1. Imagine having to get a DNA test every time you want to date some one to make sure they aren’t your half sibling.

    1. @Zebragirl94 Something almost happened like that on Paternity court. Thankfully, it was just a close call.

    2. It has happened. Even lovers finding out later that they are not just half brother and sister but they were split up shortly after birth and found out they were full brother and sister.

  2. It’s all fun and games until years later you go on the blind date with a guy only to realize it’s your half brother.

    1. @PO KER if you are having sex with someone and haven’t gotten to the yeah my dad was a done stage then you have bigger issues.

  3. One can only cherish life as hard as it’s strongest grip. I guess some toss a coin over 10 times over the thrill, and others can’t measure how far it can get, and then there this guy apparently.

  4. To adopt a dog you have to pay something upfront which is supposed to show you can afford it. So yes they need to pay something upfront or prove they can afford to be a single parent

    1. @Nonya Bizness These are women who are seeking a sperm donor. Which means they’re making a choice to become a single parent. So if he wants to keep blessing these women with that opportunity. He needs to protect himself and make sure they can afford the life they seek. BEFORE proceeding. That is all I’m saying.

    2. @Briggs Neal but he could just become an actual sperm donor with legal protection included. Sperm banks exist. He’s choosing to have sex with them. It’s like you are forgetting he has a choice in the matter lol

    3. @Nonya Bizness Not destroying the planet is more important than any one persons ability to reproduce.

    1. @jamie hovis LMAO @ like Maths isn’t a language: it has been called a language of size or a universal language (the latter which I disagree with). You do realize that maths isn’t the same all over the world, people use different conventions and notations. Example is if you’re reading Leibniz vs Newton. Keyword isn’t MATH, it’s a key phrase: NATALISM FETISH. Many academic mathematicians at graduate levels are interdisciplinary and study linguistics, philosophy, history et cetera. Ever heard of Bertrand Russell or Ludwig Wittgenstein?

    2. @Sebastian Melmoth Russell and Wittgenstein were both philosophy majors. They knew other languages, read lots of poetry, literature, were cultured in the arts, studied politics and history. They also studied math. I don’t think this guy on cnn has studied philosophy. I think he just took a bunch of math courses and all his intellect is in numbers, not the humanities.

  5. Courts have held that individuals cannot bargain away the rights of future unborn children. Therefore, limiting agreements, contracts, are irrelevant, won’t stand up in Court.
    I would think that a registered Spem Bank would be the only way to prevent the possibility of child support suits in the future, but with the zero tolerance of political laws on the books designed to prevent public tax dollars 💸 from being used for individual child welfare, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

    1. @celticman In such a case, the reply should have been, “Due to having used the technique of artificial insemination, I don’t know who the father is.”

    2. @Kyle Raglin Then the Mother would probably have to produce some documentation from a recognized Sperm bank. Without that, the authorities are pressing for a named biological father to attach financial support to.
      Basically, the government is not paying $$ out for unsupported children. Family Court Judges have gone so far as to attach a mother’s live in, long term boyfriend for support of a child that is not his. If he was involved in the child’s life for a long enough period of time then they put the support order on him.

    3. @Kyle Raglin No, the correct answer would have been, “I drove to a different state/city and fucked a stranger.”

  6. “the legal protection would be a vasectomy”- his lawyer friend pretty much straight up diagnosed him with an addiction problem there. he’s implying that the guy is incapable of stopping unless he becomes physically unable to father more children.

    1. Which in his case is the equivalent of saying “your sex life is over” since all these women didn’t hook up with him for his intimacy.

    1. God commands “Thou shall NOT commit adultery”. Is this a sin? Because unrepented sin can lead to spiritual death. Spiritual death is seperation from God when we die.

  7. What?! He helps women/couples have children they desperately want, he’s saving people SO much money by not going thru docs and they’re going to sue him for child support?!?! If that wasn’t part of the original agreement then it’s so, sooooooo messed up.

    1. Oh well!!! It’s too bad he has literally zero ethics. If he used his sperm, he’s the father. He shouldn’t be fathering hundreds of children to feed his ego addiction.

    2. Childless and desperate women who can’t meet the requirements to purchase sperm at a public facility aren’t the type of women who I’d trust financially or emotionally. This guy should’ve seen it coming but he acts like he needs to check the credit rating of every female he meets to see whether she’s fit or not. Probably thinks you need a scale to see whether someone’s obese too

    3. Yes, suing him for child support is totally wrong, but he’s also being highly irresponsible. He’s either got a god complex or enjoys masturbating.

  8. There’s enough unwanted children in the world that need a good home without this man donating his seed all over the place and having to pay child support. Ridiculously selfish adults.

    1. Don’t you think the moms should be entitled to decide to bear, give birth to, and raise a child who has some of their own DNA, without having to pay thousands of dollars to an adoption agency?

    2. As ridiculous as it may sound, they’re still less selfish than the parents that left those kids to begin with.

  9. This may have started as an act of kindness for a friend, but it has become a serious overblown ego trip since then. What he said, “who am I to decide if someone is worthy of becoming a parent”. Translates to “who am I to decide if someone is worthy to be a parent of one of my superior offspring?”. Perhaps sperm banks are expensive, but not as expensive as raising a child. Which apparently some of the worthy women didn’t really plan on or care about since they are now demanding child support.

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