Man records himself seeing full color for first time | Humankind 1

Man records himself seeing full color for first time | Humankind


"It was as if the world was opening up and new to me." In his 39 years of living, Alan had no idea these colors existed.
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Alan Gilpatric is colorblind and has a hard time seeing certain colors. When he puts these glasses on, he'll see them for the first time.

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  1. This is great just seeing his genuine reaction .. this is what it’s all about I’m happy for you bro

  2. I’m red and green colorblind as him and I don’t think I wouldn’t have the same reaction as him. I don’t know maybe if the glasses are cheap I’ll try it

    1. @Randall Laue nah they’re not life saving. Me not saving a different shade of red or being allow to tell white from silver isn’t gonna save my life or someone else.

  3. He double deserves that! Epic that he got the glasses. Should start a company to sell these glasses at normal cost, they are waay over priced.

  4. That’s excellent ,whoever invented these glasses is a hero in my eyes as a person who isn’t colour blind. Wonder reaction …enjoy ur new colourful world young man

    1. Crypto is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

    1. Thats exactly what ive heard time after time. Both friends that I have who are color blind said

    1. If they could actually do that, i believe they would have created a ‘cure’ for blind people

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