Man Held for Portland Farmer's Murder still not Charged | TVJ News - July 20 2021 1

Man Held for Portland Farmer’s Murder still not Charged | TVJ News – July 20 2021

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  1. We need to re-socialize our boys and men. This total disrespect for our girls and women must stop. These acts of heinous crimes were been incubated for a long time .Let’s nip the crass behavior in the bud as a first step.

    1. Man kiIIs man
      Man kiIIs woman
      Woman kiIIs man
      Woman kiIIs woman
      Stop being a s3xist POS…
      EviI is eviI.. stop making it seems like its ONE GENDER doing EVlL
      Teach HUMANS to respect other HUMANS, not just because of a GENDER, but because of being a decent HUMAN.

  2. This man committed a similar crime years bk killing a woman and put her remains in a bag so why on earth this man is yet to b charge by the Portland authority

    1. People can only be charged and successfully convicted if there is irrefutable evidence connecting them to a crime. Hearsay is not evidence .Contrary to what some are saying Jamaica is still a democratic country and has to follow due process.

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