Loser Mentality: GOP Plans Trump Attack On 2024 Loss

While the GOP braces for potential electoral losses, MSNBC's Ari Melber argues they are embracing Trump’s authoritarian bent and seeking to steal the very elections they lose. As influential voices on the right normalize election interference, Melber reports on the latest GOP push to overturn voters’ choices. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. Guys, why are you all responding to the Jesse Watters troll? Why give him the attention he’s seeking? Let him stew in his misinformation and hate – use your energy for better and more productive things 🙂

    2. @Sheila Boston it seems he got dissolved by the lies he spreads. Or some virus of righteous deletion took care of the obnoxious.

    3. @George Furman In a society where participation is important, beware of those who champion ignorance and who burn books. Empower others to learn how to make valid arguments and recognize those claims that are not made tentatively.

      Claims like “I’ll only accept the results, if I win.” , “I can only lose if the elections were rigged.”

      Or those leaders who do not respect your intelligence enough to allow you to determine how “smart’ they are or “how” competent they are based on their character and actions.

    4. @Emily Xiong this society is too comfortable being fed trashy tv and sports . They need a rude awakening and are doing enough of nothing to prevent their own demise. The law of cause and effect and time are relentless and unforgiving. Sometimes in history a society without history memory become repetitive in their history in order to learn. And a parasitic class becomes extremely corrupt to perceive their own condition along with the people they live out from. Like the aristocracy of old and the current owner class that is unhinged and feels untouchable and with the right to abuse their position drowning itself in the wealth they sickly accumulate. But that wealth is nothing in the face of doom. And death as well as chaos may be the sign of a new horizon. We must assume our responsibility for the sake of our young and keep telling the truth. One drop with being little with others become a storm. We must denounce and raise our voices in righteous outrage and never loose our capacity to feel hate for injustice and inequality . We must be the message in the wilderness . The world needs a new beginning with ending the old once and for all. This system is bankrupted and obsolete.

    1. @Jesse Watters We can do voter ID. Biden will just make a federal government ID for free for everyone.
      And he should TOTALLY put microchips in them. Need it vote suckers! 🤭👍

    2. @Chrissy The original comment, to which I was replying to, stated “No more Republican Presidents.”

      So, I have no idea what you’re getting at.

    3. @Cynthia Gonzalez 👈🏻Just released Staggering stat shows how bad Joe Biden’s COVID infected open borders have gotten.
      ( you’ll never see this reported on the Democrats news channels CNN or MSDNC)

      More than 800 unaccompanied migrant children were apprehended in a single day this week, as the numbers of migrants coming to the southern border continue to surge with no sign of slowing down despite the heat of the summer months.

      The number of just unaccompanied children encountered in June increased by 8%, with 15,253 encounters in June compared to 14,137 in May.
      This doesn’t include the 6000 per day migrant invasion of adults during June.
      President Trump gave us the most secure border in history, and in just six months Joe Biden has given us the most insecure and highest border surge in the history of our nation. Most infected with coronavirus being bussed and flown all over America to your cities infecting fellow Americans. Now we know why the Delta Variant is surging out of control across America.
      “No more America first” -Joe Biden

    4. @Jesse Watters You are constantly minimizing the issue. You say these are just changes in the laws regarding voter id requirements. The need for voter id is universal, in all 50 states, it’s called registering to vote. It’s something we ALL agreed upon a long time ago.

      Tell us about why giving a bottle of water to someone standing in line to vote is now a crime. This has to do with voter id, how?
      Tell us about how Republican state legislatures can now vote to change electoral college votes, instead of allowing the electoral colleges cast their votes according to the popular vote results. This has to do with voter id, how?
      Tell us how a rural county that is red can have 1 polling location per 1000 residents, but an urban county that is blue can only have 1 polling location per 250,000 residents. This has to do with voter id, how?
      Tell us how Republican county-level officials can now name whomever they please to the local election commissions, without regard as to bipartisan membership. This has to do with voter id, how?
      Tell us how Republicans can decide to refuse to accept mail-in ballots as a means of voting and severely limit the conditions whereby people can vote by absentee ballot. This has to do with voter id how?

      You’ve told us all about the so-called Voter ID laws. Now talk about the voter suppression measures buried inside them. Gotcha.

    1. @chop shop Normal Americans know what’s real and what’s cult propaganda, lol. It’s weird that they think Americans will just trah la la along with them. Nope. We have a Hulk (the military). It’s real and they’re ready. Two words, *Jade Helm*.

    2. @john smith So pretend? meaning Trump is not REALLY a billionaire then? While you like your own comment prior? in an attempt to get others to agree with your ad populum fallacy? T.V. nothing. He has been in the spotlight for 40 years, while your base treats Obama from Kenya like the second coming when he ran.

  1. They hate the Constitution and Republic and are fighting to end the power of the People’s vote and the Democratic system of Government in America. Never give up the power of your vote.

    1. @Cant belive the bs Never ever What about the people that attacked the Capital?

      You’re asking me a subjective question: “You mean the terrorist that attacked the Capital?”

    1. @firestream93 They blame minorities for all the nation’s problems. Hitler did it with Jews. Trumpsters do it with brown people.

    2. @firestream93 you’re the one who doesnt understand. We all know its a hindu symbol, did u forget that hitler appropriated it and made it into something entirely different????

    1. @Nancy Griffin The original comment was can Tucker Carlson be arrested before he starts a war. We have things like the 6th amendment, to keep people safe, from another person’s opinion.

    2. Jessie, i hope your not implying that T*&#$ had nothing to do with what happened on the 6th of January.. if you are, i pray for your sanity

    3. @Jesse Watters Ashli Babbitt wasn’t ambushed

      The election wasn’t stolen

      Covid wasn’t a hoax

      The Trump terror attack wasn’t a tourist visit

      Any questions?

  2. Just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the REPUBLICAN Congressmen… Trumps own words

    1. wow, hear his words, they let him be President, yet call for The Gov, of New York to resign, lol, had he stole the election it would have been the biggest hiest in HISTORY, lol trillions gone already , swallow dat , never mind the cost of so many souls, dead, no coming back from dead, u no how bad it feels when u lose someone? well, u have a lot of hurting Americans thanlks to u no who

    2. “You got to get in their faces and push back. You’ve got to tell them they aren’t welcomed.”

      -A Democratic Congresswoman, publicly saying telling people to do this to Trump’s cabinet members.

      I need some clarification here:
      Tell me what gives a Congresswoman the right, to tell people to harass members of the opposite political party. I mean, is it in her PD?

  3. It’s like an angry stalker leaving the police station(because the police don’t have enough evidence to hold him) and announcing he’s going to his victim’s house.

    1. @Betty Vanderhooven-SchmaaSchmaa because we lack courage, and we fear a second civil war. To them, it’s dramatic, and if they win, they see themselves as mini- Kings. Facism is easier than democracy, as long as you are in the power group.

    2. This criminal Illiterate Donald Trump supporters, a criminal prevaricator Donald Trump must not be allowed in Washington, D.C., or any government

    3. @thegreen iguana oh well. Plenty of room in prison, for people who choose to go down the path of sedition.

  4. If you can’t appeal to enough voters to win, then cheat. That is today’s Republican party. It will lead to a dictatorship if we don’t stop it.

    1. 🤦 look deeper into stuff yourself. Read bills, look up accusations, look at the data, etc…. Look up the facts on all the hot ticket subjects of our current time on your own. If you truly do this I guarantee you will be Voting Red next election.

      What Democrat could make that claim that I just made? Think about it.

    2. The big money wants to maintain power. The wealthiest have no problem with a Republican dictatorship. Middle class and working people would get quickly schooled on how the single party GQP really regards them as yesterday’s newspaper once in power.

    1. @bombastic attitude
      Conduct or Speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a State or Monarch.

    2. @firestream93
      And? It is not unusual for a person to be cuffed when they are arrested, so they can be put on trial in front of a jury of their peers.

    3. Because, the Democrats are complicit. The only thing stopping We the People from rising up against these fascists is the perception that there is still some hope that they will be held accountable by the rule of law. But, the very fact that Donald Trump remains at large, free to cheat at golf and continue planning his next coup attempt tips the Democrats’ hand. In short, we’re being played by BOTH parties.

  5. It is frightening that America will end up like Hungary. On the outside, Hungary looks like a democracy while in reality it is a dictatorship.

    1. @msioug A Republic, by which I mean a government to which a scheme of representation takes place , opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.
      -James Madison, Federalist Papers #10.

      That’s odd. I didn’t realize they had Wikipedia back in Madison’s day.

      Guess what? A comment is not ignorant, simply because YOU disagree with it. Does that make sense, or should I use smaller words?

    2. @firestream93 so your a maga freak then ? It’s a “CULT ” and u r in it ! Small enough words for you ?

    3. That’s what Tucker and the gang want. Americans better wake up and vote out every Republican, or at the least, get better people in their place.

    4. I have a feeling that any dictator seated in D.C. would not be ruling over 50 States. Just holding D.C. doesn’t necessarily mean he would also control the States, which are largely independently run by their own governments. I mean, look at the 2A arguments going on right now – Federal laws are being proposed to ban certain firearms, and various States have already passed laws preventing their own law enforcement from being co-opted to enforce those bans. A gun ban would be unenforceable.

    1. I like the reverses sycology, I’m praying that we all understand, GOD bless you, and the world 👍🙏

  6. “Its going to be wild”. Oh boy, very bad choice of words the guy used, if u watch more of that first guy. And Bannon the admitted felon


  8. Fun Fact: Seven months before the Presidential Election took place at a time when Republican approval of Trump’s job performance was at an historic low, Trump first began making unsupported claims of upcoming election fraud. The process of manufacturing and repeating false statements to manipulate a nation is called propaganda.

    1. There really will be a civil war if they try to steal the next election from the people they’re already playing the autocratic card

  9. we can’t even get a break or enjoy Biden’s presidency. I am so sick of republicans

    1. I won’t enjoy Biden’s presidency until Donald Trump and his fascist cabal of GOP co-conspirators are in custody facing criminal charges that carry decades of prison time. So far, the arrest count remains at ZERO.

    2. So MUCH news over the last week about Donald’s extreme corruption, and the stupid gullible minions are like, “Oh yes, we want MORE of this!!” 🤮

    3. @Richard Owens definitely not, I just abide by the actual constitution and vote where it’s respected. The actual constitution, not BS pick and choose rewording to fit the narrative at the time.

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