Loblaw CEO Galen Weston stepping down as president | Sylvain Charlebois weighs in

Sylvain Charlebois, senior director of Agri-Food Analytics at Dalhousie University, responds to Weston being replaced as Loblaw's president.

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  1. So Weston takes the payout, leaves, and he and the company get to pretend it’s altruistic I guess?

    1. His family owns the company , so I doubt he went very far. Who was put in charge another family member?

  2. I gather from this report and headline that he hasn’t stepped down as CEO, so what difference does it make really.. a noisy shuffling of deck chairs signifying nothing

  3. Maybe he stepped down from that position, but is he still on the payroll and getting massive bonus payments?

  4. Since I have to pack all my own groceries at the store, and buy my own bags at the store, do I work for Loblaw’s now?


  5. I had to look at this twice before I realized it didn’t say that Charlebois was stepping in. These two names are so entrenched now I wouldn’t have been shocked if he was going to be the new CEO.

  6. So PP talks about gate keepers in government but is strangely silent about grocery gatekeepers like Galen Weston.

  7. If I were Galen, I would step down completely from all positions and retire to his private estate with the last full-sized Loblaw’s Lucy doll and a retro book of redeemable green stamps and humble himself before his ancestors.

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