1. The internet is filtered on Iranians and it is almost impossible to access applications. Please launch satellite internet for Iranians as soon as possible and make it so that everyone can use it.

  2. I live in China. We Chinese have some freedom that Iranians 🇮🇷 don’t
    such as:
    – free to daily Covid test,
    – rights to remain silent during lockdowns, and
    – freedom to praise the government as much as we like.

  3. Don’t forget to Vote in ROEvember.
    And, for every Gov official election,
    even for Dog Catcher. People have
    become wise and vigilant to where
    it begins. Let’s hope we keep it up!
    Remember💙 ROEvember🌊🌊🌊
    ~ ~ ~ • . “Woosh” ° • . ‘ ~

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