'Mantracker' Terry Grant weighs in on the possible scenarios in Manitoba manhunt 1

‘Mantracker’ Terry Grant weighs in on the possible scenarios in Manitoba manhunt


How does the manhunt for fugitives end? 'Mantracker' Terry Grant weighs in on the possible scenarios.

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    1. Ryan Banman LOl he’s a tv personality. I doesn’t find them on the show. They tell him there location.

    2. Well I don’t know much about him. I did watch the show the odd time, but just b/c he did a tv show doesny mean he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      A quick search shows;
      Terry Grant is a 25-year-veteran of the Alberta Foothills Search and Rescue Team, Chief Scout of Scouts Canada.

      So yeah, I’d day he’s got some expertise in the field. Literally

  1. How about the other theory? There was another man questioned. Could he have killed the people and killed the kids as well. Burnt out the cars and then Driven away?

  2. I think there in a strip club in Toronto having some cold beers and watching all this on the news:)

  3. I’m feeling their dead too, because I don’t think they had food because on their first sightings they were rooting through the garage bin so they knew they had been seen so staying was no longer a choice, they had to have found some way out when they saw the guy who found the car on fire and in the Time before the police got to the town was probably a couple hours. But if they stayed they are probably dead or very close to it . Other option they left and reason no one has seen them is because people were focused in Manitoba because so much attention was on the town public just stopped looking believing no need for other provinces or cities to continue searching it will be only a matter of time and they would be caught. My own opinions I have no inside knowledge.
    I wonder if when the police ask for tips that they should have two places for the public to write down their ideas and another one where actual tips such as sightings, I think it might help the police save time and get to tips faster same as on utube, Twitter, instgram, Facebook just thought about it.

    1. @princessme lane Police have a particular way of doing things. They tend to just collect tips and dismiss any ideas that fall outside their own mental “search-pattern”. Actually, most other people do this too. One creates “a theory” and “a map” according to that theory. So much is vested in it that anything falling outside of that map is “a threat” to the structure one is trying to build so it is devalued or discounted. And the more one “invests” in the map over time the quicker things outside of it are devalued/dismissed.

    1. You should see him in action. He’s awesome! He’s definitly be able to find these kids in that bush.

    2. L. Langhorn lol you do realize it’s a fake show right? He knows there location already he doesn’t find find them.

    1. U think the little neo Nazis are liberal!? Haha Someone in a vehicle with iron crosses lasered out of the bumper has helped them I think, someone who likes Nazi sht too. Maybe someone drove their car to Manitoba, but they went somewhere else. They won’t be voting.

  4. Why Gillam ?? Weird they would go to such an a northern community .Do they have a connection to Gillam or did they give the vehicle to someone else ??? Maybe they are in Thompson . CN Rail is one of the only ways out of Gillam. Hop the train perhaps

  5. Was wet, cold, windy first few days. 18, no prep, no supplies, no plastic/tent.. water is contaminated… big mistakes..

  6. So many people think that they can just go live in the bush as if it’s easy.
    I think if they just ran into the bush without proper supplies, then they’re dead.
    There isn’t an abundance of food out in the wild as if it’s a store. And without shelter as well, the elements will get them

  7. If they are still alive, then, the most probable situation would be that they holding someone hostage in one of the houses.

  8. Instead of asking the Mantracker, why dont they just fly him over to Manitoba to track em with his horse…with cameras following.

    1. +Pat Alberta They should have asked him if he was willing and deployed him the day of the sighting at the dump. Then there would have been a confirmed starting point untainted by novice searchers and any tracks leaving the area would have led directly to them as a tracker would have been well-fed and it sounds like these two were desperate enough they were willing to eat garbage.
      IDK if you’ve ever seen Northern Boreal forest, but it is NOT horse-friendly. It would have to be tracking on foot.
      But now there’s hundreds of hectares tramped down with the tracks of 100’s of people. Picking out 2 specific tracks from among that mess is impossible — and days would be spent circling out to the limits of previous searches to find the first target-track. And if the suspects had somehow concealed themselves within the search perimeter and back-tracked to where the food source was the tracker would have already passed them.
      Imagine how differently an episode of ManTracker would have played out he was denied his horse, and hundreds of non-target people had chewed up the landscape for 3 weeks before he even started.

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