MAGA Sex Crimes Confession? Ally Of Rep Gaetz Says He Paid Minor For Sex 1

MAGA Sex Crimes Confession? Ally Of Rep Gaetz Says He Paid Minor For Sex


According to a bombshell Daily Beast report, Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg allegedly confessed in a last-ditch effort to save himself that Gaetz paid for sex with a minor. Greenberg also allegedly contacted Trump ally Roger Stone for help getting a pardon from Trump. NBC News has not verified this account and Gaetz denies all allegations. Stone denies he attempted to get a pardon for Greenberg. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses the stunning news with The New York Times's Michelle Goldberg and civil rights attorney Nancy Erika Smith. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. The rats are falling down… And RODENT STONE might go back to jail. Ha, ha, ha! 250K in bitcoin? A clear BRIBE to traffic his influence…

    1. I actually didn’t watch the video, I saw “source daily beast” so I’d say even if I only competed the fifth grade and STILL know that site is nonsense I’d say I’m smarter than you.

  2. They got mad at her for saying she was 19 instead of 17, stopped talking to her until she turned 18 a couple months later and then continued with her.. Wow.. This dude is just sick!

    1. @Dan J go spend the night with don lemon and Anderson Cooper and you will no what sick is . Danny boy

    2. @Phil Groves They’ll just rationalize the behaviour by calling it fake news. It’s what they do. It’s a cult

    3. @Michael Maguire if someone touched one of my nieces I don’t have any qualms about changing a man into a gelding.

  3. Gaetz goes down in flames. Giuliani goes down in flames. Stone will soon burst into flames. Next up: Jim Jordan is sued as part of a class action lawsuit involving wrestlers at OSU…….

    1. Yes Finally Someone Knows Jim Jordans Involvement In The Ohio State University Sexual Scandal . Jim You Know You Were Working with Dr. Strauss . We Won’t Forget. Never Created Legislation In Congress. Ohio Doesn’t Need You

  4. Most con men are “me first” type guys, they are always thinking of their own survival. Frat boy Gaetz should have known that this was coming. Con men make deals. The payments Gaetz made will sink him. Gaetz is done.

    1. Level 9 Drow that’s why Epstein’s death was fake. He has turned on everyone involved with him and all that sh.t. Life in prison, even solitary confinement is better than death to most people. They are ALL going down. More than most people will think.

    2. @fastguitar This guy isn’t a criminal yet, and before being charged he was simply under investigation like Gatez. He’s also not some random guy, he was a Senator’s entourage AND a federal tax collector.

    3. @Fun Factor256 don’t forget Obama got mustard on his hot dog. And took wife on dates. The scandal

  5. Gaetz would be the type of Scuz bucket that would use the analogy of ‘Cash for tha Gash’. Let him become the face for MTG and the GQP and watch the fire burn in the next few weeks. Anyone got s’mores?

  6. Man, i’m having such a field trip with the whole gaetz and giuliani stuff going this week and to think politics were boring for me lol

    1. And even better that it’s just the freak sideshow, whilst America has a decent President, actually doing a great job of getting things done.

    2. Lmfaooo he’s ruining this country, plummeting us further into debt and killing jobs. Wtf you mean “great job?”

  7. The most important thing we can do in this country is to keep GYM Jordan and Matt Gaetz away from our children.

    1. @Rock N. Roll
      You mean Don Jr and his ex Aubrey O’Day.
      Don’t forget Katie Johnson vs Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein.

  8. Matt Gaetz ; ” I will plead guilty to the charges against Me if I can be assigned to the girls juvenile detention section.”

  9. Now why would they be so brazen to think they could buy a pardon, unless they already knew that’s what was going on? This whole house is crumbling, and all the rats tails are tied together as they try to run from one another.

  10. All these politicians are freaking out. All government officials should be prepared for what’s coming. Tick Tock

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