Makeshift crematoriums are built as India’s crisis worsens

CNN's Clarissa Ward reports from Varanasi, India, where makeshift crematoriums are being built to handle the bodies of those who died from Covid-19 and CNN's John Vause speaks with Amy Kazmin, South Asia Bureau Chief at the Financial Times.
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  1. Wow slap in the face to the people of India to spend so much on a building when they need hospitals, shame on you government of India

    1. @Anglosaxon Demise Parliament building 🤣🤣🤣, after all we r world’s biggest democracy.

    2. @Abhinav Srivastav of course you will. You live off of American jobs. Your country can’t even create enough jobs for you. The wealth and prosperity created in the 3rd world of yours was all created through jobs and contracts from outside. 😂
      Now your Aid is also given from other countries.
      Alms for the greatest tribal culture 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

    3. @Abhilash Panda the only way you’ll be taking over is the way roaches take over. Feeding on Leftover crumbs of the rich 😂

    4. @Abhilash Panda lol take you poopy mouth to your loopy mouth.

    1. @peekosthename I find it funny how all liberals try to stop the spread of the virus, literally even wearing masks for over a year, and yet conservatives never have any good solutions to save their own people. Always blame the liberals who are actually trying to do something.

  2. So India’s government declared the pandemic over when it wasn’t then held massive rallies that became super spreader events? That sounds eerily familiar.

    1. @Deepraj Chavan opening the southern border cures covid variants including china and now the brazilian strand also stops trafficking and abuse of children 🔴 finish the wall reenact remain in mexico 🇺🇸 enjoy America

    2. Too familiar. China lied about it, but so did Trump. EVERYBODY from the government to the media to the citizens screwed this up.

      Advertisers sent us all of these messages about “getting back out there,” which I think worsened the problem, but at least I understand that’s those companies’ livelihoods. The rest of us don’t have much of an excuse.

    3. @Baby Maus in Germany. You should go to Germany and say that to a bunch of Germans. Your tiny mind won’t be able to comprehend their response

    4. The world, and especially Anglo nations must help India in times of need, as tens of millions of Indians have helped build and maintain the Sun-Never-Set Anglo Empire worldwide for centuries.
      Like I said, governments of the world, and especially Anglo nations & their governments must help India in times of need, as tens of millions of Indians have helped build and maintain the Sun-Never-Set Anglo Empire worldwide for centuries. 🙏 🙏 🙏

  3. 0:36 – 0:44 Every civilization or empire probably has had its own Nero…..we definitely have ours now….and we are ashamed that many other nations are helping us in important ways while our government builds concrete legacies on the corpses of betrayed citizens 🙁

    1. The voted him to sideline muslims and christians but now they are paying heavy with their own lives…

    2. @sam boggs hi Sam….. I’m Indian and am referring to the building project in India amidst the pandemic…. Trump is the last thing on my mind 🤗

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    4. Who says education makes you smart? here we have stupid’s who cannot even differentiate between truth and propaganda .

  4. 2:30 why you send this poor lady here? We didn’t need her to go there in person….

    1. @Kelly Alves Unfortunately there are a bunch of accounts posting spam in the comments. I also find it frustrating, but I guess there isn’t much to do about it beyond ignoring it.

    2. @Log234 Oh, I get it, I just get fed up with the creeping kudzu of stupid in otherwise intelligent conversations. I’m ok now. 👌🏽

    3. So that you people take Covid seriously and get your jabs coz his thing is gonna hit you sooner or later, it’s a matter of when rather than if.

  5. For those who didn’t know, Varanasi is the seat from which PM Modi won in both 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

    1. butt first Jessie James Decker Reveals She ‘Treated’ Herself to a Breast Augmentation: ‘I’m Super Happy’

  6. They were busy building Temples , monuments, and naming stadiums after Him, but couldn’t build better Hospitals.
    What a shame.

    1. They also turn out coal plants as fast as China,I’m sure that plays a part as well.

    2. Well, china cremated more but hid it from news. India is a democracy. Thats the difference. They can’t build hospitals for 1.4 billion gasping at once.

    3. @Rob Wright You know what’s wild? The pandemic could kill 50% of all India AND China… And within the subsequent 5 years, their population would STILL bounce back and dwarf that of the rest of the world.

      Asian people have a LOT of sex.

  7. Thank you CNN, your reports have an impact on the government here.
    Hardly any news channel have courage to show truth, their channel may get shut.
    Government may not care about lives but they do care of their image. And even new york times, bbc and many more doing the needful. You guys are calling for action by covering this. Thank you, it’s a nobel job by you.

  8. Love and Light from New Mexico. No Fear, We Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst. #southwestpreppergroup

  9. The ringing of the bells remind me of the Black Death in England where people came by in carts to take the bodies away to massive graves. “Bring out your dead.” Dong “Bring out your dead.” Dong.

    1. @WFPB WFPB Guys like you give atheists a bad name. Biggest militant atheist I know has no problem defining the soul in a non- supernatural way.

  10. If all the Bollywood actors and actresses are leaving India for Dubai who will be making all the movies and various dance sequences? One minute they are dancing on mountain tops and a second later they are on a beach rolling around as the lover kisses the woman’s belly

  11. When your priorities are misplaced, you just throw whole nation full of life into death and destruction

  12. Hi I am an Indian…Here the situation has gone out of control, the system has collapsed.
    The central government has failed with its responsibilities, politicians of the ruiling party are busy with elections and political rallies, they even want us to vote them before we enter our graves.

    1. You guys should fight against the system, the caste system and the government that is only serving for rich people.

    2. Rise up right now before its too later bro or else your children will live a life of nothing.

  13. Oh my God the crazy things these people have to go through the nightmarish things the healthcare workers have to see🤔

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  15. This mishandling of Pandemic by the Government is appalling. Shame on Baba Modi 😡

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