Long-serving Conservative MP says Scheer punished him for breaking ranks on legal pot

A Conservative MP is alleging he was fired from his shadow cabinet role for breaking ranks with the party. Annie Bergeron-Oliver explains.


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  1. The federal regulated cannabis is very addictive & not the same organic pot i smoked back in my 20’s. If i didnt have on going grievances w FedGovt, i would be protesting against this.

    1. d M c the pot you get from the government is weak and you’ve watched Refer Madness a few too many times. Lol

    1. I’m a Conservative, disabled veteran and tried cannabis for my pain. I did well…except after the first few tries I killed off 2 boxes of Co Co Pebbles. I had to stop using that stuff.

  2. Hey, if Scott Reid were to be the new leader of the conservatives, that’d at least get left-issues voters like me through the door to consider voting for the party….ya know; that other 65% they can never get.

    1. More like the 30%, 65% is a bit of a far stretch considering the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois will never vote conservative.

  3. More bad news about Conservatives but silence on the truth about Trudeau’s SNC Lavelin scandal?… I’m not surprised…

  4. There’s no doubt Scheer’s position against legalization during the election was deadly for him and his party. Conservatives will never get back in power before embracing and endorsing cannabis legalization. There’s just no way back—talking about it by itself equals to suggesting bringing prohibition back.

    1. I think that’s a stretch. I don’t use marijuana, vote tory, and couldn’t care less if it were legalized or not. Agreeing whether it should be legalized is different from how strongly and passionately one feels for the issue.

    2. I do not agree with legalization of pot although i thought it should be decriminalized. I voted for the new party because, if you keep doing what your doing, you’ll kept getting what you got. Canada needs real change…

  5. Personally I feel trapped.

    I’d like to see greater fiscal responsibility but can’t get behind the social conservatism.

    Neither major party seems to be able to deliver this balance.

  6. The party isn’t up to date with today’s world.
    All you ever have to do is lie and promise everything and actually deliver on very little.
    Isn’t that how Justin got elected? TWICE.

  7. …..if you keep doing what your doing, you’ll kept getting what you got. Canada needs real change…

  8. We don’t need more potheads in Canada. There has not been enough testing to put it on the market. The business is not doing very well. Turns out this is just another Trudeau pipe dream.

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