Madeleine Dean: ‘Urgent That We Move Forward’ On Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Madeleine Dean: 'Urgent That We Move Forward' On Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Penn.), the member of the Judiciary Committee, tells Chuck that expert witness testimony on Wednesday "brought to life the Constitution." Aired on 12/5/19.
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Madeleine Dean: 'Urgent That We Move Forward' On Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC

38 Comments on "Madeleine Dean: ‘Urgent That We Move Forward’ On Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. Hear, hear!

  2. Varekai Ascendant | December 5, 2019 at 8:48 PM | Reply


    • @Julius G Ironically, Democrats hate democracy.

    • Varekai Ascendant | December 5, 2019 at 9:41 PM | Reply

      @Julius G Now that Hilarious! It’s pretty obvious that the ones that voted this into office share the same LOW IQ as Trump, 45.

    • This is Mueller 2.0, don’t you people see that? You are going to be very very disappointed when Trump is not impeached, the GOP are going to have to support the removal of their leader and as they are as corrupted as he is this is not going to happen. It’s even much worse, when Trump loses the 2020 elections he is not going to concede either, seems Americans just don’t get how bad things really are.

    • @Thyalwaysseek Definitely Mueller 2.0

    • Varekai Ascendant | December 5, 2019 at 9:57 PM | Reply

      @Thyalwaysseek If the House of Representatives chooses to bring charges against the president, then the president is impeached.
      Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for lying while under oath. The Senate did not vote to take any action.

      The Senate is then responsible for holding the trial and ruling what will happen if anything. The trial is presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

      We all have to wait an see what happens, this is all ‘new ground’

  3. Marius Thefaker | December 5, 2019 at 9:14 PM | Reply

    you keep asking the same questions over and over “Do you think you’re moving too fast, how are you going to vote?”, and you keep getting the same answers over and over. if you want to state an opinion Chuck… do it, but stop asking the same questions hoping for a different answer…

  4. Dems failed at everything else might as go for the Hail Mary. To bad their down 56-0 with only 2 minutes left in the game

  5. Dems failed at everything else might as go for the Hail Mary. To bad their down 56-0 with only 2 minutes left in the game

  6. I see the democratic leaders as trapped rats

  7. Now that poor dumpie wumppie got his feelings hurt by NATO leaders, given the first opportunity, he’ll retaliate. He must go before that happens.

  8. Even my Democratic friends will vote for Trump on the 2nd amendment alone. 🔫

  9. Trump has an advantage, he’s always 10 moves ahead of the socialists party

    • Trump most definitely will not be removed by impeachment, he will not even concede if he loses the election. Trump is the last president that the US deserves, Americans will soon reap what their wickedness and weakness have sown.

    • Trump takes a chance card: “Player trips on own EGO, move ahead 10 spaces”.

  10. 2016 Dems had a slight change. In 2020 they will take it hard in the a$$ at the polls

  11. I wish we could have heard from her some more

  12. You can’t wake someone who is pretending to be asleep.

  13. On Aug. 7, 1974, Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., House Minority Leader John Rhodes, R-Ariz., and Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott, R-Pa., made it clear to Nixon that he faced all-but-certain impeachment, conviction, and removal from office in connection with the Watergate scandal.

    Nixon announced his resignation the next day, effective at noon on Aug 9, 1974.

    In his 2006 book “Conservatives Without Conscience,” former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean wrote that the Capitol Hill trio “traveled to the White House to tell Nixon it was time to resign.”

    In his 1988 autobiography, Goldwater wrote that after hearing their grim assessment, Nixon “knew beyond any doubt that one way or another his presidency was finished.”

    Nixon was all but certain to be removed from office for far less than what Trump has done.
    Earlier on Capitol Hill, McCarthy said that Trump’s impeachment was the weakest and thinnest impeachment in the history of America. Well that is just patently absurd. The weakest and thinnest impeachment in the history of America was when republicans impeached a sitting President for lying about a BJ. If lying about a B-J was the worst thing a president ever did, America would have no problems at all.

  14. Andrew Jackson | December 5, 2019 at 10:10 PM | Reply

    The President should receive a reset and his first tenure as President should begin again for 8 years or more starting with the 2020 elections.

    • That would be going against the constitution! He’s an elected official not a king or a dictator. that’s utter madness. A president can only serve for up to eight years and not a day longer.


  16. Seditious Nancy will pay the price for her TREASON. It is coming soon. Fact.

  17. Andrew Jackson | December 5, 2019 at 10:26 PM | Reply

    The American People will get back at Dems for this undemocratic coup attempt by RE-ELECTING President Trump in a landslide and giving the House majority back to Republicans.

  18. Troy DiEdwardo | December 5, 2019 at 10:28 PM | Reply

    What undeniable evidence?

  19. The Dems behind-closed-doors so-called impeachment enquiry is illegitimate, unconstitutional and simply unfair. Impeachment enquiry must be voted on the Congress floor and must be a transparent open to the public.

  20. This DISGRACEFUL Illegal process must be stopped by the Supreme Court.

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