Making sense of the different reopening rules across Canada

Infectious disease experts Dr. Isaac Bogoch and Dr. Srinivas Murthy discuss the different reopening plans across the country.

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  1. Does my social circle include 2000+ activists and Prime Minister Blackfaced Lives Matter?

  2. we should start rioting, no need to wait stores to open and just set it on fire instead of paying.

  3. Stop pushing Cov fear porn ITS OVER
    there is a million treatments
    we DONT need a vaccine
    Learn “the truth about vaccines”

  4. So, basically, the risks are still there. Not much has changed, and I still have no idea what the current rules are.

  5. Everyone go back to doing what you would do. Only protest that are worth while are ones against covid lockdown. If you wear a mask your a tool.

  6. 50 here, 10 there, 2000 if working, and unlimited if protesting. Face it . It’s over. stop the BS.

  7. Alberta has just entered “Phase 2”. This corresponds to Phase 4 in Ontario, Phase 3 in BC, and Phase 43 in Newfoundland.

  8. Sorry, you lost all credibility about these ‘rules’ when government gave the OK for mass protests packed together like sardines.

  9. Governments are way too comfortable using this “state of emergency” to restrict peoples’ freedom. There is no emergency, just low-lives looking to have more power over the working poor.

  10. Social circle this … I don’t need YOU to tell me who I can touch, hug or interact with. It has been and always will be MY OWN decision.

  11. Notice how those who voted for Trudeau are so anti-science that they’re still afraid to come out of their public housing for fear of contracting COVID-19? Instead, they’re just waiting for their next fraudulent CERB payments…

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