MacKay: Scheer’s election loss was like missing an open net on breakaway

MacKay: Scheer's election loss was like missing an open net on breakaway 1


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s 2019 election loss "was like having a breakaway on an open net and missing the net," according to his former colleague Peter MacKay.

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38 Comments on "MacKay: Scheer’s election loss was like missing an open net on breakaway"

  1. So he’s saying it was Scheer incompetence.

  2. MacKay 2021. I’ve been wanting him as PM for years. 🇨🇦👌

    • A minority government has never lasted 4 years.

    • Rachel Macnamara | October 30, 2019 at 11:13 PM | Reply

      Duane Buhler no thank you !

    • @ben mondo I doubt Trudeau will make it 4 years before a snap election happens

    • ben mondo with Trudeau as PM, how long will it take before he’s under another ethics violation charges. This time without his majority govt there’ll actually be a non confidence vote. Canadians won’t be waiting the whole 4 yrs. Trudeau is a spoiled trust fund boy who’s never heard no, he’ll get himself in trouble yet again.

    • Duane Buhler the actual election should be 23, not 21, but minority govt’s frequently have early elections. With Commander hairdoo as PM, I truly doubt we’ll see a full term. Just looking at Trudeau’s history how long can he go without another ethics violation.

  3. What if it’s just made-for-tv politics? What if Justin Trudeau is not capable of making his own decisions?

  4. The Bloc Quebecois does not run the provincial government in Quebec.

  5. Scheer lacks charisma and that will never change If he loves this country , he will step down

    • Rachel Macnamara | October 30, 2019 at 11:10 PM | Reply

      If scheer loves this country why would you want him to step down ! ? I want my PM to love this country!

    • @Rachel Macnamara Only a Liberal would cheer for Scheer

    • Rachel Macnamara | October 30, 2019 at 11:20 PM | Reply

      I vote blue … I wanted to vote ppc but we’re not really actually! So don’t assume someone you don’t know !

    • You seem to take this personally …… a PPC supporter defending Scheer ‘s performance ? …….so you voted for him , right ?

    • @Rachel Macnamara I don’t assume you threw away you vote; I’m stating it! You don’t need to know someone to know if they vote blue they are a bonehead!!

  6. Either Max Bernier PPC or Pierre Poilievre in 2021 !!!! ” Scheer is Nothing but a Gimmegrint Dope Lite ”
    Although after not running in 2019 . . I’m starting to Wonder IF Pierre doesn’t really aspire to be PM ??
    I Easily get That now . . As I also wouldn’t want to Every Day Deal with All those Crazy , Lazy , Lying Canadians Enemies – Libturds .

    • If Poilievre had been the CPC leader for this election, they would have had a majority. And I will state this with honesty, even though I voted for Max / PPC.

    • @Lake Nipissing I voted for Max also , and I don’t doubt that Pierre would have become Our majority voted in New Intelligent Canadian PM !!

  7. So Mackay is running for the Conservative Party leadership?

    • Yeah, looks like. Look for “Real Science” trashing MacKay, btw, he’s a known Russian troll, so it’s official, Putin still has a grudge against Mackay for his time as Foreign Affairs Minister under Harper. Fyi.

  8. The frequency response of the microphones is quite narrow, resulting in rather thin and tinny audio.

  9. Go for a leadership bid Peter McKay!!!

  10. Great conversation, but the BQ will support the Liberals on any SNC stuff that may come up in committees. The RCMP, well that’s another kettle of fish.

  11. Jonathan Poirot | October 31, 2019 at 1:14 AM | Reply

    And you sure need to step down far as I’m concerned if you can’t win this when he’s not going to win the either

  12. Well it’s True with all of the ammo Trudeau gave him he should’ve won. The biggest mistake Sheer made was not campaigning with Doug Ford in Ontario.

  13. Nice backstab.

  14. Technology NOT taxes!!! woohooo!!

  15. Pete the big brain wow what analysis outstanding so insightful

  16. McKay had the chance and like the ‘boy’ Scheer the Canadian public seen through him. McKay is the guy that holds your coat while you are doing the fighting.
    All Liberals want the cons to leave the boy Scheer exactly where he is. If McKay had have been running it would have been a Liberal majority!
    Still just an immature, incompetent party the conservatives; so bad…as if harper were still running it!

  17. McKay was always the better choice.

  18. Peter Mckay didn’t answer the question and I wouldn’t back to the CPC (Corrupt Party of Canada) I still with PPC…the mess we got and screw just more waste of taxes and corporate welfare and run defects) just allow build the pipelines in Canada and tag down carbon .. I guess for now that can help AB, SK….

  19. He is slick but the substance is the same. Regressive neocon.

  20. Edward St-Pierre | October 31, 2019 at 11:47 AM | Reply

    You know what happens in Quebec stays in Quebec. I think they call it quebec inc.

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