Lottery Scamming, Guns & Gangsters behind Murders in Western Jamaica | TVJ News

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  1. I must be living in a different Jamaica from Mr. Chang. The government is simply not doing enough to get violent crime under control.

  2. I’ve been saying this for years now. Deportees should not be allowed to roam freely in Jamaica. Although some criminals were always there, it has skyrocketed since they arrived in the island

    1. To clarify: criminal deportees. There are many other benign ones who are not bad people, just overstayed their visas.🤗

    2. @A. Walker 
      I know there are some who returned & tried to make a honest living. However, the ones who were engaged in their guns & drugs, among other things want to continue with their quick cash flow, thus raking havoc in the country. Their days are numbered IJN!!!

  3. You can run but you can’t hide the eyes of the Lord is on you scammers ,you all will get caught.

  4. Many people from The minister of security constituency and beyond accuse him same one of issuing out guns…violence producers indeed

    1. Your name just been reported to the JCF . Your name is being run through the database now by cousin. You will be asked to provide information of what you know, apologize or being sued for defamation.

    1. @john smith if they’re the head of it how do you expect it to stop ,you don’t see every day you hear of their
      Criminalities and not one of them ever been arrested or charged.

  5. I don’t think thugs/criminals are out there saying, “We haven’t met out killing quota for the year!” When we’re told this is down, or that is up, what are they really trying to tell us?

    I know that law enforcement is fighting an uphill battle, and are mostly doing the best that’s possible, considering what they have to work with, and I commend them! But, from my perspective, these stats are thrown out to lend a false sense of security, and are generally an inaccurate measure of crime prevention tactics!

  6. Till the police that they on there counterpart & chang a keep up the nastynees MORE WORKS FOR THE CITIZEN THAT’S Wat Can COOL DOWN CRIME

  7. I understand everyone needs to make a living, I know the police’s job is to take out the gangsters but at the same time cultivate some dialogue with these gangsters and offer them a legitimate way to make a living. If they refuse the offer and continue their criminal enterprise, prosecute them.🕴️🗣️ Every Jamaican deserves a chance.

    1. Negotiate with killers? That’s an insult to law abiding hard working people that don’t get help or second chance to pay their light bill and school fee! If scammers want a chance, then turn your self in .

    2. @T eh? These people take pleasure in killing n maming. Negotiations is not part of a gang’s policy n even if they do I’d always short lived. When the heart I’d closed against good that heart is fully transitioned t evil.

  8. Government u need to band indecom n Jamaica for justice for a year n clean the whole island of all criminals..indecom n Jamaica for justice a breed n shield criminals

  9. Jamaica need a new defense secretary for the police because this one is not working the solution that they put in place is not working😢😢

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