Maragh: Send Home Unvaccinated Health Workers! TVJ News - Dec 20 2021 1

Maragh: Send Home Unvaccinated Health Workers! TVJ News – Dec 20 2021


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  1. Snake tongue Maragh. Last week he was singing a different story and now that his pockets have been lined, he is singing a new song.

    These politicktions are great at chastising people when they themselves do not follow the expected rules. An apology or acknowledgement of his previous statement should be the only noise out of his mouth.

    1. Them old man ya if come out a poliltic and give the young educated univercity a chance want some yound ideas and planning a full time now them only stay on one some of stragies all the time no form of changing we need that right now that me say

    2. talking they should leave there job. ..they or leaving there own…no and they in a better position than we financially

  2. Leave them alone, you must go to fi you yard instead. You wicked rulers in the land. GOD will show you sign. U think they your kids, degree and all those things can’t take you to heaven wicked minded governments.

  3. Thats against humans right to forced people to put things into their bodies which the are not comfortable with. Speaking garbage Sir . Last year when healtcare workers were risking their lives and family lives you all were ok, remember there are all going to study and leave becareful Sir.

  4. I’m one of the unvaccinated and I think he has a point if you are not vaccinated I don’t think you are in any position to tell someone to get vaccinated or to even giving vaccine 💉 to anyone that’s hardcore fact’s that people don’t want to hear

  5. We refuse to be what you wanted us to be, we are what we are that’s the way it’s going to be. Talking about my freedom, people freedom and liberty! We’ve been trodding on the wine press much too long. Babylon system is a vampire. Word of the late great Robert Nesta Marley

  6. Lol d whole staff fi lef I so wish Jamaicans begin to take serious stance against these countries.kmt.then their policies will change n forced to pay us better n treat us good

  7. Mr Mayor thanks for your kindness and appreciation we will take it into consideration. This country is up for a rude awakening where healthcare is concern be remind Jamaica produce the best nurses , what is this country garbage other countries waiting breathless for.

  8. Our Black Society have been struggling for centuries too many live below the poverty line yet worldwide a system have not been put in place to offer free health care social housing and social welfare for all
    But suddenly an immeasurable amount of money is being spent to “save their lives from an invisible threat” how about dealing with the tangible threat of jobs food and shelter thus eliminating poverty rather lives?

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