'Lock him up!': Trump ally attacks Georgia's Republican governor 1

‘Lock him up!’: Trump ally attacks Georgia’s Republican governor


President Trump and his allies are repeatedly attacking Republican state officials, including Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, for not overturning the outcome of the election in his favor. CNN's Erin Burnett says the attacks are "doing great harm." #CNN #News


  1. Trumps only going after Cash getting supporters to help pay his bills so far hes got 117 million sent to his account ,,, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

    1. I think you need to wake up I was a Democrat for the last 12 years I voted for Obama The 1st time then I got smart and I quit voting the ship got so fuckup that I had to vote for trump over Hillary I mean killery

    2. The system is flawed if they are 100 people in a town and they all vote but you recieve 100,000 votes something is off.

  2. So many idiots in this country. So freaking stupid who give him money after losing an election. Lost the popular vote twice and still complains.

    1. I never thought I’d feel such animosity towards people for being stupid but their stupidity has cost people thier lives. 700 people have died from Trump rallies, he makes them sign waivers not to sue when they attend.

      This is the 5th time he’s claimed election fraud (Romney lost to Obama, in Florida state races in 2017, when he lost a primary to Cruz, the popular vote to Clinton, and now) and these people still believe him. Wtf is wrong with them?

  3. Trump has lost 4 times in Georgia. He has proven to be very good at losing. He is milking his supporters to line his pockets. What a weak person he is.

    1. He needs the money for his Legal fees and of course his bills he owes to foreign countries. The many scandals in this W.H. With him and his family is more than Americans are done with this clown and his circus.

  4. These actions are reckless and dangerous if not outright criminal. The president should be a voice of reason, not the drunken uncle pouring gasoline on the fire.

    1. They’re telling people not to vote in hopes of both Dems win they can say that election was fraud too. Reality and logic mean nothing to Trump and his cultists. I feel bad for any decent Republican stuck with him as their figurehead.

    2. A win for democrats to print millions of ballots beforehand, can’t expect more from a brainwashed person watching CNN.


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    4. @Ser Rey Just imagine…You turds lost 3 times in Georgia…the election, the hand recount audit, and the requested recount. Your butt must be red raw by now.

  5. Trump has made 150 million selling voter fraud so he isn’t about to stop. If he can make more money destroying the Republican Party he will.

    1. Trump will destroy anything or anyone in an attempt to benefit himself and/or his ego. I don’t understand why so many still support him and they can’t see that he doesn’t give a damn about them.

  6. Don’t we all remember Kemp cheating by removing hundreds of thousands of registered democratic voters in order to faux win? And now Kemp is getting eaten alive by the monster he helped create. I’d call that poetic justice.

  7. How can this be reality? A president of the United States and his followers being so incredibly ridiculous? This seems like a terrible fiction novel, not a piece of history.

    1. The supporters are just following their supreme leader. They are his sheep and he’s just using them. They don’t realize it.

    1. The Chinese workers in Ivanka’s sweatshop just can’t grasp the dimensions of the numbskull who would want to wear it.

  8. That man is so stupid, the ones screaming lock them up are the ones needing locked up. Send Trump to prison.

  9. VOTE BLUE, GEORGIA! DEMOCRACY! if you must fight at the polls, VOTE!


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