Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Aggressively Confronts' Rep. Ocasio-Cortez 1

Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Aggressively Confronts’ Rep. Ocasio-Cortez


“I’ve never seen a lawmaker, an elected official, or really anyone in a professional setting behave in such a manner,” says the Washington Post's Jacqueline Alemany, who witnessed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene aggressively confront Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
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    1. @Farm Jedi It’s nice to have a President who doesn’t gas people in the street to take pictures with a bible.

    2. Yes…there is something terribly wrong…I’ve been saying this for quite a while now….since the early 2000s…hate has been cultured and decency obliterated by two sides that used to work together for solutions to ever changing circumstances in a world that never stops spinning…now they blame each other for circumstances that are out of our control and create new wedge issues out of thin air to justify not solving the initial problem.
      Life is a convoluted mess even on a good day without the trivial complaint of the day to further agitate and poison each other. Making up lies and spitting them out in public on a gd daily basis should be looked down on regardless of who the liar of the day is. Rome is burning and we’re screaming about doctor Seuss and mr potato head…wtf?

    3. @Farm Jedi They just called themselves socialists but in reality they were strong right winger white nacionalists who hated all different people.
      If we implement their ideas in todays politic they would be right wingers and they were socialists only because others terminologies we use today had not existed.
      They hated jews, slavs and blacks but couldn`t call themselves white nacionalists because there had not been black people in Germany.
      You should read history books much often , I hate when clueless people want to be smart with a very stupid comments

    1. The theatrics of a syphilitic courtesan, a performance for the lobotomized Qtards
      Who lap up this bukkake like curs.

    2. The media has you thinking that someone is in actual danger from her lol. The real story here is that AOC can’t defend her crazy ideas. She’s a lie and so is this news channel.

    1. I’d say she that drunken loud mouth in a bar who does anything for attention that everyone is trying to ignore.

    2. I had one of those who married into the fam.(*She was loud at a family memorial + sd omg, I had no idea that was you(right), so I threw it back at her…same way, “omg, I didnt know that was you either”, then I kept walking…

  1. Amazes me how Rep’s can kick out Cheney for being honest- but they do nothing with MTG, Gaetz and all the likes!

    1. That’s because that’s what they want. They have given up on democracy and have given full loyalty to one man and his crazy rants

    2. @Kevin S and you rip into Ray Q for being uneducated and you, yourself, can’t even use the right “too”

    3. @Caleb Fowler the GOP will fracture apart now that they kicked Cheney out. it’s their own death certificate they signed when they removed her

    1. Taylor Greene is simply following Maxine Waters’ advice. Maxime herself advised that people should get “more confrontational” to get the results they want.

    2. @jacq danieles are we talking about the same guy who called the Kentucky Derby winner a junkie?

    3. True which is why AOC should’ve never been in power. She refuses to debate anyone who challenges her. It’s been countless times where she just runs and hides from political discussion. Hold your candidate accountable.

  2. They should have a recording of this. And *display* this OVER AND OVER again so Americans can get the message.. of how *corrupt* the GOP is in America.

    1. They’d see it as a sign of strength. It feels like every red flag we see becomes a rally point for these traitors.

  3. Ocasio Cortes is a señorita with manners! If she was a bar tender, so what?. I am a carpenter; and I wrote 4 books. All are in Amazon book store.

    1. Carpenters should write more, our education system seems inherently uninterested in how our nation is actually built. The people who build it have a lot to teach us.

  4. There’s a wise woman. You know you just don’t feed the trolls. You don’t wrestle the pigs. There’s no point in rational conversation with someone totally uninterested in rational conversation. AOC must have been a teacher, she got a lotta class.

    1. Yet here is MSNBC and the rest doing exactly what AOC avoided, feeding the troll and enriching Green’s fundraising. Ultimately making sure Green gets re-elected. Its Trumpism 101 and it works better than ever.

  5. Decent Honest lawmakers are ousted from their position for speaking the truth but liars and bullies are encouraged ? Something is terribly wrong here.

    1. @No Show Joe It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s about lack of intellect, which in turn gives you that opinion. You’re obviously not aware of it yourself, though, and it’s a reality you will profoundly deny.

    2. @Tyler Gibson
      Cool! The fake troll account is chiming in!!
      Where are you writing from “Tyler”?

    3. I agree we have watched for five years ex presidents and politicians, ex comedians and corrupt elite bully candidates, politicians and even law abiding decent citizens for supporting a candidate. We have watched 90% of our MSM bury and distort the truth, facts and stats in order to control aka indoctrinate their viewers. We are still seeing owners of social platforms & corporations deciding who gets to be heard and who doesn’t. Obama imprisoned more journalist than ALL presidents combined in order to CONTROL what was reported about his actions and admin. He and Biden committed crimes that have been investigated and proven 2015/16 but it wasn’t revealed until after the election and STILL no charges. We are watching too many under educated high profile people support opinion & lies and NOT the NEWS, facts, stats aka TRUTH or even the right of people to seek it. Schools supposedly have a zero tolerance for bullies but we have allowed Obama and his accomplices to bully other candidates and their supporters, WHY? No one should be fighting against REAL news being heard, but every one should be fighting to have it heard. Non-partisan reporting = a free mind!

  6. Greene did this same intimidation to that to a 17 year old, when she said school shootings were fake, she is a serial physco

    1. nobody loves losers – they still believed and pushed a big lie and then used that big lie to investigate the elected president for most of his term in office.

    2. @Crimdorthose investigations concluded that russia did interfered in the 2016 election
      Even the Republicans admitted this! Funny fact bipartisan bill were passed by the house to secure the next elections from foreign interfered but mitch McConnell refused to bring it to a vote

    3. nobody loves losers – they did interfere, by posting memes online and they were more effective than the anti-trump memes.
      Boo hoo.
      Let’s investigate because memes hurt our democracy….

    4. @Crimdor if that was the only thing it’s still more justified then the fake election fraud claim with zero evidence from trump and his allies that resulted in a insurrection

    5. Nobody was intimidating anyone. AOC is naturally afraid of a debate because she can’t defend or explain her crazy ideas.

  7. This is not a trend this is a strong wake up call of what’s going to keep happening, scary stuff. Someone should record MTG!

  8. “Erosion of civil norms” That is EXACTLY what this is! Why do we, as a people of a free country, have to accept and tolerate this behavior??!!!??? When is enough going to be enough??!?!? What do we have to do to get people to treat each other with respect and dignity these days? Her mother should put her in a freaking time-out for about a year and a half!!!

    1. @Crimdor the fact that an American can write ‘our allies, Israel’ is truly heartbreaking!

    2. Clarissa Gafoor – because Israel isn’t just Jews, they allow many religions and cultures to live with them.
      All of them are our allies.

    3. It is a civil norm to engage in civil debate but this is something frauds like AOC are destroying. It has been countless times now where AOC refuses to defend or explain her ideas.

  9. MGT’s arrested development has her behavior straight out of the junior high girls’ bathroom. It is so sad and sorry. (And is she wearing an animal print?)

    1. She dresses like she shops at Walmart. Which is fine unless your a representative for the United States of America. Smdh

  10. That entire Repulsive Party has flipped their lids..They all flew over the coo-coo’s nest. A bunch of kool-aid drinking cult members, and that’s putting it mildly!!

    1. @Duane Thomas Hope you dont think us real Americans dont have iron to bud, that would be unfortunate

    2. @Duane Thomas When did you start taking this country back? When a guy Trump convinced you was senile trounced him in 2020 and denied him a second term? I’m terrified. Seriously. Terrified.

    3. AOC runs from every single debate. This all stems from the fact that she acts like a true hypocritical bigot and won’t defend her ideas in an intellectual debate.

  11. I feel sorry for Greene’s kids. How embarrassing to have your mother making a fool of herself in public like that.

    1. I’d be incredibly ashamed of my mom if she acted like that. Blood relative or not, I don’t think I’d be able to associate with someone so willing to incite violence. Gross.

    2. One of her daughters already publicly said shes bat sh*t crazy lol so this isnt really a surprise anymore

  12. I can’t stand women like this! It all comes down to envy and feeling intimidated by other women, especially when that woman happens to be brown! Yes, I said what I said!

  13. This is the kind of behavior that would get you fired from the work place no exceptions just because she is a lawmaker she should be expelled and shown the door.

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