1. When Trump talks about unrest, violence, and civil war he’s talking about a race/class war that he and his klansman father fantasized about their entire lives. Trump has zero intention of ever leaving power peacefully and he will feed every man, woman, and child through a meat grinder to name his family hereditary kings. Trump and his followers want the legitimacy of his regime to be the central cause of this race/class war because he wants to be a modern-day Jefferson Davis and they are willing to accept Russian help to foment this war.

      The Trump family is relying on a legion of Timothy McVeighs to avoid prosecution for their crimes and hold onto power no matter what the outcome of the 2022 and 2024 elections. He realizes that his misanthropy has earned him millions of new enemies that will stop at nothing less than seeing his family ground to dust and ash and he is scared to death of being prosecuted for his actions if he ever loses power.

      You can count on the GOP backing him 100% not because they agree with him but because their actions and inaction have made them complicit in Trump’s crimes. Rest assured that men like Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson won’t rest until your family’s ashes are being shoveled out of a crematorium if you oppose them.

      It’s your choice if you follow Trump into dictatorship, slavery, civil war, and genocide. Because it won’t be for your benefit it will be for his. So what are you going to do about it?

    1. ​@The Lastperfectman In other words, you want a “Do Nothing” Party. The country wants improvements. The country wants Medicare for All. The country wants Election Finance Reform. Ranked Choice Voting, Term Limits, Reversal of Citizens United (end of PACs), Easily-Accessible Voting, Legal Marijuana, Increased/Enforced Taxes on the Rich – these are all things that the majority of Americans want. If only there was a coalition of people that stood for all of these items … oh wait, PROGRESSIVES have had all of these items on their agenda for more than a decade. Maybe we should give them a chance to put their money where their mouth is. CENTERISM/MODERATION IS JUST MORE OF THE SAME/STATUS QUO BULL$H!T. I don’t want a return to normalcy. I want better than Normal. We are Americans, we don’t settle! We are formidable. Are we obnoxious, do we lack self-awareness, do we act like our $h!t don’t stink??? Yeah, frequently we are guilty of all of those and more. But ultimately, we are the ones that you want on your side. We are loyal, we are tough, we are determined, and we are fun.

    1. Yes brake the Republican Party in two , one is the real republicans like Liz and the other one the trumplicans with mango Mussolini traitor trump !

    2. The USA has no idea what multi-party democracy is. What you get are fringists from both parties that launch phony reform movements like the Tea Party in an effort to appeal to disaffected and swing voters. However, in the case of the GOP, they courted the fringe and Trump turned it into the mainstream and that’s 100% the work of cynical Tea Party shitbags! Any viable 3rd party CAN”T be associated with either of the other two and they need a completely different platform and not a reform movement.

  1. I have American relatives who would love the re-emergence of a conservative political party in the United States, a party that tries to conserve democracy & democratic institutions, instead of a so-called “MAGA” party that’s actively trying to subvert them.

    Let’s hope the fever breaks & the Republican party returns to its traditionally conservative roots. If not, then let’s hope that Republicans of good faith, many of whom have left the party in recent years, find a new home in a new party that’s honest & honestly conservative.

    1. We’re seeing a push toward libertarianism in Republican voters, secondary only to the trumpites. Sad. I think the problem is that conservatism requires self discipline.

    2. Haven’t both parties changed or are you claiming the democrats are just the same old as they have been which party has been hyper focused on race, gender, sexuality over everything else.

    3. @Mesheck Theri They have both changed, terribly so. I regard the dem party as the party from hell.
      The reps, however, are currently the ones seeking to dismantle the entire system. Trump is very immature emotionally. Isn’t it the characteristic of four year olds to say, “No fair!” when they lose a game?

    4. @Mary Morris i guess the only way to know if they will dismantle everything is when they retake power, but good for recognising the change in both. By the way why do you regard dems as the party from hell i always pegged them as hypocritical nothing else.

    5. @Mesheck Theri Thanks for posting in such a cordial and thoughtful way. Over my life, 70 years, I’ve seen them take an issue and turn it into an agenda. They don’t listen to people who warn of problems with the agenda. They keep pushing it until it goes mainstream, even if it does show evidence of causing harm. They pick another issue, create another agenda, and repeat.
      It doesn’t matter if the new agenda conflicts with previous agendas. It doesn’t matter if the new agenda doesn’t make sense. They just push and push.
      They use name calling and invective against people who point out problems or vex them in any way.
      They show less and less reason and compassion. One example is the push to kill a baby that has slipped out during the abortion process.
      I could write more, but this lets you know what I’ve seen. Thanks

  2. If the GOP had any morals, like Cheney and Kinzinger, Trump wouldn’t have a foothold in the party. But it’s lead by Moscow Mitch and the like, they draw the type of people they are. Definitely not the party of Lincoln.

    1. The cornerstone of Trumpism is the belief that Trump is an everyman, outsider, underdog, and a reform candidate when in reality he’s none of those. You can’t inherit 400 million from your parent’s estate and still claim to be an underdog, outsider, or a regular working-class Joe. Trump has gotten by to this point because his vulgarity, ignorance, lack of class, and bigotry are seen by his supporters as being genuine, folksy or that somehow these attributes are some PERVERTED form of values instead of vices!

      Trump appeals to his followers by saying they are the victims of a giant liberal conspiracy and he panders to their insecurities, ignorance, superstition, irresponsibility, bigotry, egotism, and feelings of being powerless. This conspiracy theory reasons that Occam’s razor couldn’t possibly be true because it’s too simple. Instead, a person’s failures are the result of jealousy, envy, coveting, or hatred and that person is the victim of some huge conspiracy beyond their control. These are the self-indulgent patterns of thinking to defend a person’s ego by portraying themselves as victims of forces beyond their control. They reason their feelings of victimhood absolve them of any responsibility for their fate and give them justification to discard our social mores and emote without consequence because they are somehow defending themselves or evening the score by linking unrelated events.

      This type of reasoning is at the core of Trumpism and is nothing more than social, cultural and political revanchism which seeks to rewrite history to return to a magical fictional period of time and give a central role to a demagogue who played no part in defining the present. However, this preoccupation with “getting even” for the past is no way to prepare for the future. Trump’s failures, his mistakes, and his misdeeds are NOT the fault of another race, sex, ethnic group, religion, or economic class. Donald Trump is NOT a lifelong victim and all of his misdeeds are NOT justified or done to counter his enemies’ wrongdoings.

      Trump has lived a life of unaccountability, irresponsibility, privilege, and excess. He’s been surrounded by sycophants all his life that have insulated him from the effects of his words and actions. He is not a genius or the product of hard work instead he’s a charlatan and a grifter. Since nobody has ever challenged his words or actions they are fundamentally divorced from reality and he believes the world yields to his will alone. EVERY autocracy and dictatorship reduces the country and it’s population to one individual and their family and that’s EXACTLY what’s going on with the Trump’s and it’s called a Cult Of Personality.

      Trump is not the USA and the USA is not Trump. The USA existed before TRUMP was born and will be around long after he’s gone. The people of the USA do not exist to serve the Trump family. Trump’s inability to separate HIS interests from that of the USA is the product of malignant narcissism and megalomania. Because HIS family’s interests are NOT the same as those of the American People. It’s NOT patriotic to unconditionally support Trump, it’s IDOLATRY. It’s NOT unpatriotic, treason, disloyal, or un-American to hate what Trump stands for. To hate what Trump stands for DOESN’T mean someone is Anti-capitalist, Socialist, Communist, Jihadist, Globalist, or whatever other prepackaged hysteria that Faux News is selling.

      Instead Faux News rhetoric is a cynical whitewash meant to hide his MANY failings as a human being from the American People. It’s your choice if you follow Trump into dictatorship, slavery, civil war, and genocide. Because it won’t be for your benefit it will be for his.

    1. Based on that Democrats would not get a vote, however since 47% of Americans live off the rest…..Democrats can be tough to beat.

    2. @CNN +①⑤③⓪⑧⓪③⓪⑨⑨⓪ Like Kushner and his Saudi billions? Or Trump’s bankruptcies? OMG

  3. We already have 3rd parties in America. They don’t do well. Making a new 3rd party won’t really change things. The only way that 3rd parties can make a difference is if the way in which we elect representatives changes to grant a number of seats to a party based on the % of the popular vote they get, rather than our current “first past the goalposts for each seat” race.

    1. It’s good Liz exposes the arrogance that any politicians have more control over voting outcomes than the voters that actually control outcomes.

    2. Do you believe Trump is the resurrected Christ?
      If you believe before you see he establishes the millennium kingdom on the earth, you’ll be invited.
      But if you believe after you see, the door will be closed.
      Now, a general of the Lord is resisting to Demonic Democrats, who try to interrupt his salvation!
      Join the volunteer army for Putin, and take part in the Birth of the Greatest Nation!
      after a year of campaign, you can be recognized as citizen of Russia.
      in Russia, there aren’t deception or decadence, but honesty and justice.

    3. Remember that the Republican party began as a 3rd party (and that the Democratic party began as a split)! Not too many Whigs around any more!!!

  4. I think if Trump wins the 2024 nomination and Cheney leaves the party as she has said she would, I expect her to become an Evan McMullin-style independent. Even if she leaves the party, she is still a very conservative voice and would still hold classic Republican beliefs even if she isn’t officially a Republican. This is similar to McMullin who left the party after Trump became the nominee in 2016. Because of her similarities with McMullin, especially their positions on former President Trump, I think they are likely to be two of the founders of a new conservative third party if one is formed.

    1. There are a good number of genuine conservatives, who have left the GOP in disgust. I agree, they should form a new party. But, also thing the ‘progressives’ should leave the Democratic party, and leave the sane moderates, who are 89% of the party, in peace, without having to deal with their woke stupidity and identity politics.

    2. I’m a Democrat and admire Liz Cheney–I’d vote for her. Trump has sullied the party of admired GOP figures like Eisenhower. I was for him because did not like Mrs. Clinton who ran against him. Trump has turned out to be an agent of chaos and a lot of lies.

    3. Unless Hillary can find an ally in her which is highly likely you heard her she will do anything to stop Trump in 2024 same goes for Hillary so enemy of my enemy type of situation.

    4. She should form a conservative branch of the Democratic Party and take some of their votes away from the crazies.

  5. It’s ironic and I think very telling that the daughter of a “toxic” and dangerous man is now the voice of saving her party from an even more toxic and dangerous man. I applaud her, and think this point in time is an apex of potentiality in the evolution of humanity. It remains to be seen whether we’ll rise above or go down in a cesspool of fear and greed.

    1. @Roger Pennel Holy crap, this is the best treatise of the situation I’ve seen. Do you mind if I copy it elsewhere, with credit to you?

    2. ​@Eve Clancy – Here’s what needs to be remembered about Donal Trump. Most values that you or I hold are completely foreign to Donald Trump. Values such as kindness, tolerance, empathy, sympathy, honor, dignity, and fairness in his world are considered EXPLOITABLE WEAKNESSES.

      While he may be able to identify them he is not capable of practicing them and you can be sure that if he is talking about them he’s expecting you to practice them so he can exploit them and that’s sociopathy.

      That is how he was raised and that is how his children were raised. So don’t make the mistake of projecting your values onto the Trump family and expecting them to live up to them because they only serve one god and his name is mammon.

    3. @Starbucksguitar seriously, you need to change the channel you watch and go do some research. You’re being made a fool.

    4. @Roger Pennel You’re preaching to the choir. The trouble with his brand of psychopathology is it’s ego-syntonic, meaning it feels fine to him, so why change? And the flip side of his narcissism, the shame it protects him against, that his dad engendered in him, pushes all of our buttons, because we all identify with shame – one of the worst feeling emotions! So, whether we’re strongly attracted to or repelled by him depends on our own ability to cope with shame, and not blame others for it. For those who feel put down or suppressed by society, it’s very tempting to praise him as their savior. But his kind of saving requires scapegoats, which brings us to his similarities to Hitler.

      And Trump continues to do shameful things, making his protective bubble of grandiose entitlement ever more necessary.

  6. We need leaders who can bring all Americans back together as one. Of course there will always be different opinions, but as long as we remember that we are all on the same team…..because Xi’s China has us in their sights, and United we Stand – Divided we Fall. We must go back to being the strong, united, and proud nation that we have always been. 🇺🇸 Our future depends on it.

    1. @TheHermit TheTower well, I hear the economy is bad, some worse, in all the countries in the world! Due to covid, the world countries was shut down!!I. Is it Biden’s fault the other countries has bad economy?? Maybe if your king that you give your money to, should of handled covid better!! 😥😥😥

    2. @Donna Whiteturkey you mean like when dems said his precautions against covid were racist and ignored them, leading to NY being the vector to the rest of the country in most cases?
      How better off do you think the whole world would be if we retained energy independence and could have been selling to Europe right now?
      But sure, latch on the midwit excuses.

    3. @ Rick Cummings. Excellent post, smart and insightful. It’s great to know that there are still true patriots out there, unmanipulated patriots.

    4. It’s funny how dems are embarrassed by their own talking points to the point they just delete their nonsense lately.

  7. As long as politicians’ only goal is to stay in power, instead of serving their constituents, this is what we end up with.

    Term Limits, and possibly the eradication of the Electoral College, would lessen the risk, I think.

    Also, no Big Money, Citizens United 1st Amendment BS.

  8. I do think that the Republican Party will split between the anti-trump, like Liz Cheney, and the pro-trump, like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

  9. In Canada, a second conservative party, The Reform Party, became popular and the conservative vote was split between them and The Progressive Conservative Party. They eventually merged, forming The Conservative Party in the early 2000s. Now there is another second conservative party, The People’s Party, started by a former Conservative Party member who complained they were not conservative enough. In the last election, they cost the Conservative Party 5-6 seats without winning one.

    1. @milycome your analogy is poor. Politics are money and power. Trump won the highest office in his first attempt. Which of his policies didn’t you like? Because we can talk about Biden.

    2. @extremely careless That is exactly the problem – politics is about money and power, not a vehicle to represent the voice or wishes of the voting public. Also, anyone can attempt to run for any political office that they wish. However, there should be requirements for any job that you apply (or run) for. For the presidentcy (the highest office in the country), there are only two requirements. You must be born in the USA and be at least 35 years of age. HUH ?? WHAT !! I don’t get it . What experience as a manager or how much experience in government must you have ? If you failed in business as a manager, having to declare bankruptcy 6 times does this count against you ? Financial bankruptcy 6 times over and morally bankrupt to boot. Are we to ignore these issues as possible disqualifiers for office all for the purposes of policy agreements. There are countless experienced politicians that are successful managers that are more qualified for the highest office in the land than a failed business executive . Anyone can run for any office, but there should be requirements way, way beyond being a citizen and 35 years of age to run for the highest office in the land. If a totally inexperienced outsider that has never had a job in government or held any political office wants to run for office how about this suggestion : start by running for mayor of Suffern, N.Y. , population about 11,000. Then slowly work your way up to higher and higher office and if successful the presidentcy may be within reach sometime in the next 30 or 40 years. But HOLY SCHMOLY, sure as hell, don’t start at the top for heavens sake !! By analogy : I know nothing whatsoever about the automobile industry. You know what, I think I’ll send my resume to General Motors and apply for the job as C.EO. of General Motors. And why not start at the top . Besides my ego can’t possibly take starting at the bottom on the assembly line.

    3. The problem with all conservative parties is that they encompass the moderate conservatives and the extreme right wings. Often the extreme right wings won within the party. No sensible citizen would want an extremely right wing president or Prime Minister.

    4. @Leander Rowe define extremely right wing. I’ll wait. And remember, when you lump a group of people into a narrow narrative that’s called a bigot.

  10. The fact that Trump still enjoys overwhelming support among Republicans says a lot about Republican voters. This isn’t just a difference of political opinion or ideology. It takes an especially morally corrupted person to support a known grifter, sociopath and authoritarian.

    1. I live in a mid-sized city that is probably 90 percent Republican. I see three groups of people here. 1) Trump cultists/racists. If you point out Trump’s disturbing traits to them, they deny it. I’ve tried to point out how bad he is, how he’s totally unfit for the office, etc., but they simply won’t acknowledge it no matter what evidence you show them. 2) Christians (I’m a Christian myself). Most Christians see it as their God ordained duty to vote for conservative, pro-life candidates. I don’t feel that way, I look at each situation holistically and pick the best candidate accordingly. However, most Christians don’t do that. They are the ultimate single issue voter. 3) Party loyalists. These people will vote for anyone that has an “R” by their name. If Ted Bundy was out or prison and ran as a Republican they’d vote for him over ANY Democrat in the general election. Crazy times that we live in. Smh.

  11. We have third parties already. We need a proportional representation system for the house and a form of ranked choice voting for the Senate, governor, and presidency.

    This wouldn’t solve all problems with representation in government, but it would help third parties become a viable option to vote for in elections.

  12. “The survival of American democracy depends less on the size of its armies than on the capacity of its individual citizens to rely… on the strength of their own thought.”

    –Lewis H. Lapham

  13. Chris, I think the more important point in the short term is that she said: “we will do whatever it takes, he will not be president of the United States”

  14. There is one factor that was not discussed here and which we won’t know until the actual mid-term vote. Trump backed candidates won the primaries against other Republicans. How well or poorly they do in the general election will be another indication of how well a third Trump run might be and should be taken into consideration once we see the actual results.

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