Manchin ‘Doesn’t Support’ House Universal Background Check Bill | MTP Daily | MSNBC

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell discusses getting all Democrats on board for comprehensive gun reform after the Colorado mass shooting. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Manchin 'Doesn't Support' House Universal Background Check Bill | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. AMEN Sir… They simply do not have enouh common Values with the balance of Democrats to be in the Party as Reps..

    1. @Brian Jones at least democrats are willing to hold biden accountable. You still willing to support your twice impeached loser president. I support biden because he cares about policy and democracy. Unlike your twice impeached loser, biden never lost an election in his life

    2. @Brian Jones there’s no room for independent think in the GQP. That’s why you lost independent voters

    3. Republicans keep the Corruption going, While
      Showboating & pointing fingers , Saying Yup our thoughts & Prayers go out to the VICTIMS !
      But Don’t expect a DAM THING TO CHANGE .

    1. I don’t know what’s worse: having joe Manchin in the senate or having an actual RepubliQan replace him

    2. Not likely in deep red West Virginia but we need to elect more Democrats to nullify Manchin’s votes.

    3. @1Drummer And what’s the possibility of that with all the mess Sleepy Joe is creating so far. The trending is not in Dems’ favor.

    1. @Augustus Caesar it’s definitely the money. For instance he’s against $15 min wage because of his business interests. In two different industries he pays his workers 6 cents and 4 cents more on average than he needs to. Laquinta hotels, and I can’t remember what the other businesses are

    2. This is the way it’s going to be leading up to January 2023 when the dems in the senate expands its majority by flipping seats in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

    3. @VIBE OF THE WARRIOR I pray you’re correct, but if we don’t get a federal voting bill passed it may not become a reality

  1. Blue Dogs need to be put down electorally. Manchin is a Baby Cheesuit in Democrat’s clothing.

  2. show me any job that doesn’t do a universal background check.

    failure to do so is the reason you have psychotic violent pinheads in government.

  3. As someone who has had to leap on someone lunatic that pulled out a gun, on two occasions, I can tell you that access to guns is the main ingredient of gun violence. Stupid people want to play God, decide who lives and dies, greedy, unscrupulous business people want to make money, too. Take guns from the stupid people, then money and power from the unscrupulous ones. Return the joy of life and the rule of law to people held captive by them for so long.

  4. The GOP wants no background checks to buy a gun, but if you want to vote then the GOP wants to check everything.

  5. Always snake oil Joe Manchin, he’s done the people of west Virginia need to wake up.

  6. Oh brother … gotta be at the center of attention, regardless of who dies. Manchin is working for the devil too.

    1. Lunar Tick so you are saying because Manchin is a moderate he should still vote how the party demands and not how his constituents say?

    2. @Alex Hamilton He should at least do one or the other. His constituents wanted the $15mw and probably want background checks too, since they’re overwhelmingly popular country-wide. Manchin’s catering to other interests entirely.

  7. Manchin is courting the gun lobbyists, the only thing that matters to him is money going to his wallet.

  8. Dude is useless to the Biden Agenda. He’s that one guy on the softball team that goes to the dugout first.

  9. If NOW isn’t the time to address “gun-control” to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, WHEN THE F—K IS⁉️⁉️⁉️

    1. @A Olvaar
      VERY informative. Now I know stuff that I didn’t just a few minutes ago. And I may be rethinking my position on this. Thanks.

      See. Was that so hard?

    2. @A Olvaar
      So close.
      Re-read your comment …as if someone else wrote it.
      “get that database and register OF recreational store users (…) Armed with no knock and torture warrants Gun sniffing dogs”

    3. @Vince F Yes, it was.
      I talk to others in my think tank at work, “Low tech solutions for high tech problems”
      I get used to 130+ IQs and a mile a minute thoughts.

    4. @Vince F The Verb is “get”
      get what?
      The Database and register.
      THEN (which is implied in a chain of actions)
      Armed with no-knock and torture warrants
      Gun sniffing dogs
      (and go get the users is implied)

      People get mad when I spoon feed.

      I did re-read, I would not take a prepositional clause and objectify it.
      “of recreational store users”, only defines the type of register.
      There was a period to end the thought.

  10. Why is Manchin listed as Democrats when he’s mostly leaning against anything the rest of them want to do? Hope he gets primary-ed out or retires asap.

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