Local Government Officials Weigh How To Address Coronavirus | All In | MSNBC

The federal government is tasked with coordinating the response to coronavirus. But it’s local governments that will have to make a ton of extremely important decisions in the weeks to come. Karen Bass, California Democratic Congresswoman, and Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles weigh in. Aired on 3/2/2020.
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Local Government Officials Weigh How To Address Coronavirus | All In | MSNBC


  1. Thank you for giving us information on the corona virus…….information our government SHOULD be providing but is , apparently, unable to

    1. @Larry Hubble it’s 2020..americans still believe in a miracle, God and heaven? No wonder you don’t care about future, environment and science.. Shithole country

    2. @Andethidial bubabibub the miracle is that Christ’s return is very, very near, and people just like you are going to be beyond dumbfounded when the Rapture happens when yo do not believe.

    3. I am not “religious”. I believe in Christ, not in all the decoration that goes with it. I try to do the best I can which is nowhere near good enough, and can only ask for Christ to pray unto the Father God for me, a lowly sinner, like everyone else in this world.

  2. Has anyone else heard there is one case in Oregon? Our sister Washington state has lost 6 people, as of today.

    1. And Portland is not far behind. The entire West Coast has brought a lot of this on themselves. You guys should be importing and supporting Coronavirus victims. Isn’t that what you expect the United States to do?

    1. Wash your hands frequently for approx. 20 seconds, sneeze or cough into your elbow, if you use a tissue throw it away don’t hang on to it then wash your hands, get some clorox wipes. Ask your boss about staying home if you’re sick, possibly working from home . Keep your kids at home if sick. Purchase some Pedalyte or Gatorade.

  3. Bernie Sanders all the way!
    Green New deal save the planet raise minimum wage
    or Joe Biden for status quo!
    Good luck world

    1. @Julius Ebola Medicare is a TAX, it is ran by the government. Parents who allow their kids to spend tens of thousands of dollars at universities where they get to go and protest while they get that college degree in basket weaving should be as responsible as their child. You do stupid things, you pay a price, sometimes a very expensive one.

  4. The suicide rate in the U.S. is about to skyrocket even above it’s already skyrocketing rate, and it won’t just be the infected. Why? Lack of money to pay the bills, to keep a roof over their head, to buy food, etc. When the non-infected can’t go to work because their employer has layed them off due to the pandemic, when the non-infected miss work even when being treated for free, when the non-infected have to miss work to take care of kids/family/friends, they’re going to start killing themselves.

    1. No. Testing “everyone” will not help. You may test negative today, but test positive tomorrow, and not develop symptoms for two-three weeks, maybe even longer. In fact, there even may be “carriers” of the disease who do not or will not get sick for quite a long time. Testing everyone is a huge waste of resources.

  5. Isolating hot spots and entire town who have one to five tests positive should be mandatory anything less is simply careless.

  6. Don’t worry, “the virus will miraculously disappear by April when gets warmer”
    Spoiler alert: the virus survives longer during warm weather.

  7. Washington State is moving ahead of the Federal Government in regards to being upfront concerning the Coronavirus information and stepping ahead with testing.

    1. @Bruce strkland What???? Where is the logic in that? If the public does not know the information and says everything is going to be ok and it isnot. The only way to prepare for a Pandemic is to test.

  8. The real question is: all the people voting will be spreading this virus. As in tomorrow. Places like Texas have no other way to vote. So. What about that?

  9. *Pompeo* : the west is winning!

    *Trump* : it’s a hoax. (Cuts CDC funding)

    *Pence* : you dont need masks.

    *Americans* :but people are dropping dead… what about the ones we thought died of seasonal flu? Was it really just a flu or something else?!

  10. Great let’s hear what Corporate dems got to say. I don’t care I’m wearing a HEPA mask filter. Too many open cough, don’t wash their hands. Plus maga hardly washes their balls. The virus stays alive for 7 days in the air. And these corporate Dems tell me masks don’t work. A cough can travel several feet. I go for masks. Good luck peeps

  11. If people are able to work from home then they should. People having to take forced days off, ie quarantined then companies should pay their wages *and* the Government should cover these companies for their losses in wages and revenue.

  12. If you had Medicare-for-all nobody would hesitate to get tested if needed. Add UBI and people wouldn’t go to work sick because they live paycheck-to-paycheck.

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