1. @cmroszczyk1 Sorry we know Graham has no integrity, he’s a follower not a leader . A follower at the back of the heard. Getting dust and smelling farts.

    2. @Tim Moinicken but they say the democratic’s are the lier’s with no proof. Then when it’s a republican, they say FAKE NEWS😭

    3. @ARenTube election fraud is a felony, full stop.
      graham defended himself by saying he said (similar) things to other people … who say he didn’t. helluva “defense”

    4. @cmroszczyk1 why would he put himself in harm’s way by outing Graham ? He is going to get death threats from the die hards , please explain .

  1. This Republican Secretary of State has absolutely no reason to lie. In fact, by outing Gram he is putting his career in jeopardy. This makes his clams all the more credible

    1. No one needs to out Graham. We all know what kind of person he is. He only supported Trump to guarantee his own re-election. Or, considering he’s still trying to get the loser re-elected, maybe he’s being blackmailed into supporting Trump.

  2. “He didn’t happen to call the elections officials just north of South Carolina, in North Carolina where Trump won. That didn’t occur to him. Just the ones were Biden one. That’s interesting.”

    1. Echoing this entire voter fraud sham. They know that our votes were very secure .they are attempting to overthrow an election in the United States of America

  3. Lindsey Graham is very Dirty & it’s starting to show, he’s doing Trump’s bidding! Trump has something on this guy!

    1. Speak up. Give us a clue. The recent rule changes in GA make the audit useless ……if there is no way to check signatures on mailed in ballots already processed.

  4. He is LYING OUT HIS ARSE!!! You can tell by watching his movements and he is really red hmmmm maybe his blood pressure went up cuz he got caught up lol WOW 🥺🤔

  5. That’s exactly what he was implying. He’s a bad liar, too. Given this behavior, I’d say an investigation into his own race is in order. #StopTheCoup

  6. Graham can’t be trusted he is a know liar he lied to millions of people to their face like Stan Lee used to say NUFF said.

    1. RD, you have no evidence it was even one person much less millions. Even Obama evolved,just like Magoo Biden. What they said last time contradicts everything they said lately. Uh, what was your point…besides you don’t like Graham and believe everything you see on CNN.

  7. For someone who continually espouses “states rights” graham sure has no problem stepping where he has no business in.

    1. No matter what happens to Donald Trump or who assumes the presidency in January, we can say this: He brought the truth of America to the surface. I’ll leave his policies and his politics — to the extent that he ever had policies or coherent politics — to the pundits. As a critic, I can say that he embodied, embraced or inflamed almost everything ugly in American culture, past, present and perhaps future. He made it palpable and tangible even to people inclined to see the bright side of everything. That this week’s election wasn’t a repudiation of Trumpism, that some 6 million more Americans believe in it now compared with four years ago, is horrifying. But it’s also reality, and it’s always best to face reality.

      Follow the latest on Election 2020

      He also gave our unique brand of ugliness — rooted in racism, exceptionalism, recklessness, arrogance and a tendency to bully our way to power — a name. Trumpism is now rooted in the lexicon, and although white supremacy may be the better, more clinical term for what ails America, Trumpism is a useful, colloquial alternative. It encompasses an even wider category of people that includes not just avowed racists who have publicly supported the president but also those who downplay the problem, or align with it for personal gain, or are simply unwilling to acknowledge its history and persistence. Naming a thing is an essential first step to understanding it, and although some White people will reflexively resist acknowledging how their lives intersect with white supremacy, it may be easier to see how much Trumpism exists in all of us.

      Nostalgia and a yearning for normality? The thought that an hour picking apples might rekindle the spirit of better times? The certainty on a beautiful fall day that no matter how bad things get, there will always be a place for you? That’s the Trumpism talking, and it’s best to resist it.

      The Mellon Foundation will use $250 million to remake our memorials

      A Trump mask lies in the grass in Florida near where Democrat Joe Biden was holding a rally in late October. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

      In moments of despair, it’s easy to think that the past four years were a failure of civic discourse, that slightly more than half of America simply failed to convincingly argue against Trumpism. America, in the aggregate, seems just as stupid as it was four years ago, when it became clear that we would have to learn some painful lessons, and learn them the hard way, through the collapse of competent governance, the destruction of civility and, now, the ravages of a grossly mismanaged pandemic. But if we are stupid in the aggregate, many individual Americans are more clear-eyed and conscious than four years ago. The 2016 election proved that the argument against Trumpism had largely failed, but although losing an argument is maddening, it also makes your argument stronger, clarifies your reasoning and orders your logic. Half of America may be right where it was four years ago, still mired in Trumpism, but some part of the other half of America isn’t just opposed to Trump but also smarter and more cognizant of how Trumpism has rooted itself in the society. That’s not a negligible accomplishment.

      Grappling with white supremacy, or Trumpism if you prefer, was never going to be easy, because it exists not just in a handful of ugly epithets, the caricatures we see in old movies and statues scattered across the landscape. It is existential, precognitive and pervasive, as fully present in how we conceive of beauty as it is in the assumptions we make about that driver who just cut us off while swerving between lanes.

      Changing how we think would be difficult even if we all agreed on the necessity for change. It is even more difficult given that 48 percent of the country resists the project entirely. But for all the damage Trump has done, much of which may never be undone, he has inadvertently, accidentally and unintentionally left us with a model for what needs to be done.

      Trumpism is embedded in America and can be fought only through rigorous self-discipline, through constant surveillance of the thoughts we think, the words we use and the assumptions we make. There was white supremacy before we started thinking of it as Trumpism, but before Trump, there also was a tendency to think of it as “out there” rather than “in here.” Now we know it not as a perverse blemish on American culture but as foundational to American culture. That’s progress.

      Think of that ugly debate as a public park, and Trump as a polluter

      President Trump throws masks to supporters at a Florida rally in mid-October. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

      On a summer morning in 1861, holiday makers, the picnic crowd, the Washington swells went out to the battlefield at Manassas to watch a quick and decisive battle bring an end to the Civil War. Head east past the battlefield on Interstate 66 and you’re roughly retracing the holiday crowd’s steps when they fled back to Washington in panic and disorder after Confederate troops routed Union forces. Some of them, safe again in the nation’s capital, were perhaps slightly less ignorant about the magnitude of the war that awaited them.

      Disillusionment isn’t an event — it’s a process. It doesn’t arrive and do its work all at once, like an epiphany. It is a way of living, a perpetual vigilance, a habit of mind. We may wish that Trumpism could be defeated, like an external enemy. But reality requires that we think of it as a chronic condition of American public life — not a virus that can be quarantined and perhaps cured, but a lifestyle disease rooted in sedentary thinking.

      – Trumpism

    2. @Jer Leitoh Wow! That was a novel but spoken with truth and an eye opening reality! Thank you! 👏🏼🇺🇸🌎

    1. md jamil Trump castratedthem. They live in fear of him & his senseless base. Graham’s always been an arse kissing rider on cost tails though.

  8. Lyndsey Graham has NO integrity and South Carolina voters knew this but voted him back in office, it’s not about protecting America it’s about protecting the R, that’s what SC voted for, corruption.

    1. I don’t think they were voting FOR corruption, like Bill Maher said: they are voting against every soy woke scold trans communist they feel are a threat to our culture. And are willing to take what they can get.

    2. Think about this. He just asked another state to throw ballots out so how are we certain he didn’t collude with his own state’s GOP to do the same in his favor?

    3. @Drew Roberts That is quite true, however by that vote they’re willing to tacitly accept a certain amount of corruption from public officials.

      I’ve heard dozens of arguments from people who only vote Republican that ‘both parties are the same’ when it comes to corruption.

      Certainly that doesn’t imply that they’re for corruption, just that they’re willing to accept every bit of corruption for their ultimate aim of ‘owning the left.’

    1. Your analysis is surface level and generic, and as such, comes somewhere near being true without actually being true, which is as useless as a lie.

    2. @Apollyon13x You don’t want to miss this version of Lindsay Graham. After you watch this, THERE’S NO QUESTION that when Trump leaves office, he’s going to say Trump was the worst president…


      *Senator Flippitty Flop!*

    3. @Shoestring Stacker I don’t actually care about either party of assorted traitors and sellouts. Just pointing out the difference between wisdom and truth.

    1. @Ms US Army Veteran You are funny. Maga kneepads. LOL!!!! And correct. This poor man will get death threats like other Republicans who see no voter fraud.

    2. @espy Sad commentary when someone’s considered brave for telling the truth about something that should be self explanatory. Goes to show the iron grip Trump has on people. Disgusting.

    1. Trump told his supporters to vote twice. He hired Luis Dejoy, master of UPS to hold ballots via mail. We knew they cheated.

    2. That is correct! Without voter suppression or stealing Donald Trump could have never won! He is the Worst President in American History!

  9. Make sure that signatures were verified. Really? Like officials don’t know how to do their job. Sounds like an attempt at voter suppression to me. :/

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