Local Mask Rules To Slow Coronavirus Undercut By GOP Governors | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow points out instances where local officials are trying to impose mask mandates in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus while Republican governors are actively working against those initiatives. Aired on 7/21/2020.
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Local Mask Rules To Slow Coronavirus Undercut By GOP Governors | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. And still no plan.

    Do the right thing America. Protect yourselves from this political malaise.

    1. The GOP have a plan: you can see it on twitter, facebook and youtube: they are promoting the idea that doctors are being paid to put coronavirus on the death certificate.

  2. In Germany the state asked us to wear a mask in March: we all just wore a mask to save our fellow citizens. Now we’re in a good place: it’s not rocket science America!

  3. Republicans: literally the bad guys twirling their mustaches tying people to the metaphorical train tracks and watching them get run over by trains. Not fit to lead in any way, ever again.

    1. A Centaur : I seriously think their party will collapse and a new centre right party will emerge from the ashes, (no trump enablers need apply) after the elections. Later on, when there’s no one left to Obstruct Justice for them, and when many are jailed and/or disgraced, what else will be left? But, knowing what they’re in for, the cheating and desperation will get worse, and we all need to be prepared to get involved ✌️👍

    2. You’re probably too young to remember, but that was Snidely Whiplash in Rocky and Bullwinkle.

    3. #DonTheCon and the #RepubliconParty are AmericanDeathMachines who want make sure #DonTheCon get re-elected with even a tiny uptick in economic gains by pushing businesses and schools open early at the expense of Americans dying a horrible death: MAGA2020 #MakeAmericaGravesAccumulate

  4. Can the House seek relief through SCOTUS , in the absence of a willingness to act on the part of the Senate? It wouldn’t hurt to ask the Court.

  5. mean while the orange hypocrite that likes to go around calling everything hoax and fake gives a fake briefing


    1. The 🐉 Dragon supports Rituals and Energy Vampires from England who patronage his ⛳ Golf Courts in England while they take off each others pink ties before engaging😳

    2. @Death Penalty for Kareem Dennis Rituals like Clinton’s, podesta & others attending Ritual Spirit cooking parties that Ritual?

    3. @KingDiff 420lifestyle White MAGIC Black magic? Weird any MAGIC is weird…like the human overlords will make a magic potion for all the Sheeple to inject ahaha

  7. No difference – the Republican governors doing exactly what Trump did back in April. Remember: Liberate yourselves, he said, as he goaded anti-maskers and urged people to demand to reverse lockdowns. Remember: Trump denying Cuomo aid and stating that he was asking too much.

    I don’t know many people in Texas – but one person I heard from today – his Uncle died a couple of days ago from covid, his grand-father is very ill and likely to die from covid, his father is infected with covid, and he already has been infected.

    All of this was easily predictable given the course of action the Republicans took. Then again, we experienced it first hand in the North East. We knew. Hospital would get overwhelmed, staff would get sick, there would be shortages, more people would die, the army would need to come in, and the refrigerator trucks and morgues would overfill. Have we already forgotten the footage of the mass grave?

    1. @Memento Mori I wish Dump and all those governors would get a good case of it and then maybe….

    2. In fairness to regular citizens of TX, GA, and FL, it is hard to believe their Republican “represenratives” are THIS incompetent and corrupt. Those of us in the NE know they are, we lived it. But it’s hard to wrap your head around the Republicans’ incredibly stupid and short sighted “strategy” of “it can’t happen here.”

  8. At this point anyone not wearing a mask deserves to catch covid19. It has been unequivocally proven masks mitigate the spread so to not wear a mask in public is a personal invitation to get sick. If you’re willing to risk death to barbecue with your racist trash friends, I’m actually okay with that

    1. They have said that 75 percent of the dead American people could have been stopped if not for trumps stupidity

  9. Isn’t it peculiar how the ‘Pro-Life’ party doesn’t seem to care if we live or die?🤔

    1. @T Electronix Prolife until the child is born. If the mother dies fromchildbirth, you’re no longer prolife. How does that make sense? You’re not prolife when immigrant kids are locked in cages and some died. So much for prolife. The right wing is stupid.

  10. Victims families need to be able to sue those governors for wrongful death, negligence, and voluntary manslaughter.

    1. @William Kahley IF Cuomo was deliberately lying to further a political agenda, hiding data from the public (or in Florida’s case rearranging the data out of chronological order to make a graph look nicer), preventing doctors from providing data to the public, spreading conspiracy theories, or trying to push the public to purchase medications that were proven to increase the mortality rate because he had personal stock in the manufacturer- then yeah.

    2. I know that the VA had several trials with it and shut them down quickly because the vets who were on it died at 2x the rate versus the ones who did not take hydorxychoriquine.

      I know that the hospitals that voluntarily did trials also stopped doling out hydroxychloriquine because of negative results.

      I know they hydroxy can be useful under some circumstances. But it is no panacea.

    3. William Kahley What hospitals?? Not that HenryFord study the study with the worst design. The researchers have said you have to wait for randomized controlled trials to confirm the results for a reason. It is a CRAP trial with so many confounders that you can draw no conclusions from it. It is retrospective observational. The arm that took hydroxychloroquine was whiter, younger, took twice as much dexamethasone among other flaws. You don’t know of any hospitals using it successfully.

  11. “People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they’ll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership. They’re so thirsty for it they’ll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there’s no water, they’ll drink the sand.” – Lewis Rothschild, The American President

  12. Can you guys just stop referring to them as the “Grand Old Party”? Thanks.

    -The rest of Humanity

  13. The Trump Holocaust has left an indelible on America and it will not disappear from future annals of history!😭😭😭Sadly we will eventually have the American Holocaust memorial day which will be far greater than September 11, 2001!🤬🤬🤬

  14. The Cheating Governor of GA is not suing the city of Atlanta. He’s suing the mayor of Atlanta.

    1. I’m Chilean… It was enforced here and everyone has to wear masks. Even on the street.
      It’s the right step to stop the spread of the virus.
      Cities are being quarantine according to the rise of positive cases.
      Numbers are slowing down…some people won’t believe the numbers are real, some do.
      And we are one of these so called by the IMPOTUS ” shithole countries ”
      So… Stay safe!

    2. @soledad poblete Yup. Republicans really need to review their work ethics when the most menial tasks become impossible.

  15. So Republicans have gone from “pro-life” to Pro-Covid. Got it.
    Why are they insistent about protecting the disease and help facilitate its spread?

    1. I agree, but the Republicans sold their citizens a “it can’t happen here because we’re not NYC” strategy. People WANTED to believe that con, because the alternative (“it can and WILL happen here”) is terrifying. They wanted to believe the con, so they did.

  16. Come the cold weather Trump will disappear. It’s like a miracle. He’ll just disappear. Probably to a country which does not have extradition treaties with the USA.

  17. It is sad that so many good and innocent people have died from Covid-19 when so many corrupt, power hungry republican politicians have gone unscathed.

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