List of Hillary Lies & What Hillary Claims Not Remembering! Fox News

List of Hillary Lies & What Hillary Claims Not Remembering! Fox News 1


List of Hillary Clinton Lies & What Hillary Claims Not Remembering! Fox News 9/5/16

Fox News – Shepard Smith Reporting – September 5, 2016 – Hillary Clinton doesn't remember – list of Hillary Clinton lies

23 Comments on "List of Hillary Lies & What Hillary Claims Not Remembering! Fox News"

  1. Oh, so she’s back to claiming that the FBI proved she didn’t lie. No,
    that’s not what the FBI said, Hitlery. Focus and read my lips, they said
    you DID mishandle the information but there was not enough evidence to
    PROVE it was intentional. Let’s not even mention that they failed to
    squeeze this information out of you while under oath, hence the new calls
    for reinvestigation.

    • Keep in mind, before…before…. FBI director Comey went on national tv
      and announced hillary’s misdeeds “criminal activities”. Bill met with DOJ
      director Lynch a “chance meeting”on a private plane out of sight of media.

  2. really pelosi ? because of her stupidity, 4 people D I E D.

  3. slapabullyday andsmile | September 21, 2016 at 7:45 PM | Reply

    lol that book Hilda beast is waving around sold less then 3k in the first
    two weeks… it also calls kane a looser.

  4. fox news bashing hillary? wtf.???

  5. Hillary was worse than Nixon – article written by Jerry Zeifman, the guy
    who fired Hillary from Nixon’s impeachment in 1974..

  6. Oh yeah let’s give her the football she will probably fumble it. She sure
    is dumb for a presidential candidate oh wait never mind we have Trump too.
    😯😕😠 I stand with the women who stands with U.S. Dr. Jill Stein. Time for

  7. Needs training, doesn’t understand what “C” means, trusting ‘subordinates’
    not to send email to her personal account. And she was being paid as
    Secretary of State????????!!!!!! – NOW she is one of two people in the
    whole of US of A that’s in the final run as PRESIDENT~! USA – GET IT

  8. so you got the presidential candidates saying I can’t remember even being
    trained on classification doesn’t understand what the C stands for…
    Basically an incompetent Secretary of State. And her running mate who says
    it’s really hard to understand classifications. and we the people are
    supposed to believe either of these two are worthy of POTUS and vice POTUS

  9. benthair duntht | September 21, 2016 at 8:24 PM | Reply

    TRY lying under oath, destruction of evidence, shareD classified info. and
    on and on as a result of her mishandling of gov’t emails…EMAILS DIDN’T
    BREAK THE LAW she did. How can she even get security clearance ???

  10. Hillary is called a “C” (cu_ _) so often she just ASSumed it was more
    people referring to her nickname. lol! #FlushHillaryC #ArrestHillary
    #HillaryForPrison #LiarLiarHillaryCausedBenghsziDeathsByFire
    #EmailsMatterBitch #AnswerTheQuestionsBitch #ArrestLoretta #FireCrookedComey
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  11. That’s why she should have been indicted. No criminal will voluntarily
    betray themselves. You need a trial where evidence and testimony are given
    and a jury decides guilty or not guilty. When a suspect will not answer
    questions by claiming poor memory it’s the only way to go. If the jury does
    not believe her they will find her guilty.

  12. this HC is a big joke for Americans, God speed TRUMP!

  13. hillary clinton calls us normal thinking americans STOOPIT every time she
    opens her mouth about these emails. oh, she did. she lied. she lost!

  14. I didn’t realize I couldn’t drive drunk do i still get charged?

  15. Go FOX I only watch Fox News

  16. JediMasterCheryl | September 21, 2016 at 10:07 PM | Reply

    I don’t think she *IS* winning over Trump! These idiots need to drive
    around suburban neighborhoods and see all the Trump signs out in yards.
    There are NO signs for Hellary and I am now in Maryland and I was in
    Colorado for a few months after returning from teaching uni in China…
    These polls are bogus.

  17. Riddle me this … if Hilary didn’t know what classified emails look like,
    and that’s what she told the FBI about the “C” header on her emails, then
    how can she honestly say she never sent or received classified emails?

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