‘Ludicrous’: Rep. Omar on some in GOP comparing her to Rep. Greene


    1. @Di&Ce Hardly enough to mention in the grand, statistical scheme of things ! More die by falling out of trees, off of roofs — run over on their bikes. Shall we ban trees, roofs, and bicycles, too ?

    2. @Bruce Gately Awkward ! Awkward ! I am beginning to suspect that English may not be your ‘mother tongue’. So many of your kind choose to conceal their identities behind pseudonyms of one sort or another – reeking all too often of ‘snobbery’, besides.

  1. You know it’s all they can do now right. It’s like a kid that got caught red handed. “Well, Well jimmy stole something 6 months ago” uh? We taking about you right now. Stop deflecting Rebitchicans. Should’ve spoke up back then if it was so bad. Had control of everything but the house . Go kick rock you dizzy B’s

    1. And dems control EVERYTHING NOW!!! Do you even have a clue how laws are made? EVERYTHING goes thru the House. If the Speaker ( leader of the House…1 person Nancy Pelosi) refuses to take it up, its dead.
      Its really getting old having to educate liberals on the Constitution and how our Government works. 1.9 Trillion is 5800. For every single American all 324 million
      Under half are actually getting any money.. Democrats are screwing every American.

    1. If the US wasn’t the greatest country in the world the people that claim it wasn’t would have another country to point to but all other countries are ridiculously inferior to the US.

  2. we have to go through them when we go to get help for food stamps they think they are better then the people who voted them in office

    1. Black History: Of the 12.5 million slaves taken from West Africa, 80% were sold to whites by Africans!! Black lives didn’t seem to matter much to them!

    2. @Joe Bloe These are still people we are talking about no matter who did what. It is just as bad to buy a person as it is to sell one. None of that means the lives in question matter any less than anyone else’s. We have to stop looking at each other like we aren’t all part of the same species.

  3. Warning to anyone wanting to come to America: stay where you are. If you want to experience this country now just watch Titanic.

    1. @Michael Lopez i am a Brown minority in the UK. The minorities spreading across both parties is one of the keys. I found resistance to this idea from many minorities in US who only back Democrats and vilify Republicans. So when Republicans come in- progress in race relations stops or slows down- As you know Republicans also spend decades in the White House. Thanks.

    2. @Michael Lopez ……The George Floyd killing is tragic but by no means justify riots, looting and burning of so many major cities. It cost tens of billions of dollars and was endorsed by many politicians in power today. The local Democrats also supported them. Donald Trump offered many times to come in and clean it up very quickly. They ALL denied his help. It’s ironic 6,000 Troops are guarding a barbed wire city of D.C. and nobody’s even there.

      The election never saw this level of fraud. Poll watchers chased out, ballot inspectors not allowed 10 feet from a ballot, windows papered up to prevent vision, counting stopped that night, ballot dumps hours into the morning, dead people voting,……a lot of this on video tape. An investigation into the fraud was never had. It was the largest fraudulent election in American history. Yes….they’re were angry rioters at the Capital Jan 6th. That unfortunate event was a mix of Trump supporters, Antifa and possibly some fringe groups. It has been proven that it was planned days before and started before Trump finished his speech. Now…you see another fake impeachment of President who’s been gone for 2 weeks. It’s scam on the dumbest of the dumb voters.

      It’s a false equivalent to say the Capital riots were comparable to a whole spring and summer of much more deadly and costly rioting. The Capital riots were Mickey Mouse compared to 100 days of insurrection.

    3. @liz tronnes …..it’s not whites you have to worry about. You’ve been watching too much CNN. It’s the media and politicians that are making to feel that way. Donald Trump was the best thing the Native Indians had going for them. You better start worrying about personal and constitutional rights being taken away from you. That’s what you’re witnessing right now.

    4. @ynotttt you have no idea what it’s like living here. And I don’t need to watch any news programs, I have seen it and experienced it myself.

    1. @scott shannon . Nice try but you’re displaying your ignorance. President Biden has used executive orders to undo all of the harmful executive orders that the TrumpTurd signed!

    2. Joebama said $2000 checks would “go out the door immediately”. No one calls him out on it because they know he lies all the time.

    1. Is that not why democrats and media divide evryone by skin color?
      Would say race, but at this point you can be American with any skin color even orange.

    2. @Cropper Copper Also the pipe bombs were planted around the capital the night before! They were put there to hurt the protesters not to help the attackers!

    3. @andrienne djiki I’ll say ! Texans wanting to secede ! Just our map would look kind of funny with Texas gone ! The ‘symmetry’ certainly wouldn’t be improved upon !

    1. @Ulrike Dorn in the picture he’s like a country mile away from anyone. What in the world are you talkin about?

    2. @JrotcBrat Pvt Well… at least now I understand why you had to overcome pensate by name-calling like a toddler. I would too if I showed a picture of Joe Biden a country mile away from any other person and claim that as proof of him not following his mask mandate. 🤣

    3. @JrotcBrat Pvt just curious… Were you so concerned about mask mandates When Donald Trump was in office?

    1. @William Eddy anti Semitism isn’t a side issue. If someone wants to have their point taken seriously, they should perhaps avoid using age old racist tropes about Jews being master manipulators. Omar isn’t some kid who doesn’t know better, she’s a grown Congresswoman.

    2. @Whoknowsuknow Saying that Israel has quite a lot of influence , and that that influence isn`t always used appropriately , doesn`t constitute anti Semitism .

    3. @Hudson Donald saying bigoted things about Jews in Israel is just as bad as saying bigoted things about Jews in America. Calling racism “criticism” doesn’t make it acceptable.

  4. It’s a sad state that they have security checkpoints for the people who are supposed to lead the country. This is not a good sign and it’s time these fools grow up. I’m all for the second amendment but this is just pushing it way too far

    1. But what do they secure?
      The congress people walk in, get scanned.
      And thats it, if they got a gun, they can still keep it with them….

  5. Imagine how these poor kids and parents feel about mash shootings I wish we took these extreme lengths to keep kids safe

    1. I wish the mainstream media would talk about child abuse in the home and bullying at school this type of stuff has major affect on children’s psychology. Columbine for example those kids were bullied and had terrible parents who were drunk and there parents never supervised them. Tbh it’s was mostly the parent fault for not raising the child in a stable household. But CNN didn’t say that so I’m just a threat to the democracy.

  6. Physically halt them if they refuse to get screened. The fine is secondary, these enforcement officers have no power.

    1. Seriously, what is the point of metal detectors if someone can just refuse and go in anyway. I have a security background and understand that a rule without teeth is worthless. Comply, or leave. Screw the fines, deny access.

    2. So tell me why these metal detectors for congress people?
      They can carry guns etc they see it and are still allowd to go in…
      So what is the point?

    3. Perhaps you should engage in these same tactics for Nancy pelosi as well? You know since she was caught not going through the entire security measures??

    1. That’ll keep all the congressional shootings down huh???? Congress protected by gun’s, School’s, unprotected! How many shootings have in congress ever? nuff sed…….

  7. The “Second Amendment People” claim they need massive numbers of guns to defend against tyranny. Liars. They use their guns to promote and install tyranny.

  8. At this point Republican the thugs in red states that made sure everybody could get guns I don’t trust them they could stand up at any moment point of pistol that you shoot you in the grocery store over nothing

  9. Lol when Government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there’s Tyranny.

    Thomas Jefferson

    1. Jefferson is wrong. Liberty can not be built on fear; a society can not prosper if government fears it’s people.

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