Lt. Gov. Fetterman Expected To Run For U.S. Senate In Pennsylvania | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. A view from Canada. We visit Scranton every year and like that area. Hopefully they’ll support moderate candidates like Fetterman.

  1. you actually raised money with out a conspiracy theory and lies? wow …thanks Republicans for the gift not giving up Qntrump

  2. Everything I’ve heard this man say has been down to earth and in the language of modern day people.
    And if I’m looking at a man who wants to be my leader I’d want him to be stronger than me.

    1. “democratic” society depends upon politicians who, like Fetterman, actually revere the people’s will. Votes count and elections have consequences, people. There’s a reason holding elected office is called “public service”. Being a “servant” isn’t necessarily fun in the same way that being a GI isn’t usually fun. Being of service to the Constitution isn’t ordinarily fun, either. But being of service to the masses of honest, faithful Americans is the highest aspiration of a service-minded individual. Fetterman’s record of public service is (as far as I know) exemplary in all respects, and we need all hands on deck right now.

    1. I agree and we need to make sure he wins Toomey’s seat next year and as Lt. Governor, he maybe the only progressive democrat that voters will successfully elect into the US senate, especially because of the news of those state republicans kicking him out of the legislature with such nerve! But we’ll also need to make sure others like Erica D. Smith of North Carolina, Charles Booker from Kentucky, Haneefah Abdul-Khaaliq of Indiana, Tim Ryan of Ohio, and democrat with potential in Florida, and Tim Shepard of Missouri are elected into the US senate next year as well so that we can get rid of Republicans who don’t help convict and bar Trump from office in 2024 out of fear and political ambitions consuming them.

  3. I hope John runs–and wins.
    He’s a big guy, too. Anyone messes with a Democratic lawmaker, John can quash him easy.

  4. Good luck Fetterman, you have good strong morale’s. Please keep them when you make it into the Senate.


  6. He may look like a man you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley but after meeting him he is brilliant with a no BS attitude. Gets my vote no matter what he runs for.

  7. Mr. Fetterman might not look and dress like your typical politician, but he”s honest, smart and empathetic like every typical politician should be.

    Run, Mr. Fetterman, run! We need people like you in the Senate.

  8. Flipping to a straight shooter like Lt. Governor Fetterman would be a big improvement over the stodgy Toomey. Toomey will only be sixty when he quits but he is smart enough to see the writing on the wall about what Trump has done to the GOP.

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