Longville Park Residents Concerned Criminals Seekend Refuge in thier Community | TVJ News

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    1. @Anime Mega Bucket Longville has ALOT believe me but it just takes one of them to recognize his face but the man is right do some sort of background check on ppl you’re renting your house to or at least a police record yea i know it sounds expensive but nowadays you can’t put a price on safty.

    2. @Jay Ecks So is it only those that rent houses are to be checked out? What happen to those that own houses they too can have relatives or friends that are bad too.

      Another thing is the community is too open up they need to have a security post at the entrance, the residents were asking for it for years. There are other neighbourhoods that have security post.

    3. @Anime Mega Bucket at the front of Longville there’s the barber shop and something like a Plaza and the community is expanding from it isn’t not a gated community you can’t really check everyone

    4. @Jay Ecks It can be done, look at Aviary housing scheme and the New Habour housing scheme there is a security post there.

  2. Me just a wonder oh them fine him over there so that place full a house a ofto somebody tell them where him at

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