1. Majority of Canadians and Americans polled want journalism and unbiased reporting, instead of political propoganda.

    1. @Kyran Iwaskow I am a nothing but a vigilante fighting against misinformation. I don’t require payment, it’s just the right thing to do. Now, go home little one, let the adults clean up the mess you’ve made.

    2. @Kyran Iwaskow I will fight, on behalf of you and every other citizen of the world. Misinformation is cancerous to society.

    1. Source to back up your doubt? Any credible reason why you doubt besides your own personal feelings? No? Shut up.

    2. Lucas Bowman tells me to shut up haha it’s a comments section of a video. Who do you think you are? The comment police? Defund the comment police!

    3. @Kyran Iwaskow I am fighting misinformation. If you cannot prove your talking points with facts then it’s time to go home.

    1. @Kyran Iwaskow My source is the same source used by these reporters. A YouGov survey. Now, please provide a source claiming otherwise or go home.

    2. Lucas Bowman whatever Lucas. If you need someone to tell you what is going on with a study I don’t care

    3. @Kyran Iwaskow This was a survey, not a study. A study would require a lot more in-depth explanation than a 5 minute YouTube video. That would require extensive research on the topic and a thorough read through of the study’s report. This is just a survey. But please, keep going on dismissing studies and surveys just because they do not fit your opinion. Shut up and grow up.

    1. @Sammy Westenberger Easily done in Ontario at this point. (Even at the height of the outbreak it was easily done. The best way to avoid a negative outcome was to not be a resident of a long-term care facility.)

    1. I where a mask only to protect those I interact with. It is utterly irresponsible to not wear a mask.

    1. I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. No, wait, I say we make the distance 100 kilometres apart. It’s the only way to be sure.

  2. No they don’t, the small group of lefties you surveyed did.

    Also, still deleting comments I see.

    1. First of all, who is “you” when you say who is doing the surveying? Second, I have kept track of every single comment on here. Nothing has been deleted. Either back up your claim with credible sources or shut up.

  3. Lets stop this nonsense and get back to normal for crying out loud , this virus is going to burn out just like the last 100 viruses did . this covid is a 99.9 % recovery rate , The numbers are not even close to being true , because 80 % of the cases they never even knew they had the virus , We need to get our heads out of TV and come to our senses and realize , This whole covid thing is over and we need to get our lives back ASAP , were is SARS burned out , were is West Nile virus burned out ect……………………

    1. Even going by confirmed case counts those under 50 are at little risk from the virus (99.79% recovery rate for that age group). Those under 50 are 62% of Ontario’s total population.

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