1. You have to be kidding me. He responded as strongly as possible, he has the DOJ and his AG involved as the FBI as well with the national guard. Not sure what the heck you want from the guy. Meanwhile in Canada, anyone seen our two Michael’s still captive in China? What no progress or statement? Dont want to cover that!

    1. @garry olsen Tough question, what can you really do with these CCP thugs. We should atleast put a travel advisory to tell canadians to stay away from china.

  2. COVID19 = China Output Virus in December 2019
    We have tolerated China long enough!
    CHINA should pay for it!

    1. The American Imperial Virus killed 800,000 Iraqi civilians but i bet you don’t think they should pay right coward?

  3. The evidence is clear. The CCP and the WHO are guilty for their actions regardless of the motive.

  4. Nobody is hurting except the family of a guy who died at the hands of another guy in a city Minnesota. Three thousand guys like him die at the hand of brothers on the street of Chicago each year. Nobody hurts there.?
    The only problem is that all the criminals hit the street to Rob, steal, and distory with the arsonist others property. They need to mass arrest and imprison the criminals so the protesters can peacefully protest.

  5. Bravo to Trump. This is something a lot of countries, including Canada, should have done weeks ago.

  6. You should be more concerned about our PM NEVER answering a question! He is always heard dancing around the bush. As a Canadian, I would gladly have Trump over Trudeau any day of the week! TRUMP 2020!!!

    1. @Richard C No, we will be moving you…and there will be nothing you can about it, because your socialist friends in the gov. will be in jail or worse.

  7. He has enough issues and problems with his own country….fix that before you offer any “solutions” or stick your orange face into other countries business! 😡😡😡 America go vote!!!!

  8. Canada should protest like USA instead of being cowards sitting at home like lazy couch potatoes.

  9. Hey, give the guy a break, he’s got his hands full with getting revenge on Twitter for adding a link to his tweets. 🤷

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