Man fails to break into jewelry display case with brick | USA TODAY

Man fails to break into jewelry display case with brick | USA TODAY 1


  1. Not only did he not use anythin to cover his identity but that’s hilarious watchin his repeated fails to crime

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  3. Lmaoooo the man thought, “well if a cap n shades worked for Steve Roger’s disguise then it shall do me great wonders 🥸..”

  4. Yea, reinforced glass will do that bruh 😂 it’s not a cheap store you know, it’s a jeweller shop with high end jewelry

  5. If you’re going to rob a jewelry store, at least wear a disguise. The fool walked in front of the cameras. He’ll be easy to catch.

  6. Maybe his inmates pal meant “break display”…makes so much more sense than “brick display”. Can just imagine him cussing during his tenth attempt, HE SAID BRICK IT! 😤

  7. Crime, crime, crime. Here is one reason. Is your socialist state Representative listed? (10 of the 28 listed are from NY & NJ.)Congressional Progressive Socialists who recently voted “NO” on the bill to protect USSC Justices and their families. To this date the federal government has not supplied protection for the justices at their homes. Demonstrators at the Justices homes are in violation of two federal laws. Merrick Garland does nothing. This is the same group that is soft on crime, voted for de-fund the police, voting rights for illegal aliens, ‘Gun control’, and support open borders & benefits to
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    1. Well I definitely wouldn’t have chased after him. Maybe it was to get the license plate, as I didn’t see a front one, though he’d have to be pretty dumb to be carrying his own plate.

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