Maddow: Republican War On Democracy Is As Dangerous As Its Premise Is Bananas 1

Maddow: Republican War On Democracy Is As Dangerous As Its Premise Is Bananas


Rachel Maddow highlights the disturbing contrast between the goofiness of the characters and conspiracy theories that are driving Republicans to doubt the results of the 2020 presidential election, and the serious fact that Republicans in positions of responsibility are using those same cockamamie theories as the basis for attacking American democracy.
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  1. What it is that they are promoting is a delusion to be outraged about but to what end? What is the end purpose to get half the country riled up to not believe in election results?

    1. The most ironic thing is: a prominent Republican candidate lost his special election because voters don’t trust the system.

    2. Yes…Kompromat..Russian propagandists are paying media trolls to divide US…GPiggies are funded with rubles

    3. @Ash Roskell
      The far righty’s claim that USA is a Republic not a Democracy. Thus they sidestep the “traitor” accusations and
      1 person 1 vote would no longer apply.
      They fancy themselves Patriots defending their rEpUbliC.
      Edit: I know we’re a Democratic Republic but they want to forget about the Democratic part.

  2. McConnel has vowed to stop/obstruct the Biden Administration at all costs, mainly by the extensive abuse of the filibuster, including calling it a personal favor. The cost of his filibuster abuse is the demise of American democracy because it effectively renders Congress utterly stalemated and dysfunctional, making any new legislation practically impossible!

    1. @Larry Garland lol u guys are gonna lost the midterms and the 2024 election loser then y’all gonna keep saying voter Fruad

  3. so the grifter let all the other grifters in and there like cockroaches and people are shocked……

    1. Gifting is small scale swindling. I definitely think this was large scale.
      The word swindler is defined to be a sharper, a cheat, a rogue, one who defrauds grossly, or one who makes a practice of defrauding others by imposition or deliberate artifice. When a man is said to be swindled, it means tricked or outwitted. [Chase v. Whitlock, 3 Hill 139, 140 (N.Y. 1842)] -(google for citation)
      Fraud convictions bring with them the possibility of a jail or prison sentence. Though sentences differ widely, a misdemeanor conviction can lead to up to a year in a local jail, while a felony conviction can lead to multiple years in prison. Federal charges can lead to 10 years or more in federal prison. – (google for citation)

      The consequences of a theft by swindle conviction depend on the amount of money allegedly swindled. If the amount is greater than $35,000, the suspect could face 20 years in prison and a fine of up-to $100,000. If the amount surpasses $5,000 but is less than $35,000, the suspect could face 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000. Individuals accused of theft by swindle cases involving theft of $1,000-$5,000 could face penalties of up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000. – (google for citation)
      Can’t tell you how many times I saw Trump and his associates involved in swindling. There are so many and I’m sure that there are probably many more situations.
      The Big Lie swindle has been raking in loot big time. Swindling so much that banks had to return money to customers that complained that money was being (wait for it) FRAUDULENTLY removed from their bank accounts due to the practices of a Trump fundraising website.
      That one is blatant.

  4. I am Republican.
    The people she mentioned are “brainwashed morons” believing they are one of us

    1. So get rid of them if you see the truth.
      Unfortunately, there aren’t many like you left.
      The “brainwashed morons” as you call them have you outnumbered.

    2. The problem is that the party leadership does not see any problem in this. Oh no, they joyfully dived into this poop hole. And I think that this is natural – the fairy tale about reaganomics turned out to be a cover for corporate permissiveness and the destruction of the middle class. And now the party has nothing to offer. The leaders of the party know this better than anyone else – it can be seen from their deeds.

    3. @Gregg Chambers “if you have a choice between a MAGA-supporting candidate…” lol
      There is no choice. The Trumpians disguised as Republicans are actively pushing out non-MAGA-supporting candidates. Heck, they are even demoting those in office that are against Trump.
      The Republican party is gone. it is the party of Trump.
      Put an end to it.

    4. Yea you’re just as delusional as them if you think that or think you HAVE ANY KIND OF PARTY LEFT!!!

    1. @Mike Reseigh consider your average religion and how many bald claims you have to believe. The conspiracy theories get woven together into one grand delusion.

    2. @Paola Z O-L I greatly appreciate the thoughts.
      Some of the media coverage deserves criticism, but certainly there are Politicians are taking advantage of the uneducated.
      They fan the flames of hatred and xenophobia just like the dictators we had to deal with in 1945 It is very unnerving and unproductive to see.
      We need to make peace, look to Science, Rational and Spiritual thinking if we are to survive.
      Thanks Paola

    1. @Dave Davis so make sure to click on, and comment on the clip. Wow, you are exactly who the o.p. was talking about. I hope that’s sarcasm.

    2. @Trey Sharpe : I need some funding to, “get on it, man.” I need to travel, meet representatives, resource my investigations and compile them so I can present my findings to Congress. I’ll need lawyer and press-publicity and bodyguard fees too, (are the Proud Boys still hiring out? I’ll ask Roger Stone. Maybe he can get me a discount, if I use some of the fugitives from Jan 6th, hiding in his basement?) so I can be protected from the, “deep state.” Say, $50,000 per month? Sound reasonable? As a retainer? I promise, you’ll be the first to know if I find any proof of anything. Make out your cheque payable to The Gullible Orange Fascists, or through PayPal, to thegullibleorangefascist@i’malwaysrightevenwheni’

    3. @John Edward : IKR? It seems like, for everyone who’s actually been ripped off by Donny and now wants to sue him, there are 10 more gullible idiots waving their wallets and screaming, “Hey. That sound like me? I’m a racist! Please take my money!” . . . Unbelievable!

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. Not everything unproven is a “conspiracy theory.” Liberals love that phrase so you can turn a blind eye to facts. Let’s see how it all comes out.

    2. @Firecracker CT : Look at your own self-contradiction, Karen? How can they be, “facts,” if they are, as YOU say, “unproven,” kid? There’s nothing to, “turn a blind eye,” to! Unless you count the crazies with their, “unproven,” conspiracy theories?

  5. There seems to be an inverse correlation between high concern about “election integrity” and low concern about personal integrity.

    1. @Chico Dalianis If you’ve seen this poster before, you”ll know the best they are is a troll and the worst sad little person filled with envy and hate desperately seeking attention.

    2. @David Wood good call on the norfentanyl before btw, it’s nice to see people mention it finally

    3. Yeah, it’s neat how often a blind eye gets turned towards all their personal shady dealings and back-alley b.s. but WHAT ABOUT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING WITH OUR PRECIOUS “STOLEN” VOTES!!?!?!??

    4. I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about at all. He’s obviously slamming media he doesn’t happen to agree with.

  6. It’s hard to take Republicans seriously when they rely on an internet troll named Q for strategy.

    1. @angus79bln : The only thing I take seriously about the Republicans is the very real threat they pose to our Republic. Anything else? They can take all of that, anally, for all I care. QAnally would be better. I wish CNN would just leak Ron Watkins’ private details, so we can all tell Q what we think of his Anti-American propaganda . . .

    2. GOP taking away voting rights. Calling the rioters nice folks. Arizona election tabulation after 2 recounts. Weird

    1. yes, that’s how the GQP role. Lie, Deflect and blame. Never take responsibility or tell the truth. That’s today’s Republican Party. Disgusting

    2. @TheDiamond2009 right, while the right demonizes BLM and is outraged when a white cop who killed an unarmed Black man by kneeling on his neck for nine minutes while grinning for the camera is convicted of murder by a unanimous jury verdict. No racism there, no, none at all.

    3. @srgreeniii actually it was a relevant statement made based on the quote of a nazi. You directly quoted the nazi. I do not. I speak from knowledge not pladurizing like the Potato has done his entire career.

    1. Kamala does it too. That’s how you know they are lying and said to say sheep think they are telling the truth ever! I wonder what it would be like to be that Pathetic as an “Adult”

    1. You are right, a loony with a gun is dangerous ,but a loony with pen and the power to vote in even more dangerous.

    2. Unfortunately there is more than just “A looney” with a gun, there`s millions of them! Scary!

    3. I’ll still trust the looney with the gun over a republiCON any day you know you are a target with the nut with a gun with the republiCONS YOU GET lied to stabbed in the back and told that you might have straind you back

  7. Your country needs laws against lying for the whole of society. From false reporting, to lying at the political level, to lying about history and companies lying about their products etc. It seems from afar that lying has become the norm in the USA. Thats extremely dangerous as it causes so much chaos and it causes people to be confused. It causes mistrust and so the people that have been lied to start to have to check everything out. So the Internet becomes their normal turn to tool for that and as that is full of lying around and around people go. Thou shall not lie!

  8. Remember back when we used to scoff with a bemused chuckle at the Republican clown show? Ahh, the good old days…

    1. “Once they laughed at me. Perhaps today they are not laughing any more.” – Hitler, 1934 (exact wording and date may not be accurate)

  9. This is all so crazy pants that the expression, ‘What are these people smoking?’, is an insult to people smoking up.

  10. “Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

  11. “Italy used satellites” to alter ballots is such a boomer idea.
    Italy doesn’t have its own Space program.
    How exactly would those satellites access ballots? Why would Italy do this?
    Are the voting machines connected to the net?

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