Lt. Gov. Fetterman On 2022 Senate Bid, Raising Minimum Wage | Way Too Early | MSNBC


    1. CEO wage increase should be linked to staff wage increases CEO gets 10% staff get 10% CEO gets bonus or share opt staff should get them as well.

    1. Lt. Gov. has the Republican party in control. How far do you think he is going to get with that losing idea?

    2. @Ray S The places that pay minimum wage tend to be places where people who make minimum wage shop. So they will have more money to spend. Also, the poor tend to spend instead of saving increases in pay because they can actually start buy the things they’ve been putting off due to a lack of funds.

  1. He has my support! I’ll donate through ActBlue to support his campaign! He’s a no BS kind of politician, something we desperately need! Fewer Republicans in the Senate is a BIG win! Great Success with your campaign!

  2. Can’t wait to see the clown impeachment trial to expose all criminal activities of the clown then it’s DOJ job to convict the clown justice matters$$$

  3. I agree 7.25 is barley enough for a single person to get by I can’t imagine a family of 3 4 making it from week to week . And yes those who doesn’t want to raise minimum wage should have to work for 7.25 an hour for 6 months and see just how they like it and then they will know what the real world goes through every single day .

  4. The Tory Party in the UK made the same argument about the introduction of the minimum wage,saying it would lead to job losses and that costs would rise. 20 years later, still no evidence to back up their claims.

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