'Losing is never easy': Donald Trump speaks to reporters in Virginia 1

‘Losing is never easy’: Donald Trump speaks to reporters in Virginia


Donald Trump speaks in Virginia on the day of the pivotal U.S. election and comments on the divisive campaign.


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  1. This is his concession speech. “we will maybe see you later” means if i lose, i am going straight home. lol

    1. I hear Deutsche Bank is looking for Trump and probably have to seize assets if he can’t pay. Send him to prison

    1. That’s what it is. The China virus. Just like the Spanish flu. China is responsible for this mess. Just because he said “China virus” doesn’t mean it’s a form of racism. Was calling it “Spanish flu” a form of racism. No that’s what it was. From Spain.

    2. @Teimo Pielinen How did Trump handle it? The virus wasn’t his fault. The governors are the ones who have control over lockdowns. Not the president.

    3. @Sam Cole exactly. But so many dumbasses going on about how racist I am when I call it the China virus or the Chinese pandemic.

    4. @Teimo Pielinen Yes they handled it so well after they knew for a month and let it spread across the globe. At least Trump took decisive action and closed the airports with China. Keep listening to fake opinionated news.

    1. @Northern Dancer google the definition of fascist. It literally is 100% what’s been happening in our country these past 4 years. You’re just a naive bozo, who doesn’t want to pay more in taxes 😂

    2. BIg Poppa
      There are far too many imbecilic triggered Leftists in America. And you fit the mold perfectly…”bozo”. Too funny, you sound like JB’s aging corrupt brother.

    3. @Northern Dancer you sound like Dustin Hoffman the way you repeat yourself, Mr five minutes to wopner. Both of your replies highlighted just how stupid you truly are. Thank you.

    1. His work ethic? Rallies are his drug. Hes a narcissist and those rallies are like narcissistic supply crack cocaine edition.
      That’s why he never stopped then even after elected.
      The only thing he cares about is rallies, tv, Twitter and golf

    2. Unless he tells the cameras “Lets get back to work” then turns around and says “Jared, get back to work” then heads for the golf course lol

  2. How the hell did Virginia declare a Biden victory after only counting 24% of the vote. Especially when Trump is in the lead

    And they are still counting !!!!

    So how are states already declaring winners?

    1. @clayton morrow PA is still counting. They are getting to the mail in ballets and Biden has an 80% chance to win PA.

  3. Where do you read about preparing a table in the presence of your enemies? Why you think you see it the way you do perspectivessssssss

  4. “Wow, NOBODY’S ever seen the likes of ANYTHING about ANYTHING ANYWHERE and I know that NONE of YOU will tell the truth about ANYTHING I’VE not said ANYWHERE to ANYBODY about ANYTHING”…………I’d actually feel sorry for him if he hadn’t spent most of his life being such a lying, entitled, self-aggrandizing toad. Maybe when he’s dead and gone he’ll be turned into an area rug so everyone can walk all over HIM for a change.

  5. He Won knowing he tried through all the hate of his past. He worked his way through pros and cons and he still set up to be a president. He Achieved his goals.

  6. Trump is now following a lawsuit. Stupid, cause he still has a chance to win
    I knew he was going to pull something. He won’t go down without a fight. If Biden wins, but he still has an noyher chance, his buddies in supreme Court.

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