Little Bay Land Dispute Deepening | TVJ News – April 6 2022

Little Bay Land Dispute Deepening | TVJ News - April 6 2022 1


  1. Anju sell out his own black people again.
    People is not squatters.
    Spot calling the people squatters..

  2. Time will tell, but the definition of a squatter is a person who unlawfully occupies building or unused land. If i was the developer who purchased the land I’d ask for my money back

  3. Wow that’s madness it’s time u Jamaican people stand up against the government of Jamaica u the people that put him in and he is not for u

    1. Stop being a troublemaker! This has nothing to do with the government of Jamaica. Unless you want to talk about how much property taxes those squatters have NOT been paying to the government for the time that they have been occupying that land!

    2. @lamindy your right,too often we are subjective in out opinions an not objective,development is good however not at any cost,I am not sorry for them,most of these people make the most noise,thief thr most water an electricity,those money they dont pay for such should be use to better themselves an most jamaicans are not poor,its mongol season now,we can blend mongo,ackee on tree,coconuts,breadfruit an we live on an island surrounded by lots of fishes, alot of jamaicans are not poor judt thr mindset is.

  4. My God bulldozers!!
    The children and Elderly
    Must be Traumatised!
    Where do the people go
    Live on the street!!!!

    1. @Black Panther and some farm for a living, did you take a good look at those people that lady looks to be in her 70s what you expecting her to be doing at that age, you don’t even know her situation and how see came up and why she is in that position you don’t even know if she have families that support her or not

    2. @Black Panther yeah I understand your side a story also, yes there are people who simply don’t want to work to earn and end up in that situation and that’s were good suffer for the bad. There are also people who will buy all these designers and starve the next day or don’t have a roof over there head, those ones are sheep 🐑 nothing more nothing less

    3. @876 Plug yup sheep indeed,stiff necked fools,I like the fact we can discuss something without been rude to each other an plus just make sure you secure a piece of jamaica,thsts power my friend,you can use it for equity etc.

  5. This is madness in Jamaica. It’s a shame, if the lands aren’t selling to Bauxite companies they are selling to Hotel companies. Where are we to live and do our little agriculture so we can eat what we grow and grow what we eat. Help is on the way, Hold on to he unchanging hand of God.

  6. We don’t need any more hotels …it’s time Jamaican wake up and remove the acting government…

  7. How much property taxes have those squatters been paying each year since they started occupying the land??!

  8. My where the people will go my 5star this thing is getting from bad to worst 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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