Man dies crossing into Vermont on foot from Quebec

Vermont police are investigating after a man collapsed and died shortly after crossing the border on foot last week.

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  1. Hire someone competent who knows how audio technology works. You made me think something was wrong with my headphones.

    1. What are you on about? It sounds fine. Unless you mean the interviewees. Which in that case it’s not the news’ fault lol

  2. Wait a minute. No one else got a map ??

    They from Mexico…

    You gotta go through USA to get too Canada from Mexico. Unless they idk took a ship

    Did they change the map again 😂

    1. WTH lol. It doesn’t matter that they’re from Mexico? You can be from one place and end up in another place…

  3. really dont care.
    no one should
    moral of the story.
    dont cross any border illegally its dangerous.

  4. To stop the invasive species, we need to install sentry guns (like the ones in the movie “Aliens”). Problem solved.

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