1. If it wasn’t for the fact it would put others at risk, I would let Darwin’s natural selection take place here.

    1. @JJS 1990 I thought you know how corrupt the media was, so you should know all about it? Just have to look deeper. You should know all this by now. (I’m being ironic if you can figure this out)

    2. @Bob Davis that’s really cool to hear. very nice of you do that for all of them. people have definitely been affected by the virus but requiring the entire world to wear a mask and prohibitting any social activitity for a disease that really only affects the eldery and those with underlying conditions is too much.

    3. @dan dansen oh God man you’ve got to look past your fake news. I lead you to water but you drank the Kool-Aid

    4. @Jessica Theron dear then why was bill gates pushing his cheap polio vaccine 8-10 years ago in third world countries. What’s weird is the left sees gates as a hero. Why would a computer guy be in vaccines and farming 250k acres. My uncle is a large farmer 20k acres. Wonder what gates is up to. Bet it has to do with control of food. You know he’s printing meat and says everyone will be eating his food in 10 years right?

    5. ​@aergfsd _’ the annual death rate for 2020 was statistically unchanged from previous years.’_ Eh no. Excess deaths have been above the weekly predicted threshold *every week for the last eleven months* . The predicted threshold hasn’t been exceeded since the bad flu season in ’18, and that was only for ~ two months, and at a far lower rate. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm

      _’don’t forget that over 99% of those infected with covid survive.’_ And the ~0.6% mortality rate translates into over a million dead in the US if 85% of the population is infected. COVID-19 has already killed almost as many people in one year as the ’18 pandemic killed in TWO. Do you people really have this complete inability to grasp scale?

    1. Trump and all these clowns need to go to a island where no one ever has to hear from them again

    2. @mpalfadel2008 sounds like a pretty good plan then eh?
      And I’m from Australia, so don’t try sending them here!

  2. i LOVE this.
    this is the equivalent of an instant karma video that has been going on for 5 years playing out in real life.

    1. @Daisy D ..dang Daisy I was going to say they wanted company when they go…therefore taking innocent lives is their forte!

    2. @Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee ..unfortunately, I know several who have succumbed to this virus. As the wife of a physician, I have visited a COVID Unit…not pretty, people are really suffering from this virus.

    3. @Sean Wu You are talking crazy. My point is that you are wrong as it DOES matter if others don’t get vaccinated. Understand herd immunity and virus mutations. I am not trying to convince you to get the shot. I am saying that you are wrong in that it doesn’t matter if others don’t get the shot. It does. Altruism is obviously needed here not selfishness. Best of luck with that. Hope you get your anger in check and get a better understanding on how herd immunity and virus mutations work. BUH-BYE. I am putting you on mute. You clearly need a timeout.

    4. @Kris R rofl this is jokes. enjoy spending your life trying to convert people to your viewpoints. this kid literally doesnt even read what i write.

  3. I approve when in doing this, these antithesis of decent humans would cause less of themselves to be around and even better it’s via their own actions.

    1. @Richard Garner yes but there is still a quite high survival rate. The problem can be that there’s enough people unvaccinated that the virus continues to circulate and evolve such that the protection from the vaccine is less or perhaps even non-existent and we’re back at square one. If enough people get vaccinated while the vaccines have high efficacy then maybe the virus stops circulating altogether like smallpox or polio.

    2. @UCB7OuNGhMnHxrz1P-oVR7Rw Yes It’s the p.1 variant I’m most concerned about. Pfizer is reportedly 70% efficacy against it so in places where P.1 becomes dominate you could still have a percentage of vaccinated people transmitting the virus in addition to whatever percentage unvaccinated. This would give it a chance to evolve further away from the spike protein the vaccine targets. I’ve got my first dose Pfizer. Ya the deadheads are tiring. They cluster together on the net but in real life they are the minority. Polling puts them at 20-30+ percent. Most of them are simpletons that just can’t even begin to wrap their heads around the reality of it so it’s easier to believe these conspiracy theories. For the intelligent and curious minded the actual science is much more interesting.

    3. @Dixon Uranus nope, I’m saying their actions will have consequences. Those consequences could result in them being harmed by the virus. If they pass, it will be their own fault, no one elses. If you think that’s wrong to point out, you apparently don’t be,I’ve in consequences, meaning you are immoral.

    4. @Angel Adriel saying that other people doing bad things will result in consequences is evil? Way to say you hate law and order

  4. Won’t lose any sleep over it. God helps those that help themselves, so it is said.
    Let the Dwarwin awards proceed.

    1. You realize that there are enough evangelicals to hold up herd immunity, right? The ones that I know are happily traveling state to state and everything.

    1. .. isn’t that why leaving a bequest in their will becomes an eternal blessing? And tax deductible ....

    2. @Mark Oakley ..this virus is of the mRNA type. It doesn’t need entry into the host cell. Duh!! What host cell? Name it!

  5. Since my mask and vaccine work so well, if they insist on meeting the virus head on naked, good luck to them.

    1. Here’s the problem with that. These jerks are walking incubators, letting the virus replicate more and more. They are increasing the odds that a mutated strain, which can evade the protection the vaccine gives us, will arise.

    2. @Mark Oakley Hey, dummy. Just because the virus can enter a host cell, occasionally, a different way than the ACE2 receptor, doesn’t mean anything to the immune system. Stop spamming something you are too ignorant to understand.

    3. If they can perform an exorcism and get rid of evil spirits, I don’t see why they would need a vaccine for an invisible virus.

    4. @Deborah Freedman Exactly and finally an actual thinking person. A perfect example of what can happen was the Spanish Flu. Afaik it came back at least 3 times, and each one was far more infectious and deadly. Right now the infection rate and deaths are nothing compared to what really happened with that Spanish Flu. And it could get much, much worse than that if we happen to get unlucky.

    5. @Lilly Anderson the chances are that most of them won’t even need medical care if they contract the virus.

  6. Wait?! Isn’t he supposed to be on his knees praying? I think he needs to read his book again. Perhaps have someone read it to him if it’s too wordy and difficult for him.

    1. @Mark Oakley mask mandates have already ended in many states so what are you talking about? Here’s the deal, you have to stay away from the conspiracies and think for yourself. I’m aware that “experts” like fauci and the WHO have politicized and weaponized science, but these people are smart. If evil is their goal, they wouldn’t make it so easily discoverable as a faulty vaccine. Creating an ineffective or harmful vaccine is just too plain in sight evil for groups of intelligent humans to do. The vaccine is safe, if committing evil is their plan then it’s a lot more complicated than that

  7. The minute that pastor said he’s a pastor, it’s clear that he’s another Jim Jones in disguise

    1. @Perry Winkle & The Whisper Wings CENSORED by google …so nothing. Way to say a lot of words yet mean nothing

      And fyi, it’s the job of the one saying something to offer proof, not the one asking them for proof,

    2. @Kris R I think it’s bored adolescents stuck inside or dudes that completed their favorite pornhub genre and don’t have enough get up and go to find a job. Good on you for the vaccine. I’m excited to see the targeted cancer therapies currently in research using mRNA. I’ve been working in public health on the Covid response for the last year and sometimes I feel so done with humanity. and yet sometimes I hesitate and think darn maybe I could save a life with a lil extra push. The funny thing about public health is, when it’s done right, nothing happens. So people are skeptical because they think nothing happens either way. When the vaccines were scarce here I had a guy whose wife was on a vent and he was negative for Covid. So you can bet I made him a vaccine appointment for the day his quarantine period was over. Now he’s getting his whole family done, driving them to the shots and everything. A couple weeks longer of avoiding infection until vaccines were widely available and she could have be walking around fine. The wise learn from the experience of others. Now that vaccines are widely available and people aren’t taking them, I don’t know what to think of my brethren.

    3. @Eclipse Highroller really? do you have proof? Where is that written? Also what claims have I made that you are referring to? I have offered nothing but my clinical opinion....

      I know you are used to having information spoon fed to you by CNN but how about you go learn for yourself....

    1. You are right. He does have an imaginary friend in the sky. His prayers fall to the floor as soon as they come from his mouth.

  8. This is the equivalent of someone being on a burning ship, praying to God for help, and when the coast Guard comes tell them: “I’m waiting on the Lord”.

  9. “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”
    — Blaise Pascal

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