Maddow: Why Russia’s Economy Can Help Explain Putin Election Interference | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Maddow: Why Russia’s Economy Can Help Explain Putin Election Interference | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the impeachment inquiry, big oil, Russia, and her new book, 'Blowout.' Aired on 10/03/19.
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Maddow: Why Russia’s Economy Can Help Explain Putin Election Interference | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. God, my skin crawls when Putin talks. Or actually,… any time I see him. And remember, that guy is not a comedian… he’s NEVER joking.

    1. @Virginia Tyree Now who is being naive? The deal that Rex Tillerson made is still in place guaranting that you, your children, and grandchildren will have to fight and die for oil. So don’t wait until your grandson comes home in coffin with American flag draped over it to ask yourself weather or not you should support the ”new green deal”.

    2. 10 3 19 Hey@swave158 , I don’t remember you asking me about the green deal. I have for years believe we needed to kick the oil addiction. We’re in bed with the Saudis; they love the middle ages & treat women poorly. I have advocated for getting MONEY out of campaigns because we have the best government that corporate-money buys. So, #Vote2020. Be well. v

    3. @Virginia TyreeWe are in bed with Saudi Virginia because we have 6% of the world population, but we use 52% of the world’s oil. There over 200 nations represented in the United Nations in New York, but only one country use more oil than all of them combined, that is the United States of America.

    4. You dont even kknow what he is saying. That wasnt even the events translation, MSNBC overdubbed that translation. Which was an incorrect translation ofc.
      Everyone outside USA laughed wth him. USA really is the global joke.

  2. There you go folks ………. This is what Trump has done to American ………… We are now the laughing stock of the world .

    1. Yes, we see exactly what he has done to America! Exactly what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said he’d do


    1. @SouthSide Chicago Your kidding right Trumps done nothing but help him, Syria, don’t forget Putin said they didn’t interfere in our election and I don’t know why they would, then we have him trying to lift sanctions, it would be advantage’s for you to know what your talking about

  4. Thanks Rachel – for pointing out that the Giuliani / Trump / Barr campaign to blame 2016 on someone else besides Russia, is actually about trying to lift sanctions on Putin’s group. Until Congress certifies Russia to be free from election interference both past and present the sanctions will stay in effect. This is costing the Russian oligarchs billions. Thanks Congress / Thanks Rachel

    1. Making plans with China for the AI future we have 12 Air craft Carriers, we can dock and destroy Russia and

    2. China, China is bldg. aircraft carriers-6 at 12 billion( ours-a SuperCarrier), Russia has to do their part and they

    3. Are taking the other angle Subs. They plan on getting 50 new generation Subs in the water. That is what thiis a

    4. Laughably ignorant. A US Court ruled AGAINST Muller/DoJ in favour of the “Russian Troll Farm” IRA. Again a US COURT! ruled that there was NO evidence to support the indictment the Mueller report filed.
      There has never been any substantial evidence of Russian Interference/manipulation.
      USA now sanctions over a third of the Earths population, they are 100% pure exploitation and theft. And as usual sanctions only hurt innocent civilians, not the elites USA pretends to direct them at.
      Trump has INCREASED sanctions on Russia not reduce them.
      Russia’s economy have improved under sanctions. They have become self sufficent in agricultural products that they used to import from USA. Now these industries are out performing US producers in other markets.
      Now USA is sanctioning EU for doing the same thing USA does. As a result EU has immidiately begun new trade negotiations with Russia and China.
      US sanctions and tyrannical exploitation of the dollar is now backfiring and will only cause US civilians to suffer.
      The world is laughing WITH Putin, USA has always interfered and overthrown other governments and destroyed millions of lives around the planet.
      The rest of the world is eagerly watching USA destroy itself.

    1. Yes…. It was the MSNBC overdub. It was NOT the events English translator. MSNBC are so corrupt that they overdubed the translation in an attempt to mock Putin.

    2. @alans73 It was the MSNBC translation. If he was poisoned it was by someone in USA.
      This wasnt the events english translation. OFC it was translated wrong as well

  5. Do not forget that the occupant in the white house made the Ukraine President capitulate to Putin. Great reporting and will get the book “BLOWOUT” immediately! Rachel Maddow: Brilliant articulation as both an author and journalist. Thank you.

    1. How?
      Macron and Merkel negotiated with Zelensky not Trump.
      And Zelenksy campaigned on restarting peace talks.
      The world does laugh at America though.

    2. @SISYPHUS VASILIAS It laughs at Trump. The real world realizes Trump is the fool on the hill. America will survive long after he’s just a bad memory.

    1. @Sheik Yo Booty Not my favorite outcome, but right now I’d take a random citizen off the street over Spanky Bonespurs.

    2. @Richard Alexander
      Ignorant rural redstate racists need education and mental healthcare not guns and walls maga fools

  6. Trump heard his ‘team’ explaining fervently why he has to keep his mouth shut but it worked for just a few hours – Trump honestly does not think he has done anything wrong; he is quite mad.

    1. I think he knows full well he is in the wrong, he just doesn’t care, nor does he think he has to. He has just never been told, “no,” and have it be made to stick.

    2. @angela bluebird60 I agree in a way with what you say; he hears people telling him he has to shut up but he neither cares nor wants to understand why. A sociopath has no concept of ‘other’ [be it a person, a concept, an opinion or even his own ‘other’ decision five minutes ago]. Everything around Trump is either a tool he can use to get what he wants [too feel full or satiated with food, power, control] or a hindrance to that desire. He is like a bloated spider who just consumes everything around itself and not caring that it is killing itself in the process. ‘I want it now and i will have it now and I don’t care what i destroy to get it – himself included’ – is what I see in Trump.

    3. @angela bluebird60 lets hope so – Trump got in because people couldn’t connect with the often overly careful and distant politicians who seem to say nothing whilst using lots of words [but who did a lot of work behind the scenes]. So, they got a man who blurted out every thought without prior consideration [with damaging consequences] and who tried to run the country by himself in the full glare of the media [like one of his badly run businesses]. Maybe a middle ground can be found – a simple speaking educated and expressive person with real feelings who tries everyone to work together.

    4. @david bellamy Not so. Trump got in due to a malfunctioning Electoral College and ridiculous misconduct and neglect by the DNC. This is about Big $’s poison intrusion upon our elections/govt. The work is ongoing to eliminate this intrusion and restore our elections/govt. We, in fact, have a genuine, dedicated and wise candidate who was, and still is, enormously popular. It is just that the large corporations and bought off mainstream media did all they could to block him-and the Will of the People. He is Senator Bernie Sanders, with a stellar reputation of telling the truth-always, and as a person who cannot be bought-ever.

  7. OJ can’t get away this time. LMAO the more this orange Pumpkin open his mouth the more evidences Congress can put into their impeachment inquiry.

  8. “What we need now’s an accident, No one to blame and no bullets spent. All we need now’s an accident, no one to blame an no bullets spent.”
    Once again, the lyrics of a song provides the answer. Thank you Spoon.

  9. 8:20
    Russia deal with Exxon, Exxon CEO with no political experience—>>No.4 in line to President. Head of State Dept. PUTIN got the best Manchurian Candidate in 2016.

    1. He lied and cheated to avoid having to serve his country.
      He lied and cheated to avoid paying taxes.
      He lied about Russia and cheated his country in the process.
      He tried to lie about Ukraine but it didn’t work.
      Now he’s in trouble.
      Anyone else see a pattern here?

    2. He probably won’t, “release,” them, but the courts will order it and it will be done. Trump does not have the final, or even the most, say in many, many matters.

    1. @Walt F. Putin aught to be laughing. For the price of a few failing golf courses Russia has brought the United States to the brink of civil war, ruined the economy, removed the U.S. from its leadership role, and set the stage for the U.S. dollar to no longer be the world’s reserve currency. That’s the biggest Russian victory in history!

    2. Richard Alexander I don’t think Putin deserves all the credit here. We’ve mostly done this to ourselves by OUR choice of leaders in these last 100 years.

    3. @Valentine Carstensen Yes, leaders, as well as failing to educate and teach political science, but you’ve got to give Putin credit for playing the hand he was dealt.

    4. @Richard Alexander Only Hollywood showed “great America.” In reality the US always were country 3 world.

  10. Total projection from #PresidentTweety: “He should resign in disgrace” = “I should resign in disgrace.”

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