice. The world is evolving…”BIGOTS/JEALOUS ONES”…and there’s nothing you can do.😁😉

  6. European Americans call themselves white but are pink?
    African Americans call themselves black but are brown?
    If Americans can choose colours that they are not then I can too.
    I am a brown Maori and I choose to call myself a gold supremacist.

  7. I mean ignoring the race of the actress (personally, I don’t mind at all. Mermaids never had a distinct skin color anyways”

    My issue is why they keep making live action movies of classic originals that age incredibly well. Just feels like a giant middle finger to the original when you copy the entire thing while losing the charm of what made it good in the first place.

  8. Glass houses 🏘 🏘 have always been dangerouse. It’s sad seeing the children of the greatest generation squander everything because of greed. No self reflection no shame.

  9. To spot BS require some critical learnings from school.
    The lower education level the more the person are affected by Qanon. Just a fact.

  10. If you don’t want to lose your rights, vote Blue this November 8th! Don’t stay home because you think someone else will go and vote. Let’s not repeat 2016… Look at the mess we are in now because we figured someone else will make the right decision for us. We can’t afford to let this country slip into authoritarianism. It is our duty to vote to maintain our democracy. #VoteBlueForOurRights

    1. You have the right to be stupid. *EXTRA EXTRA!* CRY ALL ABOUT IT:
      ✌👴💤 Right Direction: *27%*
      ✌👴💤 Wrong Track: *68%* !!! 🌊😭

  11. I don’t care what movie they decide to remake with black actors, I simply would never watch them but to complain publicly about it is childish.

  12. The original story took place in the Caribbean, which you people would know if you ever read anything, and it’s an allegory about Andersen’s gayness as well. Complaining because a fictional fish-person has the same skin color as the native humans of that region is rather pathetic. 🙄

  13. I don’t think the actor can sing well enough. I care more about excessive CGI and them calling it a live action film. The remakes are dumb and unnecessary. The cartoon is awesome and won’t be beat. Lin is overrated

  14. I hate this side of CNN.. anything that involved this terrible interviewer should go to a different channel.
    Even the title is about a non-response to a video about voting.. this is straight out clickbait, and a terrible one at that. CNN should feel ashamed.

  15. Here is a question for you fellow Disney fans. Besides the non-canon third film, here are two other fates of Ariel’s mom.

    In the Broadway, Ursula turned out to have secretly killed her.

    Did you know that Ariel’s mom could had a darker fate? Peter David attempted to write Athena’s story comic book titled Portrait of Life. Here, named Atlanta, she befriended a human artist named Duncan and posed for paintings. Triton allowed this, thinking that humans weren’t so bad. However Kole, a rival artist, jealous of Duncan’s success and talent, tries to kill him by letting loose an avalanche, but Atlanta, while pushing him out of the way, got crushed by the rocks herself. Enraged, Triton confronts Kole, terrifying him and falls off the cliff. Turning his anger to Duncan and ready to destroy him, the voice of Atlanta appears in the clouds asking Triton to spare him. Leaving with the unfinished painting of Duncan’s, he returns to the sea to mourn. It is only through his children that he still continued on. The story went unproduced and rejected as a result of its dark tone. I kinda like that route better than the non-canon prequel. Triton is still a good dad throughout Ariel’s childhood, it supports more that he and Ariel are both right and wrong about being good and bad humans out there and it gives mom a more tragic and worthy death sacrifice. What do you think? Which of these three versions do you believes in?

    But seriously there are so many great stories that could be told with Ariel’s family. She had 16 years with them. She must had had good memories with them.

    – There were several books/comics that were based on Ariel with her sisters released not long after the original film along with the 1992 show. Show us more of the sisters’ personalities, struggles, personal lives and their relationship with each other, with Ariel and their father. We see them mostly in Ariel’s point of view so show us more of the sisters’ point of view. Two sides of a story. Gives us the good, the bad and the emotional moments.

    – Gives us more of bonding moments with this huge royal family as a whole. – When did Ariel started to break away from the family to have her wild secret adventures and to show an interest in humanity?

    – More of Triton’s struggles as juggling both roles as king and a single father.

    – More of the family’s reaction to learning about Ariel’s secret life, her falling in love with a human, Eric killing Ursula and them ultimately decides to support Ariel’s unusual dream.

    – Shows more of Ariel’s regretting hurting her family, making it up to them, understanding more how much mom’s death affected the rest of the family and working to make everybody happy by combining both worlds together. Also, how the family remained close-knitted with each other.

    – The family’s relationship with both Triton and Melody.

    – The sisters’ own personal character developments.

    Where are all of these stories Disney? Why is a fan is thinking about this more and thoroughly than you?

    1. Dude, WTF are your issues?! Hand in your resume and see if they hire you.
      More likely to hire a PI to keep an eye on YOU!

  16. So, can Disney make a white girl play as Tiana in Princess and the Frog? Or, how about a Mexican girl playing Sleeping Beauty? Point is that Disney is ruining the classic princess. Are you telling me Disney couldn’t find a white girl with red hair? No hate on the black girl, I’m sure she is talented and all, but I think this movie is going to be a total flop. Perhaps Disney wants the movie to flop? Who knows? Instead of ruining the classic princess, start creating NEW princesses. Might as well start creating a lesbian princess too, lol. 😆 🤣 😂 Oh, I’m waiting for someone to make a movie about Martin Luther King and have a white guy play him. Let’s see how much hate and racist comments it will bring.

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