Lisa Page shows the power of a Trump tweet | Don Lemon

President Trump tweeted again about embattled former FBI lawyer Lisa Page after she spoke out about what it's like to be a target of Trump. CNN's Don Lemon looks at the power of Trump's tweets and the effects they have on their recipients. #CNN #News


  1. Am i the only one waiting for the boogaloo to kick off so we can finaly get rid of everyone in our gov they dont work for us theyvhave showed that their in it for self and party only. Its gonna happen sooner or later

    1. Nahh, Dems need to be completely replaced, Repubs almost completely. They’re all fucking disgraceful. Term limits now!

    1. It doesn’t help when the president lies constantly and 20% of the country believes his bullshit. Evangelical fake Christian hypocrite Kkk cowardly klansman don’t know any better.

    2. Mike Keller so you believe in this media BS? Jus cause Trump is a dirtbag, does not mean he hasn’t done anything good for this country. Do your research bud. I voted for Obama twice, yet trump has done more in 3 years than Obama did in 8. Wake up and stop listening to jus bias news. Find out for yourself the truth. I’m not voting for Trump in 2020 cause he is an idiot, I’m voting for Trump cause he the best idiot out of the bunch of clowns running for prez.

    1. @Franz Ludwig If that happens to SNL, you’ll see Colin Jost working at Fox and sucking up to Hannity.

    1. As far as Trump to him “love” is just himself and money hence unlike normal people, mail order brides, pedo Epstein teen parties, paying off hookers and strippers hush money, saying foul things regarding his daughter (gross) etc etc. Pigman.

    2. @Hildebeast Clinton so I followed your link. That old man and his alumni? They aren’t IN the intelligence agencys anymore. It REALLY doesn’t matter how long they had followed something, what HES saying is they know more than the 16 intelligence agencys who say they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that russia is meddling in our election then and right this very fucking moment.

    3. @Jeremy Backup Sure it is shitskin, you can’t stand up to a steady job, or life outside your momma’s basement.

    1. I’m not sure what this has to do with Lisa Page but of course he didn’t kill himself. Trump and Barr need to be investigated for it. Trumps the one involved in Human trafficking with Epstein.

    2. Colludy Rudy could be next for coming down with a case of “Epstein”. He has at least as much incriminating evidence worse then the pedo teens dance parties.

    3. @Alicia Taylor Hillary, Bill and the Podesta brothers have been rumored about their pedophile behavior for years. Harvey Weinstein was rumored about for years too until someone finally did something about it. These Demons will get theirs too.

    4. epstein worth 300 mil. could hire every lawyer in the state. gards fall asleep. video go out. not even a good movie plot.

    1. @apple pie How? What actions did she take? Or is this just pillow talk. Which trump knows all about. That’s right there’s no pillow talk during a rape, 1 would think. If it was your daughter mother wife or sister would you still vote trump?

    2. Their terrified rats running
      deep state having to show their faces
      there will be more this is the greatest show of all times !!

    1. It’s fucking hilarious. There isn’t a single accusation on this whole section. Its literally lemons opinion in exaserbated articulation.

    1. Have their heads on a stick and avoid all the time this impeachment takes. Granted it is a good thing we are not this barbaric anymore it would be nice being the Russpublicans ignore the constitution that the military could detain them until trial.

    2. blob darkass Oh So EdGy WoW hErE iS pOsItIvE aPpRoVaL oN tHe InTeRnEt Go ShOw YoUr MoM i BeT sHe Is So PrOuD tHaT sHe WiLl BrEaStFeEd YoU aS aN aWaRd

  2. Imagine if you can, if Lisa Page and her FBI agent lover were Conservatives, and this happened when Obama was running.

    1. Notice, nobody actually answered the question, just ran to ludicrous ad hominem attacks and whataboutery like Michael Moore running to the front door upon hearing the pizza delivery boy

    2. NWOutdoorsman just substitute FBI with “Ukraine government” and you can see the absurd double standard.

    1. Don Lemon has only convinced me that he’s a ball sniffing hack and probably in the pedophile ring too.

    1. t1tacal… oh im sure she was complaining about trump among other things. But that has nothing to do with how well she performs her job and the DOJ even cleared her of bias. trump’s just emotionally immature and doesn’t know how to work with people who don’t like him.

    1. Oh yeah thanks to the Ruskpublicans , Putins plans are working better then he probably imagined. And as a bonus the Ruskpublicans can claim the impeachment is a partisan coup since any Ruskpublican that dare even imply Trump did something wrong is branded a deep state never Trumper far left extremist commie. Yeah of course they won’t speak out now with that Dondolf Twitler attacks to divide the nation even worse.

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