Lindsey Graham on Donald Trump Transition, Cabinet Picks & Relationships 11/17/16

Lindsey Graham on Donald Trump Transition, Cabinet Picks & Relationships 11/17/16

President Donald Trump News – Senator Lindsey Graham talks to the media about the Donald Trump transition of power, his choices for secretary of state, and Donald Trump's relationship with other Republicans – November 17, 2016


    1. LOL!!!! Like Lindsey Graham would be able to help with anything! XD
      He was nothing more than Jeb Bush’s mouthpiece during the primaries

  1. Too many banjo players living in S.C…… you would have to be out of The
    Movie Deliverance to vote for this piece of dog crap.

  2. Wow these AssHoles are talking about Quatar now????? This is unbelievable.
    We need to BOYCOTT ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I voted for Lynch, I voted for Holder, and I voted for Clinton. That should
    disqualify any and of your picks for a Trump cabinet.
    What a hack.

  4. if Trump called on lindsey grahm to do anything more important than sorting
    his laundry I would be shocked! !!

  5. What is this guy wanting to trade for??? If he is so willing to back Trumps
    nominations & bring some Dems along…., he wants something back!

  6. graham sucks just like Boehner, mc connel an mc cain liberal sucks like
    Obama an killary —–same progressive bull sh-t. Marxism nwo

  7. If “Lindsey” isn`t gay, He missed his calling. That said. This backstabbing
    SOB should be in Prison. He`s on the AIPAC Payroll. As are most. Bribery,
    That`s a Felony. Getting drained or “Flushed”from the swamp would be a step
    in the right direction. Tic….Tic….Tic….

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