1. Another report said Aldritch identified as non-binary. Were the hate crime charges erroneous or did Aldritch have a rather bizarre motive? Did he target a specific bar or was this the only place he was familiar with?

    1. @Samson Soturian No one confused you or called you a gop BUT the way you are acting,I AM NOW 🤣

    2. @Samson Soturian now, now it is encouraging violence against the rainbow terrorist gang if one truthfully calls then out on their hate speech. And the “tard” suffic is abelist hate speech, But that is alright I suppose as benbg a rainbow terrorist means that one never to say that [HERE INSERT PREFERRED PRONOUN] is sorry for being a Christianphove, an Islamophobe, ableisrtt, a racist, a misogynist, a defender of drag queen pedophiles, or transwomen who use theiur peniuses to rape women, They are special. Its Sodomy Uber Alles,.

    3. @Sean Gelarden how do we know it was in cold blood. Maybe he had been abused by a rainbow terrorist in KKKlub QAnon., Those rainbow terrorists, and their enablers and supporters, in KKKlub QAnon were part of the bullying, terrorist and disinformation campaign that forced the Colorado Department of Corrections to house transwomen with penises in women’s to enable those rapists to terrorize and rape Lesbians and Other Women Prisoners, They should not have been killed but I have nothing but contempt and disrespect for these rainbow terrorists. Kelly Loving will never use his penis to rape any woman,

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