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  1. Russia is not retreating. They are simply demonstrating that their troops are superior at running long distance than Ukrainian troops.

    1. @Dorkus right now. You want to call Americans out id like to know what your country does or did. Big secret? What are you afraid of?

    2. @Joe Who says I’m afraid? I asked how it’s relevant. What’s the matter? I thought you guys loved free speech? Get a clue, fruitcake

    3. @Dorkus goodbye dork. If you weren’t afraid you would have said so already. We have a word for people like that in the USA. It’s another word for a cat.

  2. On behalf of the army and citizens of Ukraine, I express my deep gratitude to the citizens of Europe and the United States for your invaluable help and support for our country and the army, which brings our victory closer and helps to destroy equipment and weapons aimed at our people and soldiers!

    1. Your’e welcome, but it is peanuts compared to all the equipment and vehicles russia has donated during the last couple of days haha

  3. Russia, thanks for the tanks and ammunition you left behind. The Brave Ukrainian soldiers who are proudly fighting for their country thank you.

  4. I love the way the Russians show respect to Zelenskyy by putting his initial on all of their military vehicles and hardware.

    1. I love the respect Russia shows its own soldiers by placing Chechens behind them to kill them if they run away. It must be a huge morale booster for the Russian troops, eh?

  5. This war has taught me one thing. No matter how big your opponent is, you keep fighting till you can’t fight anymore. Ukraine had its back against the wall and fought. To Ukraine I salute you… 🫑🫑

    1. @Nathan Jones I recommend you watch ” all quiet on the Western front” if you want to know what war is really about.

  6. Zelensky, February 22: “I don’t need a driver, I need ammunition!”

    Russian soldiers, September 13: “We don’t need ammunition, we need a driver!”

    1. LOL!!! Good one. I remember at the time Zelensky was reported to have said this most of the West had bought into Russian propaganda and assumed the war would be over in a matter of days. Most of us didn’t know if Zelensky would even be alive in 72 hrs, and yet the in your face bravery and chutzpah of this statement gave me such great admiration for this man. An admiration that I have not yet lost. This is leadership. This is bravery. Russia has neither.

    2. You are SPOT ON there, mate! Perfect! πŸ‘
      That simple comparison perfectly captures how the tides of war have turned 180 degrees.
      We stand with Ukraine! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
      M 🦘🏏😎

  7. As a Ukrainian I am shocked with the quality of our high command. They played russian old command structure like cat and mouse.
    Big help from our USA, Australian, Polish friends.
    Not to mention moral help

    1. We love you, fellow folk of the West! You make us very proud. I am eager for you to join us in NATO, and only hope that WE can live up to the standard YOU have set! Slava Ukraini! Viva brave little Amellia Anisovych who sang while Putler tried to kill her! Send her to sing to us. The walls will shake with our cheers for her! Millions of dollars would be thrown at her for refugee relief!

    2. @Maverral Well then I personally want to say thank you to yourself and the people of Poland. The example you set shows the best of what a people can be. Poland did not hesitate, Poles did not wait for government to tell them what to do, the Polish people saw what needed to be done and did it. I humbly give my highest compliment to the Polish people. Good job!

  8. This is turning out to be far worse than Russia’s misadventures in Afghanistan.
    Glory to Ukraine!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

    1. @David J There’s only so much stupidity in this world, that I don’t know how to respond to. But that comment there was just… πŸ˜³πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚

  9. TO ALL VIEWERS: Ukraine is a cause worth supporting. Let’s all contact our government representatives to urge them to increase military aid to Ukraine. You can call your representatives, send them an email, send them a letter, respond to one of their Tweets … something. Take the time to help Ukraine now … you’ll be proud of yourself when you do.

    1. I think its about time us europeans start caring for our own homelands. We have already done more than enough and many countries have embittered their relations with russia who is a critical provider to many eu nations. I dont think zelesnky will repay us back anytime soon

  10. Dear western allies thank you so much for a way to save lives of innocent and defending our motherland from Vladolf Putler’s slavery. For the right to protect freedom and democracy values.
    Glory to the heroes of Azovstal! Glory to Ukraine! Support Ukraine with United24 (YouTube).

  11. Greetings from Ukraine. I would like to thank the states and caring foreigners who help our country humanitarian, economic and military. Although the Ukrainian army liberated the north of the country by its own forces, it is still obvious that without economic and armed assistance, the occupation of Ukraine would be only a matter of time, the enemy’s forces are significantly superior to ours. Thank you for the opportunity to return freedom to our people and hope for a bright independent future!

    1. @Tim Dunn I don’t think the U.S. or any government would share satellite feeds as it too sensitive in terms of revealing a countries technological capabilities. It’s not the images themselves that are useful – it’s a complicated expertise in interpreting the images – the U.S. has had dedicated teams doing this for 50myears. Instead the U.S. would release generalized details. It’s been reported by many sources that the U.S. is also giving military strategy advice to Ukraine. If you remember a few years back Trump released to the media satellite images of an Iranian supply depot before the U.S. destroyed it with cruise missles and Trump was criticized by former generals for releasing the images because they revealed a level of detail that only recent technology had allowed American satellites to achieve…………

    2. Thank you Lord for helping Ukraine to restore their land, thank you for the countries who sent their aid by means of weapons,soldiers,humanitarian,foods,medicine and many more…
      Thank you Lord for the Ukrainian people who admitted that if there is no help coming from different countries surely now they are devastated and suffered a lot…..your protections is upon them always…Slava Ukraine!

  12. If this is true I’m astounded by how far back they’ve pushed their aggressors. Truly commendable and a sign of resilient, determined people. May we all be graced with a swift end to this disgraceful conflict, and good luck to the brave defenders of Ukraine.

  13. Hats off to people of Ukraine that have battled in the past 6 months and who have shown their resilience and strength to counter Russian aggression. Congratulations.

  14. In my humble opinion the attack to the South East which was widely telegraphed, was in fact a feint. While Ukraine has sent actual troops into Kherson that was not the main trust of their attack. By attacking bridges, command posts and supply depots in that area they signaled to Russia that was where they were going to attack.
    In response Russia pulled troops from other areas to meet the perceived threat. This left parts of the front line weakly defended. I think the United States helped Ukraine find that weak spot.
    Ukraine then managed to conceal the movement of thousands of troops and tons of supplies to the Northeast from the Russians as they positioned it for their main thrust. This allowed them to stage a surprise attack catching the weakened Russian forces completely off guard. While United States may have supplied intelligence as to where to attack it was the Ukrainians who expertly pulled this off.

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