Los Angeles Races To Avoid A 'Megadrought' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Los Angeles Races To Avoid A ‘Megadrought’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Jacob Soboroff reports on how the city of Los Angeles is racing to avoid a 'megadrought'. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Los Angeles Races To Avoid A 'Megadrought' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. ahahaha nah we dont counting clearly we arnt till the world is under water and even then i doubt anything will change judgement day is coming and anyone with eyes can see it its man made and requires the world to come together and here comes donald trump anti Christ keep him out of office or is it who comes next he may be the devil which means who hes connected to biden all i say is we need to be vigilant any connection is still a connection and i always say better safe then sorry and cover all my fronts but innocent till proven guilty but it could be donald trumps son for all we know

    2. @Black Lies Matter Think outside the square and be more positive in your outlook.. Positive results may follow.

  1. Almost EVERYONE is ignoring this crisis. We WILL be drinking toilet water because there simply won’t be any choice.

    1. weather is controlled now. they don’t want seeds to germinate, then when it’s supposed to be warm and sunny, al lit does is rain. four inches of snow on 4/21 after all the trees and flowers are in full bloom is nonsense. it’s all controlled. chem trails.

  2. I use my bath water… on my house plants ….and my geraniums just love it. Blooming like crazy right now.

  3. Most cities probably already drink treated waste water. My city used to dump the raw sewage into the river until just a few years ago. But now all our waste water is treated and piped to the river. Then where do the cities downriver get their drinking water? If you think about it, downstream cities have been drinking toilet water since the beginning of walking your chamber pot down to the river lol

  4. They say that the water in the river Thames, here in the U.K., is recycled 7 times before it gets to the sea!

    1. @Pickle Supply Company Yep! ???? What??? You think we chuck a bucket in and drink it directly from the river????

    2. There is only a certain amount of water in the atmosphere so all water is recycled. You learned about The Water Cycle at school right?

  5. You don’t need to convince people to drink cleaned toilet water… you just need to withhold water from them for 3 days and they will drink anything that is clear and wet.

  6. Recycle your case plastic, plastic film, bubble wrap & plastic bags at Target recycle bins inside the store

  7. Wait until The Secret Gets Out that everyone in the world is drinking recycled toilet water and have been for years

  8. I live in Israel, a dry country that gets rain only half the year. We use recycled water for everything.

  9. When soil is covered by cement or asphalt, the rain runs away. When soil is open to the sky, rain soaks the soil and evaporates into clouds. All this changes the rain patterns.

  10. I lived a couple blocks away from Tillman, when they built it. It had a pretty Japanese garden, that actually purified water. It’s on Woodley, close to Ventura Bl.

  11. We in Australia MUST begin using our recycled waste water..we live on the driest continent in the world! Rain is something that is not reliable in some place in Australia.

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