Malcolm Nance: No Way Putin Didn’t Know About Pipeline Hack | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

With the FBI saying a Russian syndicate was behind a cyberattack on a hugely important U.S. fuel pipeline, MSNBC Terrorism Analyst Malcolm Nance says he doesn't believe something like this could have happened without Vladimir Putin knowing about it.
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  1. This is what happens when foreign enemies were allowed 4 years of unchecked and unpunished cyber-attacks. But MAGAs don’t care about that.

    1. @Andrew Harvey
      who Joined YT on Mar 3, 2021 asks: “why did you think i meant something else ? ”
      Coyness isn’t a good look on you. You’re not clever enough to pull it off.

    2. ​ @A Fridge Too Far
      You like Putin better, you’d be much more comfortable in Moscow. Or Siberia.

    3. @Andrew Troll who Joined YT on Mar 3, 2021: That’s right, trollie boi.
      You obviously forgot what neighborhood you wandered into. I know you want attention, but you’ve had enough for today. Buh bye!

    1. We should strike back at Russia. Darkside are acting on Putin’s orders, or they’d all have been, “whacked,” long before they could have ever gotten this powerful. And, if they don’t get a strong response back, this will turn out to be just the first probe, followed by the real deal.

  2. Georgia got spanked by the Russians for not doing as they were told when trump said to “find more votes”.

  3. Of course Putin feels his minions can hack our infrastructure with impunity- #45 gave him the green light by accepting his explanations of the 2016 election operations.

    1. ​ @A Fridge Too Far You certainly can’t. You’re suffering from Total Devotion Syndrome.
      PS: Biden’s your daddy now! Deal with it.

    2. Troll A Fridge Too Far, who prefers Putin to Biden and wants to move to Siberia, suffers from Trump Defender Syndrome, and Truth Denial Syndrome, too. Take the former guy with you.

    3. @marushka Not defending Trump, but I’m also not believing your unfounded Russian conspiracy theories

  4. well You got rid of Snowden , I bet he can Find and fix the problem If Not snowden i bet You can find a lot Of Hacking experts that would Love to be Heroes

    1. I vote for Snowden to be the fixer in this situation.
      Problem fixed in exchange for no charges against him and he can come back home. He has explicitly said he would work for the government again on things like this.

    2. The US government hates Snowden because he exposed him, just like Manning and Assange

    1. Xibiden is fulfilling his promises to the CCP by spending the United States into financial insolvency to China 😉

    2. @Bill Styles infrastructure plan would create huge number of jobs and generate billions in income. China is outstripping us in renewables, broadband and transportation. As is most of Europe. This will bring us into the third decade of the 21st century instead of continuing our slide into third world status. And our 700 billionaires can pay their share of taxes to pay for it. A $500 million yacht? Puhleez!!

    3. And that voting rights bill, S1! Without it we may never have anything close to a fair election again in the future. Talk about Christmas morning for Putin!

    4. @GlennC777 Manchin has no excuse anymore since McConnell announced Repubs will do no bipartisan legislation. They didn’t in the last 4 years either.

    1. Remember when the trump trolls told us the Cold War was over? None of them here, shouting, “Russia, Russia, Russia,” today? . . . Funny that? 🤔

    2. Remember when Dems call the republicans xenophobic. Now Xibiden is fulfilling his promises to the CCP. He says he won’t retaliate. I guess when you see the book from 2005 that explains that this last CCP bio attack was just the beginning, you will be in denial as your infected🤦

    3. @Bill Styles Yeah Bill, maybe Biden should stop making his product line in China, and cancel his bank account in China… oh wait, that wasn’t Biden was it?

    4. ​ @Bill Styles who joined YT on Jan 7, 2021:
      Remember when Donnie not only didn’t retaliate against Russian hacking, but told US that he valued Putin’s “very strong denial” over the word of his own US security agencies. Remember when Republicans decided Putin was a great guy?

  5. Thank you, Malcolm. I was saying it myself. No criminal mob outfit gets THAT powerful inside Russia without Putin’s express permission, if not creation. “Plausible deniability,” is bullsh*t at this point. A proportionate response in Russia should be our next move, with sanctions on Putin, personally should be considered. So, he understands that Helsinki was a long time ago and we’re NOT playing anymore!

  6. I am guessing not only did Putin know about it, he probably gets a cut of the ransom payment. I hear there is a company in Arizona that can help but only when they are finished with their audit.

  7. You still cannot completely discount the possibility that this was self-inflicted. Remember, Enron used to induce power outages in California to raise prices. And the pandemic has made demand for gasoline fall off a cliff.

  8. I really wish more people would just listen when Malcolm talks. It should be headline news every time.

    1. PedoBiden is relieved to have the oil crisis because it minimizes his Covid crisis, his inflation crisis and his border crisis and his unemployment crisis.

  9. There are, in fact, disruptions in supply as of yesterday (5/10/21). I have relatives traveling by auto from NE to FL and they have reported gas in short supply and stations completely closed in NC. Regular gas was not available at either of the 2 stations they visited, and the 2nd station they visited was completely dry – so they went back to the first and bought Premium gas instead.

  10. They need to check the employees @Colonial. It probably came in through an email at work. There’s plenty of militia folks on this pipeline to be susceptible to a virus 🤨

  11. This is just the beginning. With each attack they get more intel on how our system’s work and the time it takes us to recover. A swift response is what is needed to show the rest of the world that we can play this game too…

  12. Maybe the “Cyber Ninjas” should get on this problem, rather than the fake audit in Arizona!

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